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Bill Clinton on JFK

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Guest Tom Scully

Glenn, I moved all the OT posts in this thread to a thread I created in the Political Conspiracies section of the Education Forum.:


Some of the posts moved were tough judgment calls. Please look them over and I'll move any post you decide should be in this thread instead.

Robert Morrow, please take it over to the the new thread, or I will do it for you!

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I think its important to understand Bill Clinton's beliefs about the Kennedy assassination.

Sorry David, but I couldn't get past this statement. I cannot see why you think

Clinton's beliefs are important in any way. We already know that Clinton was a

fan of JFK and that he was also a relatively intelligent person. Given this, his

belief in a conspiracy is a given. However, Clinton was also an insider within

the Establishment from an early age, taken under the wing of Win Rockefeller

Immediately after graduation.

Despite his status, Clinton was a low-level lieutenant in the Establishment,

asked to do important but relatively small things like money laundering and

looking the other way. Thus, he could afford to dream about things like the

assassination of his idol. Nobody cared.

As POTUS, however, Clinton was never going to rock the boat.

I mean, Clinton must have known precisely by that time why JFK was killed

and it was crystal clear that Clinton was a survivor, not a martyr. Anyone who

implies that Clinton was a free-thinker or had plans to solve the case is

certainly missing the big picture. I don't think Jackie had to persuade him

of anything. She probably just wanted to commiserate with someone she

liked and, at most, give him simple advice.

Sorry, but I do not buy your rather cavalier line of reasoning. Specifically: your statement:

I mean, Clinton must have known precisely by that time why JFK was killed

Oh really. . "precisely". . eh? So now you're presenting us with a conspiracy theory re what Clinton "must have known."

Sez who, may I ask? Just how, may I ask, do you think he came by this knowledge? After he was inaugurated, do you think he was presented with a folder to read, titled "Here is the truth about the Kennedy assassination"? With perhaps, as the late Wesley Liebeler used to say, a classification that said "Read and Eat"?

How do you think he came by this knowledge, of which there is no known record inside the Government?

Sorry, but I think Clinton was being honest when he said what Hubbell reports he said; and if Clinton was "talked to" at all (and I do believe he was, to explain the 180 that I'm aware of), then it was by Jacqueline Kennedy, or Edward Kennedy or someone like that. Certainly, before he was inaugurated, he very likely read some of the more important books. I know for a fact that Ronald Reagan had a slew of JFK assassination books near his bedside. I know--from personal conversation with the man--that Christopher Hitchens once had a "bookshelf" of JFK books. And I wouldn't be surprised if, as a very bright man, and an attorney, Bill Clinton did not do some serious reading.

So the question he put to Web Hubbell seems entirely reasonable to me.

What is unreasonable to me is the notion that "of course" he "knew" "precisely" what happened, and the rather absurd statement that as President of the United States, Clinton was a "low level lieutenant in the Establishment." This reveals a lot about your world view, but sheds little light on the reality of the events in question.


4/2/12; 4:15 AM PDT

Los Angeles, California

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"Of my many regrets at that moment, I remember thinking that I hadn't accomplished something the President had asked me to do when I [he means Clinton] was first elected. "Webb," he had said, "if I put you at Justice, I want you to find two answers for me. One, Who killed JFK? And two, Are there UFO's?" He was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn't satisfied with the answers I was getting."

If Bill Clinton looked "dead serious" at me and gave me those two tasks, I would suspect that he regarded me as a fool in need of an errand.

During the Contra arms/drugs flights there would have been unidentified flying 'objects' in and out of the US.


If he was in business with the Bushes, then that tends to answer questions about what Clinton knew about JFK.

I really think Clinton's order to Webb Hubbell was facetious, and essentially an attempt to consign Hubbell to fruitless pursuit. How was his appointed number three man at DOJ really supposed to investigate JFK or UFOs within that office's bureaucratic framework? How, even, could Hubbell have realistically proceeded on this, had he been made A-G?

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I'm suggesting that another way to look at it is that the request was really to keep tabs on reports of unusual flight activities.

There are reasons to think that various people who may have been in the loop re JFK were also involved with at least the southern comtras, both mercenary and weapon supply. So an apparently absurd request probably wouldn't be hard to fulfill and a report nada on JFK, which is what one would expect I suppose and I don't know what re info gathered on 'ufo's' could be useful in order to flag any connections if one is inclined to follow that particular thread. (It doesn't need to be either pro or anti bush, could be either, or just as you suggest, I'm not pushing one or the other. I guess an independent look at contemporary parallel events can shed some light on it)

edit add. there's R. K. Brown appearing in both events and a tenuous but of possible interest Bruce Jones as a Company man and a very sketchy past which places him in the SDS and later in the Costa Rica Contras.

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There's no conflict the, David. I did too. This was actually an old trade that had to change routing as Somozas Nicaraguan landing strips out of the picture following the victory of the FSLN made things a bit difficult, and to span flight distances new routing arrangement had to be made.

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I'm sure Clinton has a basic understanding of what happened considering his 'friendships' and shady past. He is probably as truly interested in who killed JFK as say.....GHWB. Clinton is and has been in cahoots with the Ruling Class Establishment in any event. I thought his little ads with GHWB made that clear (and that was late in the game lol)

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