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Why was the Forum Down?

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Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but "X" amount of bandwidth is still the same no matter what thread it is used in.[/b]

Wrong, it depends on many factors, for example if you are posting a reply with an image in a post where you include the original posters reply which may have images, then the bandwidth will be greater with plus or minuses in bandwidth depending upon the size of the image. There are many variables.


Now you are wasting bandwidth. We were not talking about the size of the post, but rather what thread it should be attached to and how that would effect bandwidth. Like I said ... "X" amount of space used in one thread is the same in another.

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Duncan is quite right.

We actually have 2 closely related problems - a) bandwidth b)disk space

Currently we have used up 700/475MB allocated disk space.

I have asked on several occasions for people to reduce the size of attachments they upload to the forum and to edit existing ones they would like to remain here thus far without a response.

Having no disk space makes it impossible for me to monitor or manage traffic on the forum at all or to upgrade to the latest version of the software.

This is clearly not a sustainable position and polite requests have brought no results at all.

I am therefore giving members a calender week to decide which attachments they believe to be valuable enough to keep and therefore take the necessary steps to reduce their size or host elsewhere and/or offer alternative solutions to me directly.

If we are still in the same position by next Monday I will simply delete the largest attachments first until we are back in disk space credit.

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Make sure that the "test run" results wind up under the proper topic.

Thanks, Alan, for setting that up. Although many of us probably have Photobucket accounts, (I am sure that we have alot of personal photos on them as well), this would allow a central repository of JFK items. The only problem I see is that it would be possible for any of us to delete any of the pictures put there. Hopefully, we're better than that.


Apparently PHOTOBUCKET cannot be accessed by Macintosh Operating

Systems lower than SYSTEM TEN. I am still at 9.2.


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Andy, All, I have no problem with this in theory, however, I just got a photobucket account and know nothing about how to use it ---especially to upload groups of photos. Can someone point me in the direction of simple answers to how? Can he attachements I have on the Forum be moved en masse there or each one, one at a time and then re-linked...ugh!? Andy, I'd suggest you make a list of diskspace usage by member and use wet noodles to beat those who are high on the list [or the thumbscrews I suggested].


I'm not sure if where the uploads are kept on this forum would allow that option but you would still need to do it one pic at a time I think.

Anyway there is a option to use "web url"s on the top of the upload box, just type in the web address.

Anyway, here's a quick 4 step guide to help uploading from your HD.

You can do 3 at a time.


When uploading is over, a new window opens.


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Sorry John,

I didn't think there was a bandwidth issue so I will use another source for my photos. Of course, November will always be a month of high bandwidth usage because of the JFK anniversary. Members should be notified during October to delete their old photo attachments.

Jack: Create a Myspace page... you can use the links to your pictures from Myspace.


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Username: jfkeducation

Password: forum63

I'll delete my old photos I've uploaded to the forum today, never knew about the space issue sorry Andy.

I have just deleted ALL of my attachments, the only images still available from me on this forum are direct links off site.

Edited by Robin Unger
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You can save the current attachments to your Photobucket account. There is a multi-step process which will work, though I am unsure if there is a better way to do it.

1. Go to each individual image you want to save. If it has been reduced, select the top of the image (where it says CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL IMAGE) so that you get a new window opening with the full image. In that new window, anywhere on the image, RIGHT-click with your mouse. A menu will appear. Select SAVE IMAGE AS or similar. When you select that, a window will appear with your computer files. Select whereabouts you want to save the image (I'd suggest using a folder like EDUCATION FORUM IMAGES or something equally obvious and easy to find), and hit SAVE. The image (attachment) will now be downloaded to your computer.

2. Repeat for each image you want to save.

3. After you have downloaded all the images you want to save, navigate to the Photobucket website and login. Once logged in, on the right of the page, there will be an area marked UPLOAD. Ensure that IMAGES FROM MY PC is highlighted, then select the first BROWSE button. Browse to where you have the images stored on your computer (e.g. EDUCATION FORUM IMAGES), and select the first image you want to upload and hit the OK button on that window. The UPLOAD field on the website should change to a green tick on the left, a red REMOVE on the right, and a box in the middle to enter the image title if you like.

4. Select the next BROWSE button and repeat the process. When you run out of BROWSE buttons, there is a green cross with ADD MORE. Keep going through the process until you have selected all the images you want to upload, then hit the big UPLOAD button. It may take a while, depending on how many images you want to upload and their size, but eventually you'll get a message saying UPLOAD SUCCESSFUL.

You can also upload directly from a URL, but the above method gives you copies of the images on your computer. You can burn them to a disk and no matter what happens to the Photobucket website - or your computer - you'll have a permanent record of the images.

There is also a BULK UPLOADER option on the Photobucket website but I have not used it so am unsure how it works.

Edited by Evan Burton
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