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Dr. TONI GLOVER Comes Forward Publicly

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Dr. TONI GLOVER Comes Forward Publicly

Good Day.... Recently Dr. TONI GLOVER started posting publicly to the
JFK assassination forums and newsgroups, stating that she was a
Dealey Plaza assassination witness who was standing up on the
pedestal near the north, curved end of the North Reflecting Pool's east
side where a young woman wearing a turquoise-blue coat is seen in
several films standing with another woman....

BELL film



TONI had previously completed an oral history (in 2 parts) for The Sixth
Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
, after which the SFM wrote....

Dr. Toni Glover

Standing on a concrete pedestal at the corner of Houston and Elm
Streets in Dealey Plaza, eleven-year-old Toni Glover witnessed the
Kennedy assassination. Seeing the president's death, connected
emotionally to her abusive childhood, had a traumatic impact on her life.
Recorded January 20, 1999, and March 14, 2012.

On 2-2-12 GARY MACK wrote to researcher GERDA DUNKEL
.... "Her name was Toni Glover, she was 11 years old and she did not
know who the other girl was. Toni did an oral history for The Sixth Floor
Museum in 1999, though a transcript has not yet been made. She
thought two shots were fired and she's recently returned to the
Museum's Reading Room to do research for some project."

When she came forward publicly on 4-16-12, Dr. GLOVER initially wrote

http://groups.google...4ff8b1a8?hl=en ....

I've been writing a memoir about watching Kennedy's head explode, and I
came across this site.

For what it's worth, I was standing on top of a cement block at the corner
of Houston and Elm. Eleven year old girl in a blue ski jacket. Robert
Hughes, Mark Bell and Frances Dornan films all catch glimpses.

And as hard as it is for folks to believe it, one little jerk fired from
the window and got off a couple of lucky shots. An idiot killed Kennedy.

One idiot who had a huge fight with his wife that morning.
I had a panoramic view, and there was no conspiracy. Terrible sadness, but
no conspiracy.


On 4-19-12 Dr. GLOVER wrote....

Oh Lordy. I have stepped into it. I knew nothing about this site. It was
late and I searched my name and Kennedy. When John's work showed up I was
stunned and wrote a stupid email. Let's start over.

My name is Toni (Antoinette) Glover. I was born in Dallas, Texas at
Methodist Hospital on February, 14, 1952. (That's right, Valentine's Day)
I lived in Oak Cliff, about 5 minutes from downtown. I was eleven. After a
lot of begging, my mom took me to the parade. We went straight to Dealey
Plaza thinking the end of the parade would have the least people. I don't
remember anyone else there when we arrived. An excited 11 year old, I kept
running back and forth from my "perch" to Main Street looking down it to
see if I could tell the cars were coming. I did this several times. On one
of those trips to Main, a guy had a seizure at Main and Houston. I was
afraid they would divert the parade because of the ambulance. I went back
to my cement block before they turned onto Houston. When the limo passed
he looked up, waved and smiled. Then he turned the corner and a couple of
seconds later, his head exploded. There is a column that blocked my view
for a couple of seconds, but then the car reappeared and bang. From my
perspective, the plume of brains and blood sparkled a little in the Texas
sun. I told my mom someone threw sparklers in the car!!!!

I have no other evidence of any kind about the assassination.

Announcing that Oswald was, "an idiot" and other remarkable statements I
made were at best ill-informed. I am not an historian. I will stick to
telling my experience and let you historians figure out who did what. My
personal belief is that Oswald acted alone. But that's just my opinion. I
didn't see anything like odd individuals, or flashes or anything else that
would make me think otherwise. Loud noises echo in downtown Dallas. I
"think" I heard 2 shots, but I have always qualified that by saying
"everything echoes down there". I'm not sure how anyone can tell where the
shots came from. But many feel otherwise.

