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  1. A couple of details. I don't remember much of New Orleans public transit before the 1970s, but much similar to a decade earlier. It was better than currently in the city, especially in the older parts of town closer to the river. Not unusual for people to commute to work from say the Carrollton neighborhood (around where the map says "Oak Street" towards the center left) to the Central Business District/Canal Street on the border of the French Quarter, less than an hour on NOPSI (New Orleans Public Service Inc. - the company that ran transit, electric, and gas in the city; the latter two part
  2. Local coverage of Brouillette's murder & the arrest of the apparent murderer. https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/article_663c9f9f-89bc-5acf-93b4-486ff50c9176.html https://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2015/12/frenchy_brouillette_murder_arr.html
  3. I read the book shortly after it came out. It seemed to me the memoirs of a mob-tied crook and conman who spent much of the time he was writing about in an alcohol or drug induced haze, but who improbably outlived most of his criminal contemporaries. An example of how he tried to reconstruct his memories: He mentions Louis Armstrong playing piano at the Old Absinthe House. Of course Armstrong played trumpet, not piano. The house pianist for many years of that time was Walter "Fats" Pichon, fairly well known locally. Brouillette as a not-well-educated white from small town Jim-Cro
  4. Sorry, I don't recall Layton ever mentioning Frenchy, and never talked with Frenchy myself. I saw Frenchy around town, mostly the French Quarter, a couple of times after I became aware of who he was. I read the book shortly after it came out. I'll reply about that on the thread about Brouillette. I haven't heard anything relevant from other musicians. Some older musicians remembered Carlos Marcello mostly as being a generous tipper. Same from some people who encountered him while working as waiters. There's a fair amount of unfortunate nostalgia for him around town.
  5. http://www.snopes.com/history/american/lincoln-kennedy.asp Both assassinations were conspiracies. John Wilkes Booth was an actor who played multiple roles. Lee Harvey Oswald was a role played by multiple actors. Confederate States of America = CSA Central Intelligence Agency = CIA Both acronyms have 3 letters, starting with C and ending with A. Both organizations caused the deaths of many patriotic Americans. James Wilkes Booth was known by three names. So were James Jesus Angleton and David Atlee Phillips. In November 1876, criminals attempted to steal Lincoln's body but were foi
  6. Mary Woodward said shots came from the "Grassy Knoll" for 30 years before reversing testimony. "Mary Woodward Turnaround" http://www.manuscriptservice.com/DPQ/woodwo~1.htm
  7. It all hinges on if you accept the Caesar Commission's single nail theory.... Seriously, it seems that finding people on the street severely ignorant of history is as challenging as shooting fish in a barrel.
  8. What, none of them are airing "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"? Or "Rush to Judgement"?!
  9. Some of the multiple previous threads on this topic: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=7998 Wikipedia http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=8861 Wikipedia, Spartacus and the JFK Assassination http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=17123 Wikipedia and Neutrality http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9640 Wikipedia Co-Founder seeks to start over. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=5247 Wikipedia/Democratic Underground http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=18475 Wikipedia and Operation Mock
  10. You note the backslash (\) as "whack" (typographer slang); the exclamation mark (!) is "bang". Whack OZ Bang Firearm reference?
  11. Re-evaluate, but don't overreact. I suspect some people who've studied the JFK assassination and are well aware of lies issued in the name of the FBI may simply associate FBI = Lies. Like the parable of the boy who cried "Wolf!", a history of false reports can result in a loss of credibility. That said, IMO it's not healthy to assume there's never a wolf nor that there's always a wolf.
  12. WASHINGTON (AP) - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says surveillance video from the Boston Marathon attack shows the suspect putting his backpack down and moving away in time to avoid being injured by the blast of the bomb inside it. Speaking Sunday on NBC, Patrick says the video clearly puts 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (joh-KHAR' tsahr-NEYE'-ehv) at the scene of the attack. Tsarnaev is in serious condition at a Boston hospital after his capture Friday. Patrick says the video is "pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling, frankly." So, Gov Patrick has apparently been shown
  13. Guardian: FBI faces questions over previous contact with Boston bombing suspect. Agency admits it interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 'at request of foreign government' but did not find 'terrorism activity' http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/apr/21/boston-marathon-bombings-fbi-tsarnaev
  14. I keep hearing about the video showing one of the suspects placing the backpack bomb. I've never seen it among the numerous videos broadcast nor online. Has anyone else here?
  15. Summer of '63, he was also remembered applying for work for Katz & Besthoff, aka "K&B", leading locally based drug store & sundries chain at the time. At both the branch at Canal & Dauphine, and the main office on Camp & St. Joseph. The Canal St branch was the chain's camera and photography center.
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