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  1. Is this the same "Mike Rago/Bob Ringler" who's already been banned on DP Forum and a few others as well? His writing style (what I've seen of it anyway) reminds me of some of the disinformation authors over at the IMDB trying to influence newcomers on the "JFK" movie board. Funny...when he was banned on DP his name was "Bob Ringler". Now that he's here, his last name is "Rago". Sounds a lot like "Drago", one of DP's founders. I wonder if his name on the next board will be "Impkin"?
  2. Thanks for all of that, Pamela. If I remember right, the hole in the floorboard was supposed to have been found during the teardown. If Mr. Ferguson himself replaced the carpets before taking the car to Dearborn, I would think that he would have seen it and mentioned it somewhere. His reports seem to have been pretty detailed. It still surprises me on how they treated the car after the assassination. I'm not even bothered that much by the fact that they didn't seem to examine it very carefully. After all, they thought they had their man, and they thought they knew how it was done. I don't think they knew at the time that we would still be slogging through every little tiny detail 50 years later. What surprises me is that they actually seemed more concerned about the car than the President. Washing it at the hospital, cleaning it right away and replacing the windshield in the garage, and even planning to use it for the funeral? It also floors me that they drove it from DC to Dearborn, then on to H&E in Cincinnati. I would have thought that flying it, or putting it in a closed trailer or even covering it on a flatbed would have been a better way to transport it. Also, why rebuild it at all? Is it the only car the government owns? Of course, I also wonder why they sent JBC's suit to the cleaners afterwards. What was the point? Maybe people owned fewer cars and suits back in 1963. But that's a subject for another thread.
  3. I don't know when Jerry made that statement, but Gary sent me that email back on June 27, 2006. I didn't even notice that the wording was the same. Maybe Jerry got that answer from Gary when he asked him a similar question, or, maybe Jerry got that from one of my posts back in 2006 when, I think, I quoted the same email from Gary. If I remember correctly, the thread had something to do with suspicious vehicles on Nov. 22. No matter...the information is what is important. There WAS a Rambler station wagon at Elm and Houston 5 to 10 minutes after the shooting.
  4. Thanks Bernice. I had mentioned this car and the picture in a thread long ago on here. Gary Mack emailed me and said it was probably taken at about 12:35pm. This is what he wrote back to me about the picture (I hope it's ok to post emails on here).
  5. Thank you, Bernice. I've read about that hole in the floorboard, but forgot to mention it above. That hole is kind of like the trim dent and the dent on the back of the rear view mirror. They may, or may not, have been caused by a bullet. I would love to hear if that hole in the floor (as well as the trim and mirror dents) were examined for lead residue. I also wonder if any photos were taken of the floorboard hole. Maybe Pamela can enlighten us. BTW, I loved the last line of that memo... If that is indeed a bullet hole, I would say that it is of extreme significance!
  6. Not only was the windshield not bulletproofed, nothing on the car was armored at all. Like Bernice said, it was never armored in any way until it was rebuilt after the assassination. As for the picture, I don't think that spot is anything at all. In fact, it looks like the driver's window is still down, so you couldn't see a bullet hole even if there was one. Besides, there has never been a mention of bullet damage to the car except for the windshield, and maybe the windshield trim above the rear view mirror, and the back of the rear view mirror itself. Pamela would be the one to ask about that information.
  7. Ok, I'm wondering if this Ramber is part of the blizzard. It's only a Rambler American instead of the "large" Rambler, but it IS a Ramber station wagon, and it WAS at the corner of Elm and Houston a few minutes after the assassination. Anyone know exactly when this Murray photo was taken?