I'm happy to answer questions about my life and experience, but drawing
conclusions is above my pay grade. I know I was standing on the cement
block the entire time Kennedy was on Houston and Elm. I have no idea who's
view I blocked. And I'm not sure who is on the block with me. I doubt my
mom would have crawled up that high.

.... and on 4-19-12 ....

Some answers:

At eleven I was 5' 6", had a long pony tail, and I'll go to my grave
before telling anyone what I weighed. The deal I made with my mom was: If
I went to school, she would pick me up at 11:00 and take me to the parade.
That's the only reason I had on a skirt. We had horses and I usually wore
jeans. The sagging knee socks were worn because I was jealous of a new
girl in my class and was trying to copy her.
[/font color]

.... At that point, instead of the majority of thread-posters choosing to
actually engage-their-brain and ask Dr. GLOVER questions that she had

already clearly offered to freely answer, during the next 2 days thread-

posters chose to mostly, acidickly, argue among themselves about how

witness AMOS EUINS claimed in a Fall 2011 National Geographic TV

program, "The Lost Bullet," that during the shots he had ducked-down

behind the same, close pedestal that TONI said she was standing on top

of (rather than the thread-posters simply, smartly, taking the EUINS

aspects to a different, newly initiated thread)

I then simply contacted TONI and simultaneously posted the following
straightforward questions for her, based on my previous contacts with 42
Dealey Plaza witnesses....

Good Day Toni.... Thank You very much for your help + taking the time to
search and share for this newsgroup your observations and thoughts with
respect to 11-22-63.

I positively do recall Gary Mack mentioning several years ago (seems like
it was around 1999 ?) about a woman walking into the Sixth Floor Museum
and claiming to be an assassination witness, and that woman was trying to
find photographic evidence of her being in Dealey Plaza on 11-22-63. (I
will search in my extensive news timeline archive, emails, and notes for
his mentioning that) A couple months ago I also read on another JFK forum
thread that Gary did mention you by name, and I provided that other thread
link in this thread's earlier post of mine.

Off the top of my head....

Before 11-22-63 did you have any experience firing a weapon, and / or,
being around other persons firing a weapon? (I always ask every Dealey
Plaza witness about this because of the 42 witnesses I have contacted,
several of them did have weapons experience and / or around gunfire from
the time they were a young child) ....Have you fired a weapon and/or been
around gunfire since 11-22-63?

What is your Mom's name? (same on 11-22-63?)

What time did you and your Mom arrive near / in Dealey Plaza that

Where did your Mom park her car?

What did you and your Mom do after arriving, and before the
presidential limousine came into Dealey Plaza?

Do you remember any other details about the man having the epileptic
seizures close to "your" North Reflecting Pool cement pedestal, just
minutes before JFK came into the plaza?

Did you remain on "your" elevated cement pedestal after President
Kennedy turned onto Elm Street and had already passed you?

Were you still up on that cement pedestal during the shots? (if not,

Could you see the presidential limousine when the first shot that you
remembered hearing was fired? (if not, what did you see?)

What direction were you facing when you heard the first shot? ....the

Could you please specifically estimate how much time was there between
the 2 shots that you remembered hearing?

Did each shot sound the same in loudness and pitch, or, did each
sound different?

Where did each of the shots seem to originate from, relative to your
standing elevated location on "your" pedestal?

Did you realize that the 2 shots were gunfire, or, did you think that
one or both of them were something else?

What were your reactions between the shots, then, immediately

Where did you first look towards for each of the shots, then, where
did you look immediately afterwards?

Please describe any echoes from the shots in terms of loudness,
length, number of echoes, etc.

Did you smell anything noticeable or distinctly different right after
the shots ended?

Along with when you were able to see the presidential limousine
occupants, did you view any of the other cars or police cyclists
personal actions and reactions during or right after the shots?

Do you remember any of your nearby co-witnesses doing, saying, etc
anything specific during the shots, or in the aftermath?

From where you were during the shots, did you hear a high level of
crowd noise, yells, or clapping, etc?

Where was your Mom standing during the shots?

