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  1. Dear Mr. DiEugenio, thank you for trying; I appreciate it. I have a little anecdote from Duquesne that I will private message you. Thank you again, Dave
  2. Mr.DiEugenio, please reconsider Mr. Payette's request and engage him in an exchange over the evidence. This opportunity to examine what both sides can bring to the table is why I have frequented forums for the past twenty plus years. An exchange between two sides of the debate from informed and intelligent points of view would be a gift to the interested community. Thank you! I am counting on you. Dave
  3. No, the quote ends with the ellipsis, then moves on to the next paragraph about further suspicions that Boggs had. Again, no citation after the quote. I looked at the footnotes, the closest citation to the quote a couple three paragraphs away, and that cite referred to the WC transcript of Jan 27, cited in Whitewash IV. I read what Weisberg printed and didn't see any reference to Bogg's quote; it was just the verbatim transcript. Dave
  4. Mr. Andrews has it word for word in his post. I would be happy to do it if you want me to type it again, but Mr. Andrew's quote is perfect. Dave
  5. Mr. Jeffries is correct with page 96, paperback version. No citation as Mr. Andrews pointed out. Dave
  6. Mr. DiEugenio, I have the book next to me. What do you want to know? The quote is not referenced; I posted above as close as it came. If I can assist, let me know what you want. Dave
  7. Mr. Andrews, I agree with your assessment; however, it does have a ring of truth in what Bogg's other comments suggest. But without the sourcing, we are left with nothing. The closest footnote, which wasn't attributed to the quote is the January 27, 1964, meeting published by Weisberg in Whitewash IV, p. 53. I sense another dead end. Haven't had those sources out in a few years~grin. Dave
  8. I apologize to all for my knee-jerk and incorrect response. Dave
  9. "How could any reasonable person possibly come to such a conclusion based on the evidence that exists that shows Oswald shot JFK?" That is a question I have always assumed you had undertaken. To arrive at such firm conclusions as you have would require that exercise. Many reasonable, educated people have examined the evidence and determined it inconclusive. For those individuals, Jesse Curry for one, more is needed. For those like you who draw inferences that point to Oswald, that is understandable, too. And many scholars and reasonable people have taken that solid stance. A bit more of th
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