  8. JW, You're a real party pooper. Just kidding. Thanks for trying. --Tommy I don't mean to poop on your motorcade, Tommy, but I'm also a realist. If you feel like chasing down automotive related leads, I've always been interested as to why Jada (Janet Conforto) was in the neighborhood of the motorcade route on the morning of the 22nd. She was on Atwell St and ran down a pedestrian with her Cadillac next to the Texas Instruments plant on Lemmon Ave. This is of interest to me because I worked at that plant off and on from 1979 until 2000. I also knew the victim, Charlie Burns. President Kennedy's motorcade ran right down Lemmon Ave and past the TI plant just a few hours later. Now, Atwell is a small side street that runs between Lemmon Ave. and Inwood Rd. just a couple of blocks SE of Love Field. All that was along that street was the TI plant on the south side of Atwell (and it's parking lot on the north side of Atwell), a Lincoln-Mercury dealer on the NE corner where a Home Depot is now, and a bunch of townhouse apartments (now condos) from halfway down the block to Inwood. I have trouble believing that she was on that little sidestreet by mistake. There would be no reason to be on Atwell unless, A) She knew it was a shortcut between Lemmon and Inwood (being from out of town, I doubt it), or B ), she was visiting someone living in the apartments. I would be trying to track down who lived in those condos and apartments back in 1963. Sorry to sidetrack the Rambler subject, but I've always been curious about this. JWK
  9. Thomas... the resolution of the film is so poor that I don't even have a wild guess as to what it may be. Sorry. The only trouble with chasing station wagons back in 1963 is that they were very popular. They were the suv/minivans of their day and were everywhere. JWK
  10. It looks as though the owner replaced the tailgate with a ramp, probably for lawn care equipment or something similar.
  11. Karl, I finally found a photo I've been looking for on Robin's great website, the JFK Assassination Forum, in the "Murray Collection" part of the photo section. It was hard for me to spot this photo there because it's part of a larger collage about the possibility of Babuska Lady's being visible in a small part of the photo. The dark-bodied car with the white top just to the left and behind this "Babuska Lady" is a Rambler. Of course, I do expect William King to disagree with me. LOL http://www.jfkassass...album=41&pos=12 FWIW, the dark-complected young man in the foreground with his back to the camera and his left hand raised to his ear is interesting, as well. Looks like he has something tucked under his shirt/jacket. Could it be a radio? Does anyone know the "identification number" of this Jim Murray photo? Could someone please post a bigger, higher-resolution copy of it? Thanks, --Tommy edited and bumped Not at all, Thomas. If you're talking about the car at the top-center of the photo, you're right. It IS a Rambler, but it looks to me like a sedan, not a wagon. At that resolution it's hard to tell. In fact, the car behind it is also a Ramber, but the new 1963 model. Click the picture to show a bigger (but still low res) version. If I find a better one, I'll change it. (EDIT: Found a better one that should be showing now). With all these Ramblers, maybe we should start looking at AMC's fleet purchases for Dallas. JWK
  12. Ruth Paine never had a Rambler station wagon. She had a 55 Chevy wagon. I think the confusion comes from when LHO is asked about the station wagon sighting, and he assumes they are talking about Ruth's wagon, and he denies that Ruth Paine had anything to do with it.
  13. In another FWIW, I knew Danny Arce pretty well back in the late 70's. We both worked as gas turbine (jet engine) inspectors at Cooper Airmotive, near Love Field. He told me about that day in November and how he and some other coworkers went down in the elevator and LHO stayed, but ask that it be sent back up, and so on. Although I had done my high-school senior thesis on the JFK assassiation (mostly from SSID..thanks Tink!), his name didn't ring a bell with me and I kind of assumed that he was blowing smoke because back then, everyone wanted to have an association with the event. I never did question him in depth about it. It wasn't until the internet came along and I started looking deeper into things that I wished that I had queried him further. I know it was him now, however, because I recognized him from the pictures of him being loaded into the police car (although he had put on a bit of weight by the 70's). My gut feeling is that he had nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination. Just from working side by side with him, and the fact that he hadn't gone underground afterwards (in fact, he was our union rep at Cooper), and the fact that he was more than willing to talk to anyone about that day tells me that he was just a working stiff that happened to be at the right place at the wrong time. Somewhere around here I have a group picture from Cooper that includes both myself, and Danny. If I find it, I'll scan and post it.
  14. C-54 aircraft. Seems kind of big for landing in the river bottoms.
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