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  1. Most of the material has been covered here but I'd like to include the link to some work I did a few years back. THE SECRET SERVICE AGENT ON THE KNOLL by Debra Conway, with contributions from Michael Parks and Mark Colgan http://www.jfklancer.com/knollagent/index.html
  2. It no time has John Simpkin or anyone else representing The Education Forum had any conversation with me, written or otherwise, concerning combining The Education Forum with JFK Lancer's forum. This rumor is completely untrue. Comment: John's forum has many of the same members as JFK Lancer and many of those members post on both forums. However, I do understand that some topics are given deeper exploration on one forum rather than another. That is as it should be. Choice is good. My wish is that there be many, many forums available for members to participate where they are most comfortable. I would not agree to limit our online experience to a merger of the two forums. Further information: JFK Lancer is an incorporated company owned by Debra Conway and Thomas A. Jones. Mr. Jones has retired and is no longer an active partner. Debra Conway's sister, Sherry Fiester helps with day-to-day operations, along with several other volunteers. There are no profits or salaries paid to Debra Conway or Thomas Jones, or Ms. Fiester. JFK Lancer is not under the influence or persuasion of any other person or group. Our stated mission is the one you see in action every day: JFK Lancer Productions & Publications subscribes to the values of patriotism, excellence, integrity and dedication to the revealing of truth surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Our mission includes: * Contribute balance and expert insight into the public and media discourses on historical issues as they relate to the John Kennedy assassination. * Support educational courses, seminars, symposia and research on historical events and John F. Kennedy assassination topics. * Promote public understanding of the historical record surrounding the F. Kennedy assassination and the political climate of that time. * Encourage the exchange of information among John F. Kennedy research professionals. * Promote the study of documents released as a result of the JFK Act. Best, Debra
  3. Thank you John for correcting the misinformation about the petition. I did not realize that ipetition asked for donations until after I set up the petition with them and began receiving emails about it. I have since closed the petition with them. I did download the signatures and comments which will be sent to HBO/Playtone as stated. Additionally, JFK Lancer does not badger people for donations. I am sorry if that is someone's view of Lancer from something you have heard from somewhere. We sell research materials and hold the annual conference so we can be self-supporting. If I could do it all for free, that would be great, but it is not reality. However, THERE IS NO PROFIT AND NO SALARY PAID. This is well-known and anyone who claims differently is purposely doing so. The point is to make enough to keep the work alive -- the point is to be able to do this work at all! The point is to get the information out in the best format possible. We do accept donations for the Student-Teacher Scholarship program. These funds are used for the scholarship itself, travel expenses for the winners, and for donations of materials to teachers throughout the year. I am thrilled to have the support of the research community in the scholarship program. Debra Conway
  4. Rybka died 12/25/75 of a heart attack. Debra Conway alleged (via e-mail), seemingly offhand years ago, that Rybka's family contacted her but, when I asked her for details, I never recieved them. The WC, the HSCA, and everyone else didn't even mention the Rybka/ Roberts incident until I first brought it up in 1994 (at COPA in 1995)--as former agent Larry Newman told me, "I had never seen that before" and didn't have any explanation for it. See my online book for more details re: this and the dead agent 'stories'. The 'stories' may be ultimately untrue, but they provided a cover story for the Secret Service to take the President's body under their control, etc. vince;) Vince and forum readers: On 18 Nov 2001, I received an email from the granddaughter of SA Henry J. Rybka asking for information, photos, etc. as they were trying to put together items on his career as a Secret Service Agent. She didn't say, but I assume she read Vince's article on our website as she refers to it and the short film. I put together a package for the family that included Vince's article and the best copy I had of the film from Love Field. During this time I was working with Vince on a book project and did mention to him the Rybka contact. Unfortunately, the project between Vince and JFK Lancer was terminated by JFK Lancer on December 2, 2002 and it was my decision at that time not to give the Rybka contact information to Vince but to another researcher. In December 2005, I again heard from the granddaughter. She had been told about a better quality of the film clip being available on DVD. I checked this out for her and found it is "JFK: Breaking The News." I ordered a copy from the Sixth Floor Museum and sent it to her. The family has no knowledge of the assassination from Rybka. That's why they wrote to me. Sincerely, Debra Conway PS: Vince and I now communicate regularly and there are no hard feelings that I am aware of. I wish him the best.
