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  1. Ron, yes, already read them, thank you. That's the problem. We need a confirmation
  2. So, it seems that in 1979 Carter was going to reopen the investigation on the assassination of JFK, but a very strange menace to his life, containing a clear message, blocked him. Any confirmation?
  3. Yes, I subscribe. By the way, the right title is: Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
  4. No surprise. Ted thought he was the right guy to choose instead of Carter, in 1976
  5. Ron, your presence is one of the most appreciated by me. Thank you very much for sharing
  6. Really interested, Ron. Do you please remember his name?
  7. Yes, absolutely. And not only that. The supposed fire by LHO, what it was, if not a diversion?
  8. No surprise for me. Thank you very for your participation to the thread, by the way
  9. Exactly. Once again, why I say Carter is very similar to JFK. Agree. Thank you
  10. Ditto, Joseph. Ditto. This IS a key point. Thanks for remembering it. I add: Sorensen's appointment was also thought to try to reopen the investigation on the assassination of JFK
  11. I will NEVER EVER agree with Trump. Sorry. I fully agree, instead, with the description of him given recently by RFK Jr.
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