What does your Mom say about what she remembers about the shots, the
assassination, and its aftermath, etc?

Would she be willing to detail her observations for us publicly, or
her details passed on for us from her, through you?

How long did you both stay in Dealey Plaza after the assassination
ended? ....The reason I ask Toni is because if you stayed in Dealey
Plaza for even a minimum of minutes, there is a decent chance that you
were photographed and/or filmed, and we might be able to help locate
you within the many aftermath photos/films. The longer you and your
Mom stayed, the higher the chances are that you were photographed/
filmed.... In relation to that, what was your Mom wearing that
day? ....her height? ....hair color? ....hair style? ....was she
carrying a purse? ....Etc., etc

Were there any other friends of yours and/or your Mom's that were also
in Dealey Plaza? (: hopefully, with a camera, or movie camera! :)

Since that day, have you met any other assassination witnesses?

How closely have you followed the assassination investigations by the
U.S. government, books, magazines, radio, internet, TV documentaries,

Are you and your Mom going to provide the Sixth Floor Museum with an
jointly done oral history for their archives?

I will be adding you and your Mom's name and precise location within
my Dealey Plaza map (: I have been steadily updating the map for
several months, and will provide it updated for everyone, soon :)
Also adding you and your Mom for my detailed, referenced list of DP
witnesses and before/after events-persons.

Thanks again for your help.

Best Regards,


.... Within hours the same day, TONI wrote her detailed answers....

I'll do my best to answer the questions.

1. My mom's name was Dorothy Glover in 1963. My parents divorced in 1958,
and she kept the name until she remarried in 1973 to Jake Best. I'm the
youngest of six. They had a boy, and then 5 girls. Mom was born October
30, 1918, named Dorothy Mae Haley in either Dallas or Rising Star, Texas.
I'll look it up.

2. We were wayyyyyy early. We probably got there around 11:15. Lots of
time for me to run around looking for the best view. I was so anxious. I
went down Elm on the grass, came back up and finally decided on the
pedestal. I do not remember anyone else there that early. I think we were
the first ones there. Someone might be able to dispute that. But that's
what I remember. Then I ran back and forth from my perch on the pedestal
to the intersection of Main and Houston to see if the motorcade coming
down Main.

3 We parked on Elm in the first block from Houston. We were so early, we
intended to drive through Dealey Plaza and see how many people there were.
and this street parking spot appeared close to Houston, and we pulled in
considering it a stroke of good luck. I cannot tell your exactly how far
down Elm we were parked. My memory says in the first block from Houston.
If anyone gets a picture of the first two blocks down Elm. I "should" be
able to pick out her car. My older sisters and brother might know the make
and model. I don't. I remember colors, and I think the car was purple with
fins. Go figure.

4. I knew a woman who had seizures so I knew what they looked like. I
remember him on the ground on the west side of Houston, I'm not sure
whether it was the north or south corners. Main street was blocked off at
Houston because it a two-way street, and he might have been very close to
lying in the street. But I think he was on the NW corner. My instinct was
to help, but there were cops calling for an ambulance, and I was so
distracted by the coming parade, that this event wasn't nearly as
important as "is the car EVER going to get to Houston!!"

5. The instant the limo disappeared onto the highway, I whirled around to
get down and the was a guy sitting on the grass, leaning against the
pedestal on the Houston side. I probably wouldn't have noticed him at all
except he wouldn't move to let me down so I had to crawl to the stone
fence to get down. I don't know who he was or where he was before I turned
around. Mom and I were shocked he wouldn't move. PLEASE, folks on the
list, I know nothing else about this guy. To the best of my memory no one
ever hid on the south end of the pedestal. BUt guys, let me qualify all
this. I was transfixed in the president's limo. I wouldn't have noticed
Mickey Mouse standing next to me during the time I had eyes on the
president. BUT when something happens that makes you change your path (not
jump off but crawl to the fence) it's memorable. I remember him being dark
complected, but mom and I thought he was Hispanic not black. Don't know
what this does to the Euins discussion, but that's what we both saw and
talked about at home. My sisters remember us telling them that, too.

