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  1. That's not Rowland. Rowland was wearing an overcoat that day. I think that is either Fischer or Edwards. There is footage of him being led towards the front of the TSBD from the Houston Street area. Fischer and Edwards worked in the Records Building and one of them, I can't recall which, gave the others name to the DPD as a witness and they went and got him from work, where he had returned.
  2. Richard, That's the full picture. It's Murray 1-26, I have a copy of the contact sheet and it is there. Todd
  3. The man with the camera in Willis 15 is not Sandy Sanderson. It is likely Steve Perringer who, like Sanderson, worked at KRLD and went to Dealey Plaza in a KRLD news station wagon with Joe Scott, also of KRLD. Both Perringer and Scott used the same camera to film scenes in front of the TSBD. Scott also made radio reports to KRLD. Sanderson, who had been on Main Street filming, was wearing a lighter colored plaid sport coat and hat. The Cooper film has footage showing Sanderson and Underwood in front of the TSBD talking to each other. Sanderson also appears in one of the Murray photos.
  4. Bill You wrote... "Oswald's fingerprints weren't on either of the second floor door nobs that he would have had to use to open the doors" ...where does this information originate? Todd
  5. The Dr. Pepper Bottle was dusted for prints, the Tom Alyea film shows Detective Studebaker dusting it. It also was taken to the DPD as evidence. I'm not sure for how long it was retained, but I don't think it wound up at the Archives.
  6. Josh, Email me your mailing address and I will send you a copy of both articles. twvaughan2005@yahoo.com Todd
  7. Bill, I'm well aware of the allegastion. Now, what does what you wrote have to do with the B.S from Backes? Todd
  8. "As for the wallet, Oswald leaves his wallet at 1026 N. Beckley, and another wallet at the Tippit murder scene, and has another one on him when arrested, and I think yet another when they search him again at Dallas Police HQ." Absolute Bullxxxx! You have no clue. Build up an alibi for what? I agree with Mr. Kelly. If Oswald was planning to use this encounter with Jarman as proof of his innocence, why didn't he use it when he was interrogated ????? "How could I have killed the President when I didn't even know the motorcade route----just ask Junior Jarman !!!" There's no evidence that
  9. Greg, "I submit again that Rowland DID see a Black gentleman on the 6th floor aged in his 50s - that this man was Eddie Piper - that Piper ran downstairs and out the loading dock in terror about the time of the assassination and headed to Special Services due to knowing them from being busted gambling. " And you think the man seen by Landis was Piper? Todd Oh, puh-LEEZE, Greg! Eddie Piper was 55. You're 53. Are YOU anywhere close to describing yourself that way?!? Are YOU "elderly?" I didn't think so. Again you twist my words. I said "at his age" What was his age? MId '50s? Yes, it
  10. "and now we know of a witness to a Black man running away across the knoll whose actions were so at odds with all others, it caused SA Landis to remember him and include the sighting in his report. " Do you have any more on this from anyone/where else? Truly told the FBI he never saw anyone when he entered. West stated he never saw anyone. West also explained why he didn't know if anyone went to the elevators.He had his back to them. Piper claimed on Nov 23 that the shots sounded like they came from inside the building. West was unaware of any shots. Piper's testimony on seeing Truly
  11. And it's online here... http://www.conspiracybomb.com/killapresident.htm
  12. When They Kill a President has been available for years.
  13. Lee, I take great offense (as if you really care) to your claim that I would “say anything to prove a point.” or “defend my beliefs.”, essentially claiming I would LIE if necessary to prove a point. That’s just nothing more than another example of your willingness to launch unprovoked personal attacks at those who you disagree with. As for your “The more total the evidence you provide the more the picking of nits begins and the more the parlor games start.”, that certainly is the pot calling the kettle black, given he nit picking you’ve done over Bledsoe. My comments about Bledose and my g
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