  5. Paul, Let me back up and regroup. I do not think the articles on the CIA were necessarily false. Most of it was right on -- what I was trying to say was that Lodge wasn't exposing the CIA's behavior and practices because he had a golden heart and mind, it was because he coveted what Richardson had -- his own little kingdom. I've added many of my source files here: http://www.jfklancer.com/dallas05/ppt/conway/ Please feel free to check them out. Best, Debra
  6. After reading through this thread I think it is important that I make a few comments. The idea that review copies must be received by Gary Mack as criteria to be sold at the museum gift shop is not the industry standard. Sending a review copy is a courtesy, an important one to be sure, but is mostly directed at the press or persons that write reviews. I have a form letter that I update when a book comes out to request a review copy. I do not wait and see if one shows up at my door. I consider it my responsibility to request these books. Regardless, I have not sent review copies of any JFK Lancer materials to the Sixth Floor or Gary Mack. Why? • William Law's book contained the autopsy photos of President Kennedy. I did not feel this was appropriate for the museum’s gift shop. JFK Lancer didn't wish to be known as the publisher of the autopsy photos to tourists. • I did not send a copy of Ian Griggs' book because he has a chapter on Beverly Oliver accepting her as the Babushka Lady. Gary Mack has a longstanding problem with Ms. Oliver and Gary Shaw (the researcher she first "came out" to) and I knew that would make the book unacceptable to him. I do plan to send Gary Mack a copy of Larry Hancock's book in the hope that he will recommend it for the gift shop. As Gary stated he is not responsible for the placement of books in the gift shop, I will also send one to the museum gift shop buyer. It is a good and scholarly work and I feel that along with other books on the JFK administration and the assassination, “Someone Would Have Talked” may be a good fit for them. Gary has stated "The guidelines were simple: titles and content must be up-to-date, accurate, fair and objective, properly sourced, and are primarily an examination of the historical record, not pushing some pet theory. The Museum does history, not theories." I visited the gift shop just a few weeks ago. I noticed they have both "Case Closed" and Lambert's "False Witness" for sale. Both these books have been shown to contain major misrepresentations and have a definite bias towards character assassination. Likewise, David Wrone's book on the Zapruder film is there, even though it contains a controversial chapter (theory) on the Oswald/Lovelady man-on-the-steps issue that I thought was resolved years ago. Confusingly, a book by a witness such as James Tague is denied for minor “errors”. This shows inconsistency on their part. In the past my opinion has been that if the museum’s gift shop contains an assassination corner, it should offer a good mix of items that represent the current state of the case, not one person’s personal book shelf or opinion based on some unknown criteria. Maybe with a little sign stating the museum is not promoting any claims made in the books. After all, the visitors are there because President Kennedy was killed. They might wish to read the latest books about it. Now I am thinking maybe as long as there is this confusion over how assassination books are accepted, perhaps none should be there. Sincerely, Debra -- JFK Lancer Productions & Publications http://www.jfklancer.com
  7. I am sorry you don’t like the way I run this Forum. Criticism like this goes with the territory. I suspect you have also had to endure similar criticism about the way you run the JFK Lancer Forum. When the film was shown at the conference no request was made to keep the contents secret. Therefore I thought I was free to post details on the Forum. I have also carried out my own research and have posted what I have found out. I don't believe this has stopped Chi Chi Quintero and Carl Jenkins from giving William Law an interview. In fact, I have told by the person who is "looking" after them, that they are unwilling to be interviewed by anyone. The only thing they are willing to say about Wheaton's allegations is "no comment". However, they might be persuaded to change their mind. For example, one of the UK's national television stations, C4, has a film crew in the United States at the moment and are trying to get an interview with Quintero and Jenkins. Unless someone wrote down what Wheaton said concerning Jenkins and Quintero and the JFK assassination during the screening we will have to wait until Larry Hancock’s book is published. I suppose that should increase sales. This Forum will do what it can to publicize the new edition of the book. We did a pretty good job with the first edition. Recently I claimed on the Forum that it is the best book ever published on the assassination. I assume the second edition will be even better. John, I can promise you that the audience was told this showing was part of an special ONGOING investigation. We have presented embargoed information before at NID many times. (Lamar's 2004 presentation for example.) It has nothing to do with books sales. It has to do with doing a through and complete investigation. Background, document searches, careful questioning comes before public accusations or even speculation. Why do you think Larry's book is so good? Because he is so through. Besides, had I wanted to promote his book, I could have come home from NID and posted the interview all over the Lancer site. This I did not do. I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from. I won't discuss this in public further and I don't wish to be your enemy. Debra PS: no one appreciates more than I the burdens of a forum.