6. Yes. I was up on the pedestal from the moment the limo turned onto
Houston, to the second it went under the Triple Underpass.So I was up
there for the shots. This March I was in Dallas doing research in the
Museum's Reading Room, and I decided to walk across the street to Dealey
Plaza. I climbed up on the pedestal (not an easy task at 60) and took a
video of my view, panning from Main all the way around to the underpass. I
also took a picture of my view of the head shot from the pedestal. Happy
to send either.
Let me reiterate here that I am researching people's emotional reaction
and how it effected them throughout there lives. That's why I've watched
hours of oral histories. I have never done research on who shot the
president or why.

7. There is a column in the PLaza that blocked my view for a second. I
think the first shot was when my view was blocked. I'll send the video and
you can see exactly when I could see what.

8. I have no idea how many shots were fired (I think I heard 2), but
anyone serious about this needs to go down there and listen to how much it
echoes in the canyons of downtown Dallas. I have always qualified my
answer by saying it echoed so much, I couldn't tell how many shots (at
least 2) or where any of them came from. After the first shot, I looked at
my mom, but other than that, my eyes were glued on the car. It was an
extraordinarily emotional time for me. I don't know how many people have
seen a human head explode, but I was eleven and it traumatized me. So
remembering details is mixed with a LOT of emotion. I do my best.

9. Didn't smell anything (certain on that one).

10. I saw there were cars following, but again, my gaze was transfixed on
the president's car. You can see in one of the photos I'm waving my arms
at the president as he turned the corner onto Elm. I didn't pay any
attention to the other cars.

11. In the aftermath people were stunned at first, then it became chaotic.
I had yelled "someone threw fireworks in the car" and I remember people
looking up at me cause they couldn't see anything and I could. But that
lasted only second, because I immediately tried to get down and people had
started moving down Elm.

12. As soon as I got down, I looked around for sources that might know
what's really happening, and saw a police motorcycle (maybe 2?) parked in
front of the SBD steps. I ran over there to listen to what the police were
being told. I tried not to act like I was listening. I was there for maybe
30 seconds (I don't know exactly) when I heard the words "shot in the
head." I immediately ran back to my mom. She had a heart condition and we
were always trying to protect her from stress, so I lied and said, "It
only grazed his head, let's go home." We walked the block to our car and
drove straight down Elm like any other day. It wasn't blocked off. It
amazes me that they let cars drive through the scene 5 minutes after the
assassination. Now that we have all the crime solving TV, it seems odd
that a crime scene was not blocked off. SO, in a nutshell: I was on the
pedestal until the car vanished, I got off and ran across the street to
listen to the police radios, I went back to my mom (still near the
pedestal) and told her his head was grazed and that we should leave right
away. I was acutely aware of her heart condition and wanted to get her out
of there ASAP. SO I was in the Plaza 2-3 minutes after the final shot?
Timing this is very difficult for me. It could have been 1 minute, but not
more than 5. I'm guessing it took 2-3 minutes for me to go hear the
radios, get back to my mom and leave. I know it was fast.

13. Mom died in 1996. In fact it was her death that made me start thinking
I needed to contact someone at the Museum. The thing she talked about most
was the guy who wouldn't let us down. Geez it's hard for me to remember
what she wore. I know I tried to get her up on the pedestal, but it was
high. At one point when we were waiting, we both sat on the stone fence.
But that was long before anything happened. I want to say that's mom next
to me, but I can't be sure. Logically, it would have been odd for her to
lose all dignity and climb up there. But it looks like her coat in Dorman.
the woman could definitely be my mom. It looks like I hug her as the limo
turns onto Elm. The top of the pedestal is slanted, very slightly from the
edge to the center. That made it a little tricky not to fall off. I was
probably trying to steady whoever is up there. That's the best I can do
unless I find a family picture of her in that coat. I'll tell my sisters
to go through some family albums.

