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Dale Myers Debunks His Own Work

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BTW, let me add to something I noted in another thread.  Namely Weisberg's letter to the Washington Post.  

Today, something like that would be kind of stunning. But what had happened is that the pre release of Stone's film, JFK, caused a furious and unprecedented debate in the press.  And Oliver Stone and Zach Sklar were not going to take this lying down.  They replied to virtually every one of these attacks in large circulation newspapers and magazines.  And they also appeared in some highly rated TV shows.

This, in turn, caused about a ten month long furious debate about the JFK murder.  The likes of which had never been seen before, not even back in 1966 or 67.  You had syndicated TV shows, network TV shows, standard talk shows, big radio shows, all on the JFK case.  And the remarkable thing was that our side actually got a lot of air time. It was literally unprecedented.

But when it was over, the Power Elite decided to strike back.  They planned their counter for the 30th anniversary. Bob Loomis and Harold Evans signed up a rather little known lawyer/author named Gerald Posner.  They commissioned a book defending the Warren Report, and they promised him access to the CIA and Nosenko.  They then gave the book an absolutely huge promotional campaign and tour. I do not recall one instance in Posner's national tour where he had to face off against any notable critic.  He did do this in local markets but not national ones. Not in 1993.  

And this is when Dale M and Gus Russo also had their coming out party and decided to ride the wave of MSM rage against Stone and JFK.  The new MSM strategy was now simple.  Because the exposure of some notable critics--Melanson and Marrs to name two-- on national media had done much to raise the percentage of people who did not think Oswald acted alone, this was almost completely stopped.  Since then, unless you are Oliver Stone Jessie Ventura, or Richard Belzer, you don't get on national TV or the big media. There can be no better example then the 50th anniversary.  I mean that was sickening.

Well, up until 1993 Russo and Myers were considered members of our side.  In fact. Russo actually was a technical advisor on Stone's film, and helped assemble the research notes for The Book of the Film, which included the script, and many articles from the controversy over JFK. In fact, both of them still attended JFK conferences in Chicago and Dallas all the way up until 1993.  Therefore, they understood the points of contention where the WR and the HSCA had serious problems. Consequently, who would be better to hire to conceal or obfuscate those evidentiary problems than these two?

Which is what they did. I mean getting on national TV and declaring with a computer simulation that the magical path of CE 399 was now actually the Single Bullet Fact?  That was a wet dream for the likes of Dan Rather and Jennings.

One has to say, it turned out fairly lucrative for them I would think. For instance, Russo bragged on national radio how Jennings was flying him around the country first class as lead consultant on his show.  Must be nice eating caviar and filet mignon while propping up a BS story. Knowing that your backers will swallow any piece of malarkey you hand them. Including the utterly preposterous Single Bullet Fact.


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To add to Jim's comment  this was also the  beginnings  of them trying to fight back with "science." From  that  point  on, it seemed  like every new show that came out was backed by science  with the Target Car and others.

This also  seems  to  be  when Mack became "science's" mouthpiece. For example  when he did that show to move the guys on  the  steps down almost  to ground level.

The faking of things all goes back to DM's Looney Tune :)

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That's true Mike.  But, needless to add, it turned out to be junk science.

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