  8. I agree Stu. I don't understand the reasoning either. This could well sabotage the entire investigation Larry Hancock and William Law are working on. Let's give them some time and space instead of making unsupported claims. Meanwhile, we are not putting out a transcript of the interview at this time. It was shown at NID to PREVIEW an ongoing investigation that will be published in total in Larry's upcoming book. We made that clear. I am very disappointed with the way this forum has handled this new information. Debra
  9. 1. The ARRB leaked like a damned sieve while in existence. The very idea that they didn't have favorite or trusted researchers to give information to is absurd. Of course they did. If they spoke to someone about Jenkins, I just don't know yet. We're trying to find out. 2. Larry Hancock and William Law have published books giving important and vital information in the ongoing case of the JFK assassination. I write this to set them both apart from authors who hoard information for books that take decades to write and publish. I know personally researchers that have hurt this case because they are withholding information. I trust Larry and William to do the right thing with what they find. You should too. Sincerely, Debra
  10. John, Can you please post the sources for your material on Sheehan? Thanks, Debra
  11. Duke and folks, What the ARRB could have done is to pass on the information to a researcher. There are quite a few that were working closely with the various staffers to have done this. The failure of ANY followup on this is baffling. Meanwhile, Larry Hancock and William Law, two of the most qualified researchers and interviewers I've ever come across are hot on this. Larry will devote a chapter in his upcoming book. And if anyone can get a second interview it is William Law. I've got complete trust in him. I feel like this is a really big break in the case, especially after viewing the interview myself in Dallas. But this is a dangerous area since as stated, both of these guys are alive. Duke, you need to come to the conference. I know the boss lady and she'll probably let you in. Best, Debra
  12. Thanks Tim. I plan on updating it with more documents and source notes this year. Anyone like to assist let me know. A few years ago Gus Russo told me he knew a fellow that was writing a biography of Harvey and that Harvey's wife was assisting him. I later heard he couldn't get a publisher. If anyone knows the writer's name, I'd like to contact him and see if he has material he would share with us. Russo also had Harvey's personal copy of the Church committee Vol 5 with Harvey's marginalia. He published a few pages in his book (stacked on top of each other) and sent me copies of the complete pages. I'll see where I've filed them and post them here if you folks are interested. Best, Debra
  13. John and all, A few years ago I did quite a bit of research on the great friendship of William Harvey and John Rosselli for a documentary project. Some of it is on my CIA/Mafia timeline at http://jfklancer.com/cuba/castroplots.html . I also talked to Richard Mahoney about Harvey when he came to town for a book signing and talk. He preferred to separate Harvey from Rosselli when it came down to names for the prospective assassination leaders but I keep the two closely tied -- even though Harvey was reassigned to Rome before November. Some of the more important things are these: 1. Feb , '61 - Executive Action-ZR/RIFLE : William Harvey, chief of FI/D, was briefed by authority of Richard Bissell on phase one of the mob plots. That briefing was in connection with "Executive Action Capability;" i.e., a general standby capability to carry out assassinations when required. Harvey arranges to be briefed by Edwards. Executive Action program came to be known as ZR/RIFLE. 