14. No friends there. Only me and mom.

15. After viewing a number of oral histories, I found 2-3 that were near
my age. The museum graciously let me hold a mini "private symposium,"
focusing on their emotional journey. Neither one of them were witnesses in
Dallas that day, but they had emotional reactions similar to mine.

15. I have not followed anything in 40 years. The first few years when all
kinds of theories were coming out, I paid attention. But not since. I was
shocked to find this group. Let me interject something I know a lot about.
Many, many witnesses developed a completely irrational yet paralyzing fear
that "if I talk, someone will come get me and kill me." Laugh if you want,
but go look at the oral histories at the Sixth Floor Museum. I've watched
grown people weeping as they try to retell their experience. I've seen
professionals choke through tears. Many people did not come forward for 30
- 45 years out of a fear that someone would come get them and kill them.
My first attempt to talk to the historians at the museum was in 1988(?),
but I left. I was still afraid. I KNOW. NOT RATIONAL. Then I finally did
an oral history in 1999, and another in March this year.

I wish I had an exact schematic drawing of my end of the reflecting pool
to the corner curb. I could point out exactly where I was and when. Trying
to explain it with words doesn't produce a clear picture.

Did I answer all the questions. Parts are clear and some parts are fuzzy.
I can only do my best. That's how memory works, well my does. Clear
pieces/fuzzy pieces. Sometimes a picture clears up a fuzzy memory. I
thought trees blocked my view for that second I couldn't see the car, but
when I went back in March, I climbed up on the pedestal and discovered it
was the column, not a tree, that blocked my view. Things like that show
you how memory tries to fill in the blanks.


.... and she wrote....

I forgot the first question. My family did not hunt, but dad always had a
gun. He taught me how to fire a rifle. I was pretty good, but it was just
for fun out in the pasture. When I looked out the sniper's window last
year (for the first time), the shot looked amazingly easy to me.
Perspective is everything.

.... and she posted....

For those interested. FACT: The top of the pedestal has a slight rise from
the edges to the center of it. The top is shaped like the little roof of a
house, with a peak down the middle running N. to S. It's only a 2-3 "
rise, but it's just enough to feel unstable when you're up there. It's not
flat on top. Your feet are standing at an slight angle. And as I said, it
was a long way down. Look at my height compared to the height of the
block. I say this because yes, usually people move around, but it wasn't
easy keeping your balance up there especially when you turned. I'm
GUESSING that we stayed pretty much still, until we turned toward Elm.
Then you see me kind of holding and steadying the other person when we
turned and looked at Elm. We had to go from 2 feet standing toes
down/heels up on the same side of the slant watching Houston, to one foot
on either side of the slant. The turn was tricky. That's why it doesn't
help to identify the woman as my mom "because I was holding her." IT COULD
BE MY MOM. I'm just saying I would have 'steadied' anyone I was up there

.... and....

Just a thought. Someone might ask Euins what color my underwear was,
because if he crouched where he indicated, he could of seen straight up my
skirt. Just a thought.

.... and....

When I finally talked to the Museum, I said I'd never seen a picture that
showed where I was. They sent me to Bob Porter's office. He asked what I
was wearing. I knew I had the blue ski jacket with me, but I "reasoned"
that I probably had on jeans. Then he pulled up Mark Bell's film and
stopped it on me. I literally sank to the floor, speechless. Like being
hit by a truck. There I was. Bob leaned down and said, "You had on a black
skirt, " and I instantly remembered mom picked me up at school! THAT's why
I had on a skirt. We had to wear skirts to school back then. That's the
ONLY reason I'd be wearing one. Bob also did my first oral history a few
months later.

.... On the day when Toni provided her detailed answers quoted above to my original
set of questions, I then utilized the films by Dorman, Bell, Hughes, and another film
to photo-grammatically determine her precise location on one of my DP maps,
+ then, after considering her detailed answers, I wrote her and publicly posted the
following 2-days later on 4-23-12....


