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Sadness for Jacqueline - what a horrible few seconds

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I was reading the "Unspeakable" book just to see if there was anything I had missed and to reorganize my thoughts and a quick sentence hit me like a stone. Jackie (in one of her few quotes in the book) said she actually saw the larger pieces of JFK's head flying backwards. Wow.

It reminded me of a time many years ago when I heard screeching tires across the median on the inter-state highway. I looked over in a flash and a pickup truck had apparently blown a tire - went sideways - and flipped at fairly high speed. The flip likely lasted all of a second but I remember everything about that second. The windshield glass broke out (burst forward) and I remember a shower of glass particles up in the air - they even gave a rainbow effect in the sun. Everything was instantly in ultra slow motion. The driver came out of his seat during the flip and then came back into the truck - hitting his head on the door frame violently as he was jerked around. After the flip the truck ended up back on it's wheels. I yelled at my Dad to stop and ran across the median to give aid. I already knew the injury that the driver had - a serious impact wound on the right side of his head - where - sure enough - he was bleeding profusely. We stopped the bleeding with a rag and he was off to the hospital in fairly short order and survived.

But I'll never forget how time seemed to slow way down and I saw everthing in minute detail...I could almost count the squarish pieces of safety glass as they were up in the air even though the whole accident (the part I saw) took probably 1 second.

Has anybody else gone through this type of intense situation?

My guess is that Jacqueline did since I don't think I have any sensory ability above the normal person. Can we imagine what she really saw? It had to be utterly devastating.

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It had to be one of history's most hideous moments, and Jackie witnessed it as no one else did.

I saw old footage of Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie on television recently, and there were painful resemblances.


Yes...imagine sitting beside your husband as his head gets blown away.

I dither about whether it was a "statement" hit...or just a huge move to get an oil man in charge and to fire up the MICC.

Whatever it was it was a brutal assassination with the wife sitting beside. If their is a hell I hope all involved are slowly taking their seats as they die off and get what they deserve. If they are sitting in the hall as I walk by - in another direction - I will ask my accompanying Angel politely if I can spit on them on their way to H#LL. :) .

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