2. Phase Two: Late 1961 or Early 1962. Operation MONGOOSE under William Harvey begins. Harvey continues to work with Rosselli, while bringing in QJWIN with ZR/RIFLE on a separate course. a. Nov 13, '61 - Harvey cables the Mexico City CIA Station to dispatch David S. Morales (Morales, a Mexican-American CIA agent from Phoenix, was well known as the Agency 's top assassin in Latin America. Nicknamed El Indio. Mahoney, p135) to JM-WAVE (the CIA base in south Florida) for permanent posting. (Cable 5816, CIA Station (Scott), 19 Nov 1961 to Base, confirming receipt of Harvey 's cable, AA) b. Nov 15, 61 - ZR/RIFLE: Bissell orders Cuban Task Force head Harvey to implement the application of ZR/RIFLE assassination plan in Cuba. Harvey reestablishes the Agency contact with Mob liaison Rosselli. (Fonzi chronology p 417) c. Late 1961 or Early 1962 - Task Force W : William K. Harvey is put in charge of Task Force W, the CIA unit for Operation Mongoose. (Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, 11/20/75) d. Apr, 62 - Helms issues what he termed "explicit orders" that William Harvey contact Rosselli. Harvey feels he is taking over an ongoing operation. Edwards later states he felt it was not active. Note: Harvey complained to McCone about the requirement for advance SGA approval of "major operations going beyond the collection of intelligence" and the fact that applications had to be spelled out in detail. He was delighted when he received orders from Helms to revive the Rosselli project without seeking SGA approval. When questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1975, Helms conceded that he had not been instructed to do it, but then again he had not been told not to. (Hinckle and Turner p137-138) Apr 8-9, 62 - Harvey and O 'Connell meet Rosselli in New York. (O 'Connell says Maheu was also present.) (CIA Inspector General 's Report May 1967 p6) e. Mid Apr, 62 - O 'Connell and Rosselli leave for Miami. Harvey and Edwards travel to Miami together. Establishes Harvey 's takeover with Rosselli with O 'Connell carrying over until June 1962 when O 'Connell is reassigned. Giancana and Trafficante are dropped from the new phase. f. May 7, '62 - RFK briefed on past CIA-Mafia Plots: RFK meets with Richard Helms (Helms later denied this meeting took place despite a specific indication on RFK 's calendar), and later that afternoon with Sheffield Edwards and CIA general council Lawrence Houston for a briefing on pre-Bay of Pigs organized crime assassination plots. (Testimony of Lawrence Houston HSCA, p62 National Archives) "Mr. Kennedy stated that upon learning CIA had not cleared its action in hiring Maheu and Giancana with the DOJ he issued orders that the CIA should never again take such steps with first checking with the DOJ." CIA does not tell RFK the organized crime plots will continue. (Memo for IG from Sidney D. Stembridge Acting Director of Security 3.16.76, quoting FBI memo FBI 62-109060-4984 - states May 9, '62 as the date for this briefing.) Edwards continues the charade by writing a memo stating falsely he told Harvey to "drop any plans for use of subject (Rosselli) for the future and "internal memorandum for the record," asserting that the operation was "terminated." Note: Harvey found out about this memo when questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1975, and he was furious. He declared that it "was not true, and Col. Edwards knew it was not true"; the falsification was intended to show that Edwards was "no longer chargeable should the operation backfire." (Senate Assassination Plots Report p134) g. Oct 30, 62 - All operations by Task Force W, the CIA 's action arm for Operation Mongoose activities, are called to an immediate halt. However, during the [Cuban Missile] crisis, Director of Task Force W, William Harvey, ordered teams of covert agents into Cuba on his own authority to support any conventional U.S. military operation that might occur. At the end of October, a new mission is about to be dispatched. One of the operatives, concerned about a covert operation so soon after a settlement to the missile crisis has been reached, sends a message to AG Kennedy to verify that the mission is in order. Kennedy, angered to learn that CIA missions are continuing, chastises Harvey and asks CIA Director McCone to terminate the operations. Harvey is demoted and is to be sent to Rome. Edward Lansdale is subsequently sent to Miami to oversee the end