Good Day Toni .... Sorry to hear about your Mom passing on. Please
accept my very sincere condolences.

Along with your observations, I was truly hoping to also learn the details that
your Mom recalled with respect to the assassination. Can you please detail
what she shared about 11-22-63? Was she wearing a longish, light colored
coat (possibly beige) that day?; in clear Zapruder frames there looks to be
someone sitting atop the North Reflecting Pool’s east side wall, about 5’ to 6’
south of the pedesta l you stood on, facing towards you.

Recently also lost a Loved One who was a Best Friend, and have a Longtime
Friend who was a 3x-un-defeated football fellow-Champion Teammate
fellow-linebacker who is “knockin’ on heaven’s door” since his being
stricken with pancreas, liver, and spinal tumors.

Thank You, very much, for providing your additional details for us from
my questions, and for your emails and sharing your photos and video. I am
looking forward to speaking with you.

All of your observations are truly interesting, and, several of them are very,
very interesting....

~ ~ ~ ~ E-e-e-especially interesting is your primary observation
that you could NOT see President Kennedy when the first shot that you
remembered hearing was fired….

I simply must ask again, so everything is crystal clear…. Are you 100%
certain that JFK had already gone out of your view when you heard the
first shot? …. If not, how many second(s) had he already been out of your

….That key time stamping detail of JFK being out of your view when a shot
was fired led me to photo-grammatically locate your exact location, as
determined by the multiple, intersecting lines-of-sight for you as seen in the
Bell, Hughes, and Dorman films, and I determined your precise location to be
here, shown on my scaled, accurate Dealey Plaza map….



(if that map appears small when you initially open it, simply click on it
to enlarge)

(: An aside…. On that map I have had the scaled presidential limousine placed
at that specific location for many, many years, and, the location of President
Kennedy’s head within that limo is exactly even with you, Toni :)

Very interestingly, and exactly as your detailed assassination
observations stated, President Kennedy could have first gone out of your view
when the pyracantha tree foliage a few feet north of the large, tall cement
column-monument first started to block JFK from your view at Z-174 to 175
(labeled “TGt-1” for your line-of-sight to JFK on my DP map) (the pyracantha
tree foliage round outline is colored in green and sized on my scaled, accurate
DP map exactly as it was seen in photos and films on 11-22-63)

If the pyracantha tree did not first block your view of JFK, then, exactly as you
stated, the tall column-monument’s north, pointed side definitely would have
first started to block President Kennedy from your view at Z-180 to 181
(labeled “TGc-1” for your line-of-sight on my DP map)

Then, as you stated, President Kennedy would have been visible to you, again,
just past the south side of the tall column-monument, starting at Z-217 to 218
(labeled “TGc-2” for your line-of-sight on my DP map) (employing the standard
AVERAGE running time of the Zapruder film of 18.3 frames-per-second, JFK would
have been out of your view for exactly 2.3 seconds (if the pyracantha tree first
blocked him), to 2.0 seconds (if the column-monument first blocked him)

I will also say that your timing of the first shot that you heard happening between
Z-174 and 218 is right in line with many of the close witnesses and close
weapons-experienced witnesses who stated that JFK, first, started waving (which
he starts at Z-170 to 171), and after he first started waving, THEN the first shot
happened and he immediately, dramatically, physically quickly reacted to it
impacting him ultra-rapidly snapping his head 87-degrees at Z-203 to 206, shaking
his head, raising his arms/hands, and then facing back towards and leaning
towards his wife.

Here’s something I discovered today that am sure that you will appreciate, and
that since you have not mentioned it, you have not noticed, nor has anyone pointed
out for you…. until now….

Being very familiar with the plaza, its perspectives, measurements, etc, I had a
sense about something, so, I drew the line-of-sight on my scaled, accurate
DP map from Mr. Zapruder’s camera lens, to you….

. . . . I am absolutely certain that you are in the Zapruder film !!!!

