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  1. Real short right field wall in Yankee Stadium that accounted for some of it. The Cards had very good hitters, but they just could not pitch around Roger as easily when he was with the Yanks . And Maris suffered a lot of anxiety and stress as a result of chasing Ruth and battling Mantle, I don't think he ever was the same. But of course , it could have been that he lost his swing, he wouldn't have been the first, and won't be the last.
  2. If your new sight is going to be much better, then the research community will be much better . Thanks Jim, looking forward to the new link.
  3. THANKS VINCE, Not only the back of the head in the area that most of the Parkland witnesses saw, but didn't hill see a wound DOWN in the back? Not in the back of the neck. He's must have lost his memory, sure looks that way. He swore to protect the president. he is not protecting the president right now, if he claims that he believes the sbt - so, I'm sure he just lost his memory, he can't be lying for money, That's so sad, if he knows he is lying, so sad. Was not below his original statement? Sorry Clint if I am nor correct on this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I observed a wound about six inches down from the neckline on the back just to the right of the spinal column. I observed another wound on the right rear portion of the skull. Attendants of the Joseph Gawler Mortuary were at this time preparing the body for placement in the casket. A new casket had been obtained from Gawler Mortuary in which the body was to be placed.
  4. We don't give the book Cover-Up enough credit for exposing Lattimer. It's been a while , but I can remember how well written Galanor's book is. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WC supporters cite Dr. John Lattimer's wound ballistics tests to prove the single-bullet theory is credible. But Lattimer's test was flawed and the results of questionable value. Lattimer used animal tissue to simulate Kennedy's neck, a rib cage to simulate Connally's torso, and radius bones wrapped in simulated forearms to simulate Connally's forearm. But nothing was used to simulate Connally's back or chest muscles. Lattimer said four bullets out of twenty struck all three objects. A picture of one of the test bullets shows it was split at the nose in several places and was markedly deformed, much more deformed than CE 399. When Stewart Galanor asked Lattimer, in a filmed interview, if he could examine the bullets that struck all three simulation objects, Lattimer said he had thrown them away (Galanor, Cover-Up, New York: Kestrel Books, 1998, p. 42). How convenient. When asked about the deformed nature of the pictured bullet, Lattimer said all the damage to the missile was done when the missile struck a piece of metal after it passed through the test objects. So not only do we not have pictures of three of the four bullets from Lattimer's test that struck all the simulation objects, and not only do we not have the bullets themselves (since Lattimer says he threw them away), but we also must take Lattimer's word that all the damage to the one pictured bullet was done after the bullet passed through the test objects.
  5. You are probably correct Paul, she should if she was concerned that the right wing congress will prosecute her. If she went for a recount, then she could appeal to the public the reason for such prosecution is because of the recount. She won by 2 million votes, and another 2+ million votes for her were suppressed or purged. She definitely would have a the leverage. So there must be another reason why she is not making her move. Maybe it's simple - move on, forget about the interest of the majority. Thomas Paine is grieving somewhere. mike pence and Operation Cross Check? His possible involvement ? He sure is fighting release of those pertinent emails. Bet they get redacted sometime after the inauguration. Millions of cheney-bush emails just disappeared during their administration.
  6. Tomorrow is the anniversary of when the seeds of fascism began to grow in this country. When I think of the successful cover up of the JFK assassination, with the government going to every length to cover up the truth; even change the locations of the wounds years after the first (warren) report, and how the mainstream media was complicit - then and in this present time. Except for the many patriots 53 years ago and now, who did and are doing what they can to bring out the truth, nothing happened. JFK was obviously killed in a coup, and nothing happened. And the killers of JFK got clean away. That's why I truly believe nothing will happen to AgentOrange and his cabinet. My opinion; this will be the most corrupt administration of all time, and nothing will happen. The media already is beginning to accept this fascist as legitimate. The seeds of fascism have grown and have flourished. The rise of Trump and the JFK Assassination are similar to me when one thinks of the role of the mainstream media, how this crazy man now being accepted as normal, and the un punished crimes I feel are soon to come.
  7. Taking your advice,,,, Just found it and ordered it at my library . as far as Leonard Peltier , I will be interested in knowing if Citizen Lane interacted with Robert Redford - I feel he almost certainty had to. and I should see Incident at Oglala again (it's on Netflix), and see if Lane is mentioned or appears in that documentary. I don't recall, but it's been a few years since I viewed it.
  8. He had not viewed it by that time. He had to have seen the 2 Life Magazine issues in 1963 I would assume
  9. That is interesting. Had Rankin viewed the Zapruder Film by that time? (or did he ever see it during his WC tenure) . He would have seen the President reacting to a wound in the throat well before the head shot.
  10. The conspiracy theorists are so impoverished in their desperate search for evidence to support their cause that they are compelled to descend to such whimsical, ever-changing, and obviously untrue accounts as that of Virgil [Ed] Hoffman." -- Vincent Bugliosi; ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vincent Bugliosi was so impoverished in his desperate search for evidence to support his cause that he was compelled to descend to such idiocy as to base his case on a bullet hitting the pavement, shedding it's copper cover, then jumping up and flying at high velocity , crossing a street, causing noticeable damage to a curb, and wounding James Tague by the splattering of concrete. If one want to know how credible his book (reclaiming history) is - in my opinion, read no further.
  11. Didn't the FBI initially conclude that three bullets hit the two men? Yes they did Denny, Most researchers will state that it was not until the James Tague wounding was discovered, that the Warren commission invented it. And the FBI Report did not change to sync with the Warren Commission's SBT in 1964 when the Report became public. A lot of members here like Jim Di Eugenio and Pat Speer are really knowledgeable of this. And so is Gil Jesus, but I don't think he visits here much, but has a great website also.
