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Shot Sequence Descriptions

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I chose these descriptions on purpose.

Reread George Hickey's:

He states "the first shot of the second two".

It's wordplay about the shot order.

It more than agrees with Bower's.

A government agent behind JFK, and a witness with a clear memory.


Hi Chris.Great work.Unbelievably,none of the Secret Service agents, which statements you've provided, were deemed important enough to be called to testify before the Warren Commission.Ironically, the agents in the Queen Mary had the best view of the assassination but,only, Clint Hill was called to testify before the WC.IMO,it's a mistake to limit the shot sequence to only three shots.Although,nearly every statement or witness testimony, known to exist, points to a three shot scenerio...Here's what Kellermen had to say to the WC;

Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Kellerman, you said earlier that there were at least two additional shots. Is there any area in your mind or possibility, as you recollect that situation, that there could have been more than two shots, or are you able to say with any certainty?

Mr. KELLERMAN. I am going to say that I have, from the firecracker report and the two other shots that I know, those were three shots. But, Mr. Specter, if President Kennedy had from all reports four wounds, Governor Connally three, there have got to be more than three shots, gentlemen.

Senator COOPER. What is that answer? What did he say?

Mr. SPECTER. Will you repeat that, Mr. Kellerman?

Mr. KELLERMAN. President Kennedy had four wounds, two in the head and shoulder and the neck. Governor Connally, from our reports, had three. There have got to be more than three shots.

Representative FORD. Is that why you have described--

Mr. KELLERMAN. The flurry.

Representative FORD. The noise as a flurry?

Mr. KELLERMAN. That is right, sir.


When you look at the evidence from the gunshots and ignore the statements/testimony,3 shots could never have done all of the reported damage.I wonder if Kellerman was aware of the Tauge evidence?

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Thanks Mark,

Actually, I'm not limiting the total shots to 3.

At this point, I'm trying to draw a distinction in the time frame given, approx Z313-335, between the descriptions of the 2 shots described as "very close together".

I have a few examples from the Z film to provide, also.

Z reaction to 313 at frame 318. Nix at 319, from previous gif.



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I believe it was determined, the reaction for a gun shot is equal to approx 5-6 Z frames.

Please correct me if I am way off the mark.

Referring to the bottom red squared times,there is a difference of 7/10 second. Disregard everything else.

7/10 sec = Approx 12-13 Z frames.

Headshot at 313, film reaction at Z318, Nix319.

313 + 7/10sec = 325/6 approx.

325/6 + 5-6 Zframes = 331-332 =Nix shoulder dip and Z camera movement.



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The "next" shot or the third shot. Not much of a distinction.

Sounds like he is describing 2 shots very close together.



The illogical becomes quite logical when one recognizes that the SECOND SHOT/aka Z313 as well as the THIRD SHOT/aka directly in front of James Altgens location, each struck JFK in the head.

And, since I am quite obviously neither smarter than nor more qualified than were the SS and the FBI (assassination re-enactments & survey plats dated 12/5/63 & 2/7/64), there is also nothing which is of any degree of difficulty in this.

Other than all that "Specter & Company" went through to in manipulation of the facts; evidence; and witnesses, in order to come up with the BS theory of "THE SHOT THAT MISSED".

"There is no Magic! However, Politicians, not unlike Magicians, can make things disappear"

Tom Purvis


1. What witness claimed to have seen JFK's head explode and he then turned his head to look towards the sixth floor window of the TSDB just in time to observe the third/last shot being fired?

2. What witness was riding a motorcycle directly to the right rear of JFK and is of record as having stated that the President's head exploded with the second shot?

(P.S. This witness too was not called to testify before the WC)

"THE SHOT THAT MISSED"-----------Did not miss!

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