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Book says Sheriff fired a shot at LHO from roof of County Records building

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I wonder why Harry Weatherford's shot at Oswald was covered up till now.

Also, this is the first I've heard about firecrackers being thrown at LBJ's car from the grassy knoll as the car went by. And this was after Oswald had time to go down to the front door of the TSBD and wait for the sound of the firecrackers. LBJ's car was mighty slow-movin'.

I've heard just about everything now.

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this sounds that it may be a dandy, and what i would like to know, could Madeleine have contributed seeing she died in 2002, just wondering...thanks b

Good question, Bernice. Madeleine did know just about everyone in Dallas ... and they knew her. But I know Madeleine never said anything to me about being part of such a thing ... though that's no proof that she wasn't. Maybe they used quotes from her book ...


Barb :-)

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God help me, I ordered it....it had free shipping, I'll wonder if that will be honored to Australia?...

well Steve, after a read, do let us know, the good stuff, :blink:

barb, yes that is what i was thinking, kind of like borrowing, words to fit, perhaps...thanks..b

I am pretty familiar with Mr Gatewood and the Decker biography. I would point out that my outlook regarding using

books as a research tool is not to see how close the author gets to summing it all up re the assassination, but to take

what is factual and cannot be refuted and integrate that information into a separate whole.

My take on the book is that the segment, rather small that deals specifically with the assassination

was rather disappointing to me, partially for the item mentioned regarding Harry Weatherford,

he had a shotgun, and I cannot truly imagine that he fired a shot that day at Oswald at the time he was firing

from the TSBD, mainly because I do not believe Oswald was firing from the 6th floor or anywhere

else that day, rifle or otherwise, although even if someone was firing other than Oswald, I still

am a skeptic on that claim.

But I do find the document below odd in light of the matter.

Oswald 201 File



Personally I believe the books greatest appeal is the very laborious treatment Gatewood

gives regarding the life of Decker and moreover the history of Dallas.

Supplanted by Dallas Morning News articles to verify key claims.

For instance that Decker was a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason;

if your'e counting that makes an interesting list of those who were a 32nd or 33rd

degree Masons.

Mr. William McKenzie, a 33 degree Mason

Sheriff Bill Decker a 33 degree Mason

Abraham Zapruder a 32nd degree Mason

J Edgar Hoover 33 degree Mason

Skull and Bones personages obviously are not mentioned here, but I assume

those who are interested know the basics.

Some people might use that to advance the idea that the Kennedy

Assassination was a Masonic plot, I would say simply that

the information needs to be integrated into the whole body of evidence,

beside the fact that if there had ever been a no holds barred investigation

the Masonic issue would probably never have even mentioned

[sort of like how the use of silencers is never mentioned as a possibility

in those fabulous investigations of the Dealey Plaza crime scene. grins]

Historical figures in Dallas,

DeLois Green

Herbert Noble,

Benny Binion

Bonnie Parker

Clyde Barrow

Buddy Walthers 1969 shooting death,

are some of the other items worth knowing about

I am particularly interested in the relationship

between Bill Decker and W.O. Bankston, particularly

with regards to automobiles.

The fact that the book is a bio of Decker is the strong point

of the book, it is truly a very good bio of Decker, my only criticism in that

regard is that I believe the author is a little too partial towards

his subject and doesen't maintain the impartiality towards

the subject that makes truly timeless biographies.

The Dallas History is worth the cost of the book itself, in that it

provides a backdrop to the Kennedy Assassination that is

somewhat comparable to the Dallas bio by Darwin Payne.

The following document regarding John Benton Turns circa 1947,

compliments some of the persons mentioned in Gatewood's


Home/Archive/Documents/JFK Assassination Documents/JFK Documents - Federal Bureau of Investigation/FBI - HSCA Subject Files/FBI - HSCA Subject Files, S - T/FBI - HSCA Subject File: John Benton Turns/

NARA Record Number: 124-10298-10157



I guess the bottom line regarding the Decker bio is that, if you want to think the mob did it,

then youv'e come to the right place.

Edited by Robert Howard
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Guest Robert Morrow

Check out this link:


Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford is much more likely to have been shooting at JOHN KENNEDY and not at some phantom sniper in the 6th floor window!

I do think there were snipers plural on the 6th floor. And Harry Weatherford was shooting at NONE of them.

Like I said, if Weatherford shot at anyone that day, it was JOHN KENNEDY, imho.

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Check out this link:


Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford is much more likely to have been shooting at JOHN KENNEDY and not at some phantom sniper in the 6th floor window....!

That's the same link that Barb posted to open this thread.

Has anyone heard of this book, or of Jim Gatewood or any of these other men or their

"review board"? Published as a paperback in 2008 according to Amazon.


Barb :-)

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So, John f Kennedy Assassination A Mafia conspiracy.....By Jim Gatewood...first, I really need to find out more about this Dallas County Assassination Review board....second....Lee fired 3 shots..A mafia contract by the Mafia Kingpin Sam Giancana...3 shots hit (yes the magic bullet is true), the second struck JFK in the head...the third went wild, while Lee was drawing a bead on Jacqueline (his second intended victim)...Because of the Heroics of DS Harry Weatherford, from the top of the county records building. He was late for the first 2 shots, but fired at the snipers perch so Oswald missed his 3 rd shot, which went wild and hit the curb...wounding Mr Tague. The DCARB is trying to get the city of Dallas to recognize Weatherford's extraordinary heroics, in saving the first lady's life...some information was provided by a 90 year old mole the authors have chosen to call...the mole...all in 150 neat pages

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