of Mongoose. However, three of ten scheduled six-man sabotage teams have already been dispatched to Cuba. On November 8, one of the teams carries out its assigned sabotage mission. (Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, 11/20/75, pp. 147-48) 3. Phase Three: Dec 1963, ZR/RIFLE is still in effect, continued contact with Rosselli under William Harvey; AM/LASH under Desmond FitzGerald, and also RFK's activities with the exiles. a. Dec 22-Jan 6, 63 Harvey is in Miami. Details of activity unknown. b. Feb, 63 - Harvey Demoted: Harvey is officially removed from his post as head of Project Mongoose on orders from Robert Kennedy and is reassigned to the Rome station as chief of station effectively taking him out of action. He meets with Rosselli in Washington, DC. (Inspector General 's Report, p 53) See entry for Oct 30th. Harvey gets back in touch with Rosselli in Miami and Los Angeles (Feb 13). Harvey is reportedly seen in Florida meeting with Rosselli as late as June 1963 and visited anti-Castro camps there. Asset is paid $2,700 for expenses. They agree to put assassination plots on hold but leave the bounty of $150,000 active. (Church Committee, 1975) c. Apr, 63 - According to his testimony, Harvey receives phone call from Rosselli. d. Apr 13-21, 63 - Harvey is at the Plantation Yacht Harbor motel/marina in Plantation Key, Florida according to his QJWIN/ZRRIFLE expense records. "John A. Wallston" (Rosselli 's alias was John A. Ralston), who listed his address as 56510 Wilshire Blvd the Friars Club in Los Angeles was registered in the next room which was charged to Harvey 's room #22. Harvey spent at least three days there making calls to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Perrine, FL (possibly JM/WAVE station). Records show a boat was chartered to go to Islamorada, FL. There is reimbursement for dinner for three (two unofficial Americans and Harvey) at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami on April 20 and also "operational hotel rooms" at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. (Twyman pp 442-443; Mahoney p 268) e. Jun, 63 - Rosselli came to Washington to meet with Harvey who picks him up at Dulles Airport and takes him to dinner. This was to be their official last meeting. FBI surveillance of Rosselli picks up the meeting. Harvey meets with FBI 's CIA liaison Sam Papich the next morning. Harvey explains that he was terminating an operational association with Rosselli. Papich reminds Harvey of the FBI rule requiring FBI personnel to report any known contacts between former FBI employees and criminal elements and that Papich would have to report to Hoover that Harvey had been seen with Rosselli. Hoover and the Justice Dept. liaison Courtney Evans were given detailed reports on the contact. (Mahoney p 286, note 97, p 412) f. Note: RFK has formed close ties to several Cuban exiles: Roberto San Roman, Enrique Ruiz-Williams, and in '63, Manuel Artime. RFK 's "interference" led to arguments with Harvey (who routinely refers to the AG as "that xxxxer)." By this time Miami is no longer controlled by Washington. Besides Rosselli's kill team, Operation 40, a ZR/RIFLE unit created prior to the Bay of Pigs, brought together Cuban mob henchmen like Eladio del Valle and Rolando Masferrer, soldiers of fortune like Frank Sturgis, and CIA case officers like Col. William Bishop and David Morales, who managed assassins. (Mahoney p 174-175;HSCA staff reports) Jun 27, 63 - Harvey, winding up his headquarters responsibilities in preparation for assignment in Rome, writes a memo stating that the original justification for employing QJWIN (asset developed for original ZR/RIFLE projects.) no longer existed and raised the question of QJWIN 's termination. He is not terminated until Feb 14, 1964. For the most reliable and current information on William Harvey, I recommend the reader pair this memo with Noel Twyman's book Bloody Treason, specifically the chapter "The Cuban Obsession" and Larry Hancock's book, "Someone Would Have Talked." (new update coming in Spring 06) Hope this helps, Debra
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