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Watch the arrows appear.

Notice the film cut line through the "blue dress lady".

When Rosemary comes into view, notice the cut line around her hood and so forth.

When you have to adjust film syncs because, Rosemary and the blue dress lady were in constant motion around the Elm St turn, this is how it's done


At the very beginning of this gif (first few frames), notice the color of Rosemary's hood/head as she starts moving forward. As far as I know, it should be white all the way around the corner.


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While I appreciate your work, I don't understand what you wrote. Can you review what you wrote and possibly rephrase it? It might just be me, but I don't quite get it yet.


Look at the arrows towards the bottom right for possible film alteration.

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Notice the black border at the top of the wall.(Red box)

It then rises up into the woman running around the curve.

Lastly, it outlines Rosemary Willis as she comes into view.



If the black line is a frame splice, why doesn't it continue all the way across the frame.

cutting through Brennan on the left, and the top of the pedestal on the right. ?


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