  12. I still have "Rush To Judgment" and "Two Men In Dallas" on VHS, always and forever great documentaries. He was one that influenced my interest in the assassination - the research community owes him immensely. He knew the truth and never surrendered because of the slander and deception thrown at him by MSM and the disinformation community; in my opinion that's a positive way to define a man's life.
  13. Huh? The Clark Panel lowered the back wound? After Gerald Ford so cleverly raised it? Why did they do that? Well, Mr. Ford had plenty of time to explain his action (raising the wound to the neck) when he testified to the HSCA; from his statement below, seems to me he knew about the Clark Panel or the "individuals who investigated,,,,,,,,,," , but he must of forgot that he was an architect in raising the back wound to the neck, I mean he wouldn't knowingly omit this? Seems it doesn't matter if there is a wound to the neck, or the back, it's still the same government conclusion, the evidence is conclusive - no conspiracy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- President FORD - As I recall, that was a recommendation of the Commission and Congress responded to it, so at least legislatively we probably have a better circumstance today than we did in 1963. And other things have improved after as you have indicated. I would like to make a comment so the record is clear. Even though there may have been some inadequacies, at the time the autopsy was undertaken in Bethesda, as I understand it, the individuals who investigated and actually reviewed the material on the autopsy, a very prestigious group from what 1 read, they have come to the conclusion which is the same as those who did it before, Kennedy was shot from behind.
  14. Sure hope the assigned judge feels discovery in relation to his past conduct while with the University is relevant to this case.
  15. Thanks for the post Pat, Would anybody like to explain why Morrow is no longer allowed to post here?
  16. Very well researched, Pat. Thank you. It's so easy to understand - depending on who is testifying, on what day, in response to whatever documentation or discovery: The Rydberg drawings are consistent with the findings of the autopsy and the autopsy photographs. The Ida Dox drawings, are consistent with the findings of the autopsy, and the autopsy photographs. The FBI states that all three bullets hit, but the FBI is in agreement with the Warren Report. And in my opinion you have demonstrated this scenario goes on and on. The Government made the rules of this game and still plays by them to this day.
  17. As everyone knows, this is his initial statement: _______________________________________________________________________________ I jumped onto the left rear step of the Presidential automobile. Mrs. Kennedy shouted, "They've shot his head off," then turned and raised out of her seat as if she were reaching to her right rear toward the back of the car for something that had blown out. I forced her back into her seat and placed my body above President and Mrs. Kennedy. SA Greer had, as I jumped onto the Presidential automobile, accelerated the Presidential automobile forward. I heard ASAIC Kellerman call SA Lawson on the two-way radio and say, "To the nearest hospital, quick." I shouted as loud as I could at the Lead car, "To the hospital, to the hospital." As I lay over the top of the back seat I noticed a portion of the President's head on the right rear side was missing and he was bleeding profusely. Part of his brain was gone. I saw a part of his skull with hair on it lieing in the seat. The time of the shooting was approximately 12:30 p.m., Dallas time. I looked forward to the jump seats and noticed Governor Connally's chest was covered with blood and he was slumped to his left and partially covered up by his wife. I had not realized until this point that the Governor had been shot. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK Clint, the Pfresident was shot from the front as you know. Do your damn job, and tell the MSM exactly what you saw - tell the truth
  18. What Madams did in this case was not any different than yelling "fire" in a crowded theater resulting in damage to another or others . Free speech does not and never should apply . This subject of case was not the first time McAdams was reprimanded by the University, so we should be getting to see more of his past behavior via discovery.
  19. What seems just as odd is that Oswald would leave 3 spent shells lying right by the window but take the time to hide the rifle - wedging it between boxes and cleaning it of prints before making that Olympic dash down the stairs.
  20. Let's please try to stick to the topic of this thread; the CBS cover up.
  21. At the time sevareid was bs-ing the public, telling us how honorable the Commission and (and john mccloy - can you believe that one?) was, we had 2 different locations to where the back and head wounds were,( including Ford moving the wound), witnesses that differed with the official report, both in the medical rooms and on the street, an FBI report in disagreement with the Warren Report, the hearings held in secret, the documents hidden from the public. Even as a kid, I* knew CBS was putting on a fraudulent report. And I love that last Sentence; the people that murdered the president, didn't give a damn about their descendants, or their names being accursed. Sociopaths, don't care about things like that. This article is so valuable, (Thank you Jim D for your contribution). it demonstrates the pattern of lies that the MSM has been throwing at the public for 50 years. If CBS's lies would have been exposed back then, shows, for example like that yellow journalism put out by abc 13 years ago maybe would have been stopped in pre-production. And the trash written by Posner and Bugliosi would not have been given so much publicity.
  22. Pat, do you know if any other employees of the SBD or other businesses in the building were tested for residue on their hands the day of the assassination?
  23. That rifle (the MC) don't just discharge gunpowder residue when firing, it spray paints it. Also, looking down through the small scope at the target, the vast amount of smoke when the bolt is pulled back is going to leave film on the face. Oswald tested negative for the most part; he did not fire a rifle that day - especially that rifle.
  24. The MC gives of a lot of gasses and/or gun powder residue when fired. And when injecting, a lot of smoke comes out of the chamber In fact, I had to clean my glasses. Didn't that also happen to someone testing the rifle for the gov? - needed to clean his glasses between firings? Anyway, the tests, revealed Oswald did not fire the rifle. That's that. No more needs to be written about this. If the testing would have turned out against Oswald, the results would have been written up on page 1 of the WR. And, Life Magazine would have printed a special issue titled: The paraffin tests that proved Oswald fired the rifle. this CBS story in amazing; what the MSM will do to lie to the public. I hope you all get back to that subject exclusively.
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