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  1. Most of the material has been covered here but I'd like to include the link to some work I did a few years back. THE SECRET SERVICE AGENT ON THE KNOLL by Debra Conway, with contributions from Michael Parks and Mark Colgan http://www.jfklancer.com/knollagent/index.html
  2. It no time has John Simpkin or anyone else representing The Education Forum had any conversation with me, written or otherwise, concerning combining The Education Forum with JFK Lancer's forum. This rumor is completely untrue. Comment: John's forum has many of the same members as JFK Lancer and many of those members post on both forums. However, I do understand that some topics are given deeper exploration on one forum rather than another. That is as it should be. Choice is good. My wish is that there be many, many forums available for members to participate where they are most comfortable.
  3. Thank you John for correcting the misinformation about the petition. I did not realize that ipetition asked for donations until after I set up the petition with them and began receiving emails about it. I have since closed the petition with them. I did download the signatures and comments which will be sent to HBO/Playtone as stated. Additionally, JFK Lancer does not badger people for donations. I am sorry if that is someone's view of Lancer from something you have heard from somewhere. We sell research materials and hold the annual conference so we can be self-supporting. If I could do it al
  4. Rybka died 12/25/75 of a heart attack. Debra Conway alleged (via e-mail), seemingly offhand years ago, that Rybka's family contacted her but, when I asked her for details, I never recieved them. The WC, the HSCA, and everyone else didn't even mention the Rybka/ Roberts incident until I first brought it up in 1994 (at COPA in 1995)--as former agent Larry Newman told me, "I had never seen that before" and didn't have any explanation for it. See my online book for more details re: this and the dead agent 'stories'. The 'stories' may be ultimately untrue, but they provided a cover story for the S
  5. Paul, Let me back up and regroup. I do not think the articles on the CIA were necessarily false. Most of it was right on -- what I was trying to say was that Lodge wasn't exposing the CIA's behavior and practices because he had a golden heart and mind, it was because he coveted what Richardson had -- his own little kingdom. I've added many of my source files here: http://www.jfklancer.com/dallas05/ppt/conway/ Please feel free to check them out. Best, Debra
  6. After reading through this thread I think it is important that I make a few comments. The idea that review copies must be received by Gary Mack as criteria to be sold at the museum gift shop is not the industry standard. Sending a review copy is a courtesy, an important one to be sure, but is mostly directed at the press or persons that write reviews. I have a form letter that I update when a book comes out to request a review copy. I do not wait and see if one shows up at my door. I consider it my responsibility to request these books. Regardless, I have not sent review copies of any JFK L
  7. I am sorry you don’t like the way I run this Forum. Criticism like this goes with the territory. I suspect you have also had to endure similar criticism about the way you run the JFK Lancer Forum. When the film was shown at the conference no request was made to keep the contents secret. Therefore I thought I was free to post details on the Forum. I have also carried out my own research and have posted what I have found out. I don't believe this has stopped Chi Chi Quintero and Carl Jenkins from giving William Law an interview. In fact, I have told by the person who is "looking" after them, t
  8. I agree Stu. I don't understand the reasoning either. This could well sabotage the entire investigation Larry Hancock and William Law are working on. Let's give them some time and space instead of making unsupported claims. Meanwhile, we are not putting out a transcript of the interview at this time. It was shown at NID to PREVIEW an ongoing investigation that will be published in total in Larry's upcoming book. We made that clear. I am very disappointed with the way this forum has handled this new information. Debra
  9. 1. The ARRB leaked like a damned sieve while in existence. The very idea that they didn't have favorite or trusted researchers to give information to is absurd. Of course they did. If they spoke to someone about Jenkins, I just don't know yet. We're trying to find out. 2. Larry Hancock and William Law have published books giving important and vital information in the ongoing case of the JFK assassination. I write this to set them both apart from authors who hoard information for books that take decades to write and publish. I know personally researchers that have hurt this case because they
  10. John, Can you please post the sources for your material on Sheehan? Thanks, Debra
  11. Duke and folks, What the ARRB could have done is to pass on the information to a researcher. There are quite a few that were working closely with the various staffers to have done this. The failure of ANY followup on this is baffling. Meanwhile, Larry Hancock and William Law, two of the most qualified researchers and interviewers I've ever come across are hot on this. Larry will devote a chapter in his upcoming book. And if anyone can get a second interview it is William Law. I've got complete trust in him. I feel like this is a really big break in the case, especially after viewing the int