Including on my accurate map Mr. Zapruder’s camera line-of-sight to your location
led me to closely examining several of the clear Zapruder frames between 177
and about 216.

There surely is, what positively appears to be to me, your blue-coated arm
+ hand that is lowered and still away from your side (since the torso, vertical side
of your coat is not seen).

Your arm/hand can just be seen in the Zapruder film along the south side of the
column-monument (along the right side of the column-monument as seen in the
Zap film). I can provide the Zap frames for you, if you want.

As you stated when you continued to strive to see JFK, this was probably your
arm and hand because you had turned and were then facing the
grassy kno!!

(and/or, striving to keep safely balanced atop your pedestal, as you stated)

Your arm/hand also looks like they changed positions a bit during during those 2.1
seconds between Z-177 to 216.

Your arm/hand also appear at what would have been the correct height while you were,
as you stated, still standing up elevated on “Glover’s pedestal” during the shots

(: Yes…. I now think we researchers should label that pedestal for you! :)

Also, I have actually stood atop and videotaped from what is, now and forever, for me,
“Glover’s pedestal,” and I know that you could have seen over the North Peristyle’s
western-most cement (lower wall), and also westward you could have seen through
the open spaces underneath the 2 trees foliage, and that, as you stated earlier, you
could have seen President Kennedy at Z-313. (I have also just finished checking
photos and films captured from 11-22-63 and the days thereafter to confirm those
trees had enough viewing clearance under them, then) And just to make certain it is
asked…. The president’s head did explode simultaneously with the 2nd shot you heard?

Quick question…. after JFK first was hidden from your view after Z-174 to 181, and
then, the first shot that you remembered was fired, do you recall if you backed-up
a foot or two southward on your pedestal, or, did you stand un-moving? …. Do you
recall if the first shot you remembered hearing while JFK was out of your view made
your upper body/ arms jump some or a lot in startlement?

Can you please estimate exactly how many seconds were there between the
2 shots you heard?


Dr. GLOVER seems like a very good woman, and has agreed to further one-to-one interviews.

Best Regards in Research,


Donald Roberdeau
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker
Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your considerations....

Homepage :
President KENNEDY "Men of Courage" speech, and Assassination Evidence,
Witnesses, Suspects + Outstanding Researchers Discoveries and Considerations.... http://droberdeau.bl...ination_09.html

Dealey Plaza Map : Detailing 11-22-63 Victims precise locations, Witnesses, Films & Photos,
Evidence, Suspected bullet trajectories, Important information & Key Considerations, in One Convenient Resource.... http://img831.images...dated110110.gif

Visual Report : "The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: while JFK was Still Hidden
the 'magic-limbed-ricochet-tree' ".... http://img504.images...k1102308ms8.gif

Visual Report : Reality versus C.A.D. : the Real World, versus, Garbage-In, Garbage-Out.... http://img248.images...ealityvscad.gif

Discovery : "Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS Zapruder Film
Documented 2nd Headsnap:
West, Ultrafast, and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll".... http://educationforu...?showtopic=2394

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

For the United States:



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edit of course I have questions re the accuracy of the plat. I found that by placing Dormer over Dons that the left third was pretty right, the middle too and the right third togrther showed me a discrepancy that led me to speculate little knowing that Jack had stated that the basis for the plat was a taped together three photocopies

However as this is vertical on the right third that has no relevance here. I think.

edit add I find this testimony credible and so for an interesting reason. I matches HDH's description of the headshot and he was in the same line as Toni re the sixth floor but elevated more near the top right corner of the Terminal Annex.

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Great work!

I wonder if Toni remembers seeing a dark green pickup parked partially on the sidewalk and with its hood up down on Elm near the triple Underpass when they first got there?

--Tommy :)

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This young lady would have been in an ideal position to note whether or not Presdiential driver Greer made the often suggested overly "wide turn". With her attention so focused on the car, she might have noted whether Greer bumped the curb or had trouble making the turn. She's in a great and unique spot, being slightly above the proceedings.

