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Biography: François Carlier

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My name is François Carlier. I am Frenchman who has been studying the Kennedy assassination for twenty years.

I became interested in the Kennedy assassination in 1989. That's when I bought David Lifton's book "Best evidence" (Carroll & Graf, 1988), and subsequent video tape. At the time, I was only a beginner. I did not know much about the whole case. Now, in 2010, I think I can safely claim to be quite knowledgeable in the JFK assassination. I own the Warren Report + the ARRB final report + I own more than one hundred books (indeed), which I have carefully read + countless videos + tons of documents (newspapers, magazines, research journals) + I exchanged letters with numerous witnesses (including Dr Perry before he died) and book authors + I met several of them + I attended conferences such as those organized by JFK-Lancer and COPA + I visited almost all web sites on the JFK assassination + I had serious discussions with physicians and police officers + I personally visited every place pertaining to the case (I went to Dallas several times, and also to Bethesda, etc.)… Among the 100 plus books I own, of course, are those which are considered the most famous or most important : those by authors such as David Lifton, Jim Marrs, Mark Lane, Sylvia Meagher, Anthony Summers, Michael Kurtz, Robert Groden, Walt Brown, Livingstone, Eddowes, Epstein, Moore, Posner, … you name it, I have all of them.

OK, not to try to show off, but just to let you know I am not just the new kid on the block.

I am also the author of two books, one of them being precisely on the Kennedy assassination, titled "Elm Street" (book written in French).

I am convinced that Lee Oswald acted alone, so I can safely be called a "lone nutter", just as such people as John McAdams, Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, Kenneth Rahn, all of whom I have great admiration for.

You can see my Kennedy-assassination-related pictures at this address :


My book web site :


My Kennedy-assassination web site :


My research journal "FACTS" pages :




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If Francois Carlier really believes that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK from the Sixth Floor Sniper's Nest, then I'd like him to convince me how Oswald got from there to the Second Floor lunchroom within a minute and a half, and then, if Oswald was in fact the sniper, who was that in the Sixth Floor window who was seen by a court clerk from across the street four minutes after the assassination moving boxes around, proof that can be found in the two photos taken within 30 second of each other?

These two facts exonerate Oswald as the assassin and implicate an unknown suspect who is yet to be identified.

I await to be convinced.

And welcome to the forum.

Thanks Francois,

Bill Kelly

Edited by William Kelly
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Welcome, Francois. I look forward to probably 'agreeing-to-disagree' with you on most every issue!

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