  12. Thanks Tim. I plan on updating it with more documents and source notes this year. Anyone like to assist let me know. A few years ago Gus Russo told me he knew a fellow that was writing a biography of Harvey and that Harvey's wife was assisting him. I later heard he couldn't get a publisher. If anyone knows the writer's name, I'd like to contact him and see if he has material he would share with us. Russo also had Harvey's personal copy of the Church committee Vol 5 with Harvey's marginalia. He published a few pages in his book (stacked on top of each other) and sent me copies of the complete
  13. John and all, A few years ago I did quite a bit of research on the great friendship of William Harvey and John Rosselli for a documentary project. Some of it is on my CIA/Mafia timeline at http://jfklancer.com/cuba/castroplots.html . I also talked to Richard Mahoney about Harvey when he came to town for a book signing and talk. He preferred to separate Harvey from Rosselli when it came down to names for the prospective assassination leaders but I keep the two closely tied -- even though Harvey was reassigned to Rome before November. Some of the more important things are these: 1. Feb , '61
  14. Ron, The Warren Commission "CDs" are the Commission supporting documents used as you have noted. They are available through Tom Jones' Digital Document Imaging. I have put up a temporary site for him at http://www.jfklancer.com/ddi/ The set is expensive but well worth it. Maybe a few of you could get together and get a set. I have a MAC computer so I can't help you with this. Best, Debra
  15. Pamela, I am really tired of this. You haven't mediated anything. You've only made accusations against me based on Judyth Baker's wild claims. Anna's interview tape was mailed to her today. I haven't heard from Howard Platzman whether he will accept the tapes or not. Debra
  16. Pamela, You should do more research before making these claims. Since you were NOT there and HAVE NOT seen the tapes I cannot understand why you would even write what you have. I was invited to bring my video camera by Howard Platzman. I have the email. Everyone knew we would be filming. I even fixed Judyth's hair and arranged the room before filming. Judyth talked and talked and talked. There are 3 tapes of her life story before she even meets LHO. I stopped filming when I ran out of tape. She would have talked forever. I had to buy more tapes to film the "tour" and Anna. I have not hidden
  17. To those interested: The 5 video tapes were returned to me yesterday with my reference copies. I will mail Anna Lewis' interview tape to her tomorrow, November 12th. I have yet to hear from Howard Platzman whether he will accept Judyth Baker's interview tapes and the "tour" tape. As soon as he gives the word the tapes will be mailed. I do not have ANY secret files belonging to Judyth Baker. The files I have on the Lancer server are papers that Judyth gave to me either in person or through the internet. I do not have any missing files from NARA pertaining in any fashion to Judyth Baker. I ha
  18. Slap! Deb (I just had to do that) java script:emoticon('')
  19. dgh01: That's nice, anything new, earth shattering planned for this year? David <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'll let Larry Hancock, the conference chair answer that for you. It is the question I'd hope someone would ask. BTW, $200 is the late charge, previously it was $150 which still included the Banquet. Deb
  20. Jim, The is a gentlemen selling Gen Walker's estate this weekend. If you are interested, email me at conwayd@jfklancer.com and I will give you his email and phone number. He does have papers and some furniture. I was going over there tomorrow but I'm not sure if I can make it. It would be nice for someone like you to have the papers. Best, Debra
  21. David, The $200 includes the Banquet which cost me $30 a plate. I see that you have never organized and paid for an event or you would know the costs for the hotel, meeting room and the a/v equipment, etc. We have a special student's fee and, as well, I have NEVER turned down someone with special needs that wished to attend the conference. Sincerely, Debra
  22. JFK Lancer's Annual "November In Dallas" Research Conference on the Assassination of President John Kennedy November In Dallas conferences offer a great opportunity to travel, meet new people and to grow closer to your peers -- one affords you experiences that can not be learned by simply reading a book or through traditional academic study. November 18-21, 2004 The focus of the conference for 2004 is "Getting On With It". This year takes us beyond the 40 year anniversary and calls for us not only to take stock of what has been revealed by 40 years of investigation and research but to face
  23. JFK Lancer's Annual "November In Dallas" Research Conference on the Assassination of President John Kennedy OOPS! New to the forum. Sorry. See reply below for the info. Debra
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