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  1. Once again, ignorant Paul Baker, who are they? Do you know it? No, you do not. Carlier does not know it as well, but you are both still here trying to smear the reputation of one of the best researchers ever on the assassination: DiEugenio.
  2. Just showing how much ignorant you are, Baker. You do not know it. It is that simple
  3. Carlier, once again: two really important people – and I do mean really important – said that the so called magic bullet theory was total crap. Who are they? Just tell me.
  4. This is sad. But even sadder is to see how much ignorant Carlier and Baker are ...
  5. Baker, same question: do you know who these really important people are?
  6. Mr. Carlier: do you know that two really important people described the so called "magic bullet" as just total crap? Do you know who they are, Mr. Carlier??
  7. Truth is you are the one, here, endlessly kidding us. People like you should NOT be here, frankly. By the way, Mr. Carlier: do you know that two really important people described the so called "magic bullet" as just total crap? Do you know who they are, Mr. Carlier??
  8. Steve, by the way, this is just the reason why the Italian sources in Metta's book are cited with their Italian title, so whoever can do exactly what you did. Paz
  9. No interruption. Instead, I am grateful for your message. Yes, in fact, it was no other than Salvini the Italian judge cited in Metta's book about the fact that the Italian magistrates were sure Souètre was in Dallas the fatal day. Thanks again, Steve.
  10. 07/18/18 Email from me to Kowalski: Answer from Kowalski:
  11. You need to show respect toward a man – Metta – that has dedicated his whole life studying the assassination, that was able to find what no other in the world found - the CMC papers. You have ZERO respect toward him. You have just, only an incredible childish EGO.
  12. Yes, you made a really good job, David. Really thank you for this.
  13. I am literally fed up with this situation. Here are 2 CMC papers showing Bloomfield. They show how Bloomfield was shareholder, for an astonishing amount of money, of CMC shares. So, I do really recommend Kowalski to STOP his childish tentative to smear Metta's work, or I will publish here the very interesting content of some emails where he recognizes he treated Metta in a disrespectful way, and apologizes for this. How did you say, Paul Brancato?? Facts are facts? Here are some facts. Enough is enough. By the way: thanks God, there is no "Directory of Directors" content saying the Earth is flat, or we would have Kowalski crying here that Earth is not a globe ...
  14. Kowalski, nor Metta nor me are interested in collaborating with you. Good bye
  15. Well, in this case, I disagree with you. Sorry. Jim is absolutely limpid in his work and in his life
  16. I do thank you. Well, Jim is simply an excellent researcher who really loves Jim Garrison and JFK. All he does is just because of this
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