Also would be interested if she noted Greer opening and closing his door about this time, and if she is a witness to the "Lambchop" stuffed doll sitting on the seat with Jackie seen by Ms. Hill.

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Guest Tom Scully

I am puzzled over the enthusiasm in reaction to the details recalled by a person who was an eleven year old girl at the time she took in the details and then produced no record of what she recalled (unless I've missed something) until many years into her adulthood.

There seemed to be no reaction or interest when I posted recently about finding contact info of two sons of Carol Hughes and my posting of Hughes's ex-husband's recent obituary, and that it seems likely Carol Hughes, now Patterson is still living.

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I am puzzled over the enthusiasm in reaction to the details recalled by a person who was an eleven year old girl at the time she took in the details and then produced no record of what she recalled (unless I've missed something) until many years into her adulthood.

There seemed to be no reaction or interest when I posted recently about finding contact info of two sons of Carol Hughes and my posting of Hughes's ex-husband's recent obituary, and that it seems likely Carol Hughes, now Patterson is still living.


Maybe it's because her posts are easier to read and make sense out of than yours?

--Tommy :sun

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Guest Tom Scully

(Sorry for the O.T. Comments that follow.....)

Thank you for that, Tommy. Whatever your criticism of my presentation, consider that this is a site where there ought to be an interest in breakthrough research. I thought finding Carol Hughes was a breakthrough. I think it is easy enough to read and to react to a post containing her ex-husband's obit.

It sould be easy enough to grok this....Vince P. never mentions this guy, Jack. His wife was a classmate of Mastrovito's wife at Catholic University. The SS was tiny in 1963, Vince had to track down no more than 350 agents, but he seems to have missed Jack Sullivan and the fact that Mastrovito's father-in-law was the brother of Adella Niland, married to Jack T. niland, Billy Sol Estes's longtime attorney......




Obituary: Labor lobbyist, college hoops star John F. 'Jack' Sullivan dies at 75

By Lauren Wiseman

Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, October 13, 2010; 10:13 PM

....He was named to the Amateur Athletic Union's all-American team in 1959 and was selected as an alternate on the 1960 U.S. Olympic team. In 1961, he returned to professional basketball when he played for the Washington Tapers in the fledgling American Basketball Association. ...

....Soon afterward, Mr. Sullivan became a special agent with the Secret Service. He was assigned to the Boston Field Office and, according to his family, was stationed at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

After a few years, he returned to his home town to coach the boys' varsity basketball team at Gonzaga College High School. From 1979 to 1987, he coached at the Academy of the Holy Name, a girls' high school in Silver Spring.

His labor career began in 1981 as director of government relations to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. When he retired in 1996, he was a lobbyist for what was then the Center to Protect Workers' Rights, the research and development institute of the Building and Construction Trades Department, which is part of the AFL-CIO.

John Francis Sullivan was born July 27, 1935, and was a 1953 graduate of St. Anthony's High School in the District.

From 1989 to 1996, he coached the women's basketball team at Catholic University. In 1991, he was named coach of the year by the Capital Athletic Conference.

When his children were young, he coached basketball for the Catholic Youth Organization. He was an Adelphi resident.

Survivors include his wife of 49 years, the former Patricia "Tish" Dailey of Adelphi; six children,

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Toni was kind enough to send me two photo's

I have now placed them on my website in the "Toni Glover" gallery


Recent photo taken of Toni as she stands on her pedestal ( Credit: Toni Glover )

Click on image to view FULL SIZE


Recent photo taken by Toni as she stands on the pedestal ( Credit: Toni Glover )


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Toni was kind enough to send me this Panoramic video which was taken by her, as she was standing on the pedestal.


IN the video, note how high up in the air my view was. At about 10 seconds, you see a lady at my feet who is standing on the ground talking. Look how high above her my view was. I could see over everyone at the curb. As soon as I pan onto Elm, I could see above even the people on the corner curb.

Video Link



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