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February 7, 1962






KAREL KMOCH, aka Novack




Re Bureau letter to Miami dated 12/7/61, and Miami letter with enclosures, 12/6/61, entitled “JAMES WILLIAM BECK; ET AL, Central American Democratic Front (CADF), IS - Nicaragua, RA - Nicaragua.”

The title of this case is being changed in accordance with Bureau instructions set forth in Bureau letter dated December 7, 1961, and also to include the correct name of (FNU ) NOVACK, as previously furnished by GERALD PATRICK HEMMING, as set forth in referenced Miami letter with enclosures.

Enclosed herewith are nine copies of letterhead memorandum dated and as captioned above.

MIAMI will locate and interview individual JOSE FERNANDEZ, former owner of the Pan American Electric Shop, Miami, concerning the identity and whereabouts of individual called CHUCK, CHARLES and CARLOS who hung around

MM-T1 mentioned in enclosed memorandum is MM redacted-S, location Miami file 134-redacted Sub A.

On December 26, 1961, NELLIE M. HAMILTON, owner 3rd Street, Miami, Florida advised that many young men have been staying at her rooming houses who were “anti-FIDEL CASTRO revolutionaries.”

One of these persons, FRANCOIS (last name unknown) a Canadian lived at 1925 Southwest 4th Street, Miami, but was evicted by HAMILTON several months ago for non-payment of his bill.

On December 26, 1961, JOE CAVENDISH GARMAN, 1925 Southwest 4th Street, Miami, born February 3, 1930, Bowling Green, Kentucky stated he had been in Miami since the spring of 1961, for the purpose of locating and joining forces with potential anti-FIDEL CASTRO military expeditions.

He stated he has been unsuccessful to date in locating such forces.

GARMAN stated that FRANCOIS SCHIRM 9278 Lumsden Street, Montreal, Canada, was formerly an associate of his and other Americans residing at that rooming house.

GARMAN said SCHIRM was a former member of the French Foreign Legion and GARMAN saw what appeared to be a discharge from the French Foreign Legion which had been issued to SCHIRM. GARMAN said that SCHIRM returned to Montreal, Canada “several months ago” and has not been seen in Miami since that time.


On January 10, 1962, MM-T1 who has been actively engaged in Cuban revolutionary activities for the past four years and who has furnished reliable information in the past, advised that JACK NORDEEN, an American who lived on Southwest 9th Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Street, Miami in September, 1961, claimed to be from Chicago, Illinois and engaged in Nicaraguan revolutionary activities. NORDEEN is partly crippled from his activities in Nicaragua and claimed he was waiting for a man to come to Miami, Florida, with money so that NORDEEN could recruit men for further military action in Nicaragua. NORDEEN said he contacted GERALD PATRICK HEMMING, an American soldier of fortune in Miami, concerning this matter and had recruited (first name unknown) NOVACK.

MM-T1 advised that in September 1961, that NORDEEN claimed that JOHN (last name unknown) had recently arrived from Latin America, said that he had been in the mountains of Nicaragua engaging in revolutionary activities, and that he desires to recruit a Latin American force of 500 men, establish a training camp, move in and take over the capital city of Nicaragua, take over the Nicaraguan government and from there launch an invasion of Cuba. MM-T1 said that NORDEEN talked to JOHN about the possibility of recruiting 500 Cubans and American for this adventure and that HEMMING was interested in this plan.

Subsequently, MM-T1 advised that he recalled JOHN, mentioned above, was JOHN SELTZ.

MM-T1 continued that in the latter part of September, 1961, SELTZ, NORDEEN, FRANCOIS and SAUL SAGE left Miami and went to New York City. Prior to leaving, FRANCOIS said that he was going back to Canada, and the others did not say where they were going after they arrived in New York.

MM-T1 said these four have not been in Miami since that time and their present whereabouts are unknown.


to the majority of American mercenaries still in Miami trying to align themselves with Cuban revolutionary forces.

On January 12 1962, Mr AL CANTA, Investigator, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Miami, advised that the files of that office contained no information


On January 15, 1962, JOSPEH LOBIE, 1061 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, owner of Pan American Electrical Supply Inc., advised he bought this store on November 7, 1961, does not know any CARLOS or the present whereabouts of the stores previous owner.

PROPERTY OF FBI - This memorandum is loaned to you by the FBI, and neither it nor its contents are to be

distributed outside the agency to which loaned

,RIF#: 124-10350-10100 (02/07/62) FBI#: CR 105-105358-4


I can't help but thinking of Gilberto Alvarado the individual who floated the first big conspiracy story

in Mexico City and was debriefed by the CIA shortly after the Kennedy Assassination at a safehouse

in Mexico. While his story didn't hold up, he was connected to Nicaraguan intelligence and is significant more for his connections than what he alleged.



The name Beck seems fairly inconclusive at first glance, some Dallas individuals, one affiliated

with the Dallas police.....


Sources: Rush to Judgment, Lane (210-1); 89A-DL-60165-42 (MMF 2426)

Mary's Comments: DOB: August 6, 1910. Wife: Emily. Dallas Police Department detective. Worked for DPD from 1947 until 1965. Worked with J. R. Leavelle and G. R. Boyce. Radio #305. Re: Abrams, Doyle and Gedney.

and a JANOS BECK, who was the Hungarian Ambassador to Cuba.



