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Where is the Lampost in Muchmore?

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According to the plats available, there should have been a street lamp in the muchmore shot... if she started at 272...

What I think I am suggesting is that cutting 2 seconds out of Z PRIOR to the start of the limo scenes in Nix and Muchmoore, there would be no effect and no discrepency with these two films...

Not like they needed syncing other than when Nix and Muchmore start up...

the first frame from Muchmore with the limo (actually 2nd) at z273....

Since there is not a single film that captures the limo prior to z275 (Nix started even later than that)

all that needs to sync is the Zfilm TO the others....

Something very curious though... WHERE IS THE LAMPOST ON THE NORTH SIDE OF ELM BY NEWMAN??

the line of sight, if this corresponds to 273.. goes right thru that lampost...

If she started earlier the lampost would move thru the film... if later, then Brehm would be farther into the picture

we know there is a splice of some sort at 205/206, 2 seconds is 37 frames... the NPIC table talks of a shot at 242 a couple of times

seems to make more sense this way... thoughts?

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M01 shows it and shows that while Muchmore started about there she moved back and to the left to the pedestal on her left. Dons Plat is flawed for reasons gone into elsewhere as if the taping together of three sections has introduced flaws that are corresponding to flawed placings of items. Big Red is way off for example. M01 does in fact line up very well with the lampost and zap.

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Yes, but M01 shows it

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Sounds good... you must have a much better version as my M01/z272 is nothing but a blur...

I'd like to point out though... as I did on Tom's "newbie" thread... that the syncing of the films was not as big a deal as is made out to be...

Muchmore starts at z272... Nix at about z295....

If the films are synced to 312, the head shot, per LIFE and NPIC, and frames are counted backward to the splices it all works...

Except if the headshot was really 40 frames or so down Elm... while a "Second" shot is seen at either 242 or 264

242 - 37 frames (2 seconds) = 205... wasn't there a splice at 205??

264 - 37 = 227... wasn't there a shot right about 227 or slightly before - at least in the z film we see....

Once the three films are synced to 312 and backward to their cut-in start showing the limo... we have 3 perfectly synced films all

showing the same thing in the same time... only thing wrong is the numbers of the corresponding z frames


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No David I doubt I had a better version. Either way it is possible to fix the lamppost, taking into account MM's film frame motion in 3d and a careful scrutiny of M01 and M02's relationship and see more than one might think. If you could post an equivalent to the other M01 I'll show how.

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Hi David,

If Muchmore was standing next to Bond, which I believe she was, this might give you an idea of her FOV.



Hey there Chris...

Now what about the idea of this earlier removal of frames and the movement UP the street some 30-40 feet

of the action? The syncing of Zap to Nix to Muchmoore is reallt a much simpler process than initially thoughts... yes?

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Except (imo) MM's is suspect re splicing.


The other matter. I find it interesting. One gets a different perspective when slaving over the frames for weeks compositing, understanding all sorts of factors needed to match frames in space and time and having an accurate plat to locate where the photographer must have been, or rather one must always keep in mind that it really is about where the film frame was, frame by frame one can of course infer the former. It must also be understood that while I am confident I actually (bit like playing GO (game anyone?)) get more from being wrong. I want to learn just as much as the next guy.

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