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To: Wim Dankbaar

Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 11:13 AM

Subject: Lancerforum down. Explanation.


yes, the complete network of our host is down.You may try http://www.vizhost.com/

and you'll see at the moment the site is also down.

It took me quite some time to get in touch with them, only way was via telephone,

Nancy Eldreth did a great Job and called them for me, as I didn't want to disturb Debra with it, she needs to recover, but she's informed by now.

As many may know, our host is something "special", and they could only be

contacted via phone under a private number.

They said that they are working on the problem, and we will be back as fast as possible.

Well there's nothing I can do at the moment, as I can't access the server myself,

and the problem isn't coming from our server.

As I don't have a complete member mail list at hand, please do me the favor to inform as much members by forwarding this mal under the headline :

"Lancerforum down. Explanation", and put the names in of those you send the

mail to, so no one get's drowned in mails.

Please add the names to the list, so everyone can see who got the mail already.

I've send this to :

Richard Smith

Larry Hancock

Bill Miller

Jim Harwood

Bob Vernon

Wim Dankbaar

Gary Mack

Thanks, and let's hope we're back soon

uwe aka david weaver

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John, this weekend the host which operated the server for the Lancer forum

suffered a total disk crash on their primary server.

Debra will have to find a new host company and it will take some time to

move across the forum software and load the backup messages. Due to

the nature of the disk crash the last backup may have been lost - an effort

is being made to obtain the actual disk and recover some of it but that is

problematic. If so posts will be restored to the previous backup in May.

It will likely be one to two weeks at best before the forum could be operational again.

I should point out that the JFK Lancer WEB site is still fully operational and tha is where the actual Lancer research resoure files and documents reside. They are safe and remain available as one of the main data sources on the WEB. It is strictly the online forum which was affected by the disk crash....and the need to move to another host company.

In the interim I would encourage folks to investigate the resources available at the main Lancer site.

-- Larry

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Hi everyone,

is it just me or is lancers forum  not working at the moment?


I think the forum is down; I can't get to it either.

Pamela :o

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