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Yes, that is the same Francois Schirm; a veteran of the FFL and the Hungarian revolution. He is an interesting character who spent some time as an anti-Castro instructor in South Florida and mixed with the likes of Gerry Hemming, Steve Wilson, Roy Hargraves, Ed Collins, Col. Bob Brown, and Robert Emmett Johnson.

Translated from the link:


François Schirm is a former militant Front de libération du Québec called "General".

Born in Budapest (Hungary), a political refugee in France after the Second World War , he joined the Foreign Legion at the age of 18. He first fought in Indochina against the Viet Minh , with the French army, then Algeria against the FLN . Disgusted with these colonial wars, he left the Legion in 1956 and emigrated to Montreal . he worked as a construction worker, has attended a diesel mechanic, became security guard and night watchman. Aware of being exploited as a worker speaking, he began to advocate the RIN and established contacts with militants of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ).

In the Revolutionary Army of Quebec (which has replaced the Liberation Army of Quebec as a military wing of the FLQ), Schirm is the head of a group eager to take action. In July 1964, he opened a training camp in the forest near the village of Saint-Boniface-de-Shawinigan in Mauricie , 150 km from Montreal , with the intention of implementing a first outbreak of guerrilla warfare in Quebec. This initiative has been criticized and taxed adventurism by those who want to prepare a realistic direct action.

The 29 August 1964 , a commando of the ARQ organizing a theft of weapons in an armory in Montreal. Two police patrol in the area arrived on the scene and a shootout broke out. One of the officers accidentally kills an employee of the armory while the manager is killed by a member of the ARQ accidentally.

Four authors of the flight are quickly captured, François Schirm, wounded by a bullet in the thigh during the shooting. The fifth Edmond Guenette , manages to escape but is arrested three days later.

At the end of the trial, and Schirm Guénette be sentenced to death, unique in the annals of the FLQ. They will spend three years in the cell on death row, and after a new trial, will be sentenced to life in prison.

François Schirm spend nearly 14 years behind bars, the longer a member of the FLQ. Refused to be deported to Europe in 1974, he was released on parole (day) in 1978. During all these years, he continued to repeat what he had said after his trial: "As revolutionary, I was ready to give my life and I am still ready to give to the People's Liberation Quebec. "

And here:

Photo 19. [P. 488] Political prisoners photographed in prison of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines in 1975. In the left foreground, Paul Rose, a member of the Chenier cell of the FLQ kidnapped and "executed" the minister Pierre Laporte in October 1970. In the right foreground, François Schirm, leader of the Revolutionary Army of Quebec in 1964, and originally sentenced to death, then life imprisonment for a deadly raid on an armory in Montreal August 29, 1964. The other prisoners are, from left to right: Bernard Lortie, Edmond Guenette, Daniel Lamoureux, Francis Simard, Pierre Demers, Robert Hudon, Pierre Boucher, Pierre-Paul Geoffroy and Reynald Lévesque. (Photo Normand Pichette)



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FBI - HSCA Subject File: Steve Wilson


Found in: FBI - HSCA Subject File: Steve Wilson

Bulet to Miami dated 12/7/61, captioned “JOHN PETER SELTZ; SAUL SAGE, aka.; (FNU) NOVACK, IS - NICARAGUA - RA NICARAGUA” requested the Miami office to ascertain the identity of one FRANCOIS LNU possibly identical with the FRANCOIS SCHIRM who is mentioned in the enclosed letterhead memorandum as a former 'associate in Miami of the subject. It is being left to the discretion of the Office of Origin as to whether the Dallas office should be requested to attempt and locate JAMES BRUCE. aka. “Jim” concerning this matter. It is noted Dallas is not in receipt of previous communication regarding QUINN. Since information developed from the 12/15/61 Newark interview with subject, and from interviews with various persons at Miami, reflects no indication of any violation of neutrality statutes, Miami contemplates no additonal investigation in this matter. However any information coming to the attention of the Miami office reflecting that the subject DEMPSEY, GARMAN or any other individuals connected with the subject depart from Miami en route to Latin America, will be furnished to the Bureau and appropriate offices.

December 27, 1961



FROM: SAC, MIAMI (105-5047) (RUC)




(00: Newark)

NELLIE M. HAMILTON was interviewed by SA WILLIAM P. KELLY. GARMAN, DEMPSEY, and WILSON were interviewed by SAs KELLY and JAMES C. HOLMES, with SA NORMAN E. BLISS being present during the interview of GARMAN.

JOE CAVENDISH GARMAN and JAMES BRUCE, aka. “Jim” have previously come to the attention of the Miami Office in investigation of the case entitled “INTERCONTINENTAL PENETRATION FORCES (INTERPEN) NEUTRALITY MATTERS (Bufile 2-1693) (Miami File 2-312.)

RIF#: 124-90049-10005 (12/27/61) FBI#: CR 105-105465-6


I don't want to hype this, not that it needs it; but an Interpen connection to someone passing through Dallas, I've never heard of and a French connection, raises some eyebrows in my book.

Edited by Robert Howard
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