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Photograph of JFK attempting to restrain LBJ!

Terry Adams

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Does anyone know if there is film of this 'infamous' picture? I would like to know how LBJ reacted. Because, from the look he had on his face, if he did not know that it was the president pulling on his sleeve, he may very well have struck out or at least "cussed out" the perpetrator.

Obviously, the reason this has been shown in relation to the assassination is to show that LBJ had absolutely no respect for the President, by acting this way in his presence.

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The hat speaks of Texas. The pugnaciousness says Lyndon's not in office yet. Here's two pre-administration Texas trips where Kennedy wears a light-colored necktie. Johnson's got the hat in the pre-election Dallas clip, but his necktie appears striped in the film: He's in casual wear in the second clip.

The LBJ Library people say this is Lyndon yelling at Amarillo airport pilots to stop revving their engines while Kennedy speaks, November 3, 1960:


JFK's Amarillo speech:

Senator KENNEDY. Lyndon, Ralph Yarborough, Mr. Mayor, Senator Anderson, Governor Edmondson, your distinguished Congressman who represents this district and the United States with distinction, Walt Rogers, ladies and gentlemen, Frank Ikard, I come down here to Texas in the closing days of this campaign and ask your support for Senator Johnson and myself in moving this country forward. [Applause.]

In 1932 - That is Dick coming in. [Laughter.] I understand that in the next 24 hours, Mr. Nixon is going to visit Texas, and I want Texas to ask him what the Republicans or Nixon ever did for Texas. [Applause.] Texas has been Democratic for 100 years. Texas is Democratic with 21 Congressmen, and we are going to have Texas Democratic this year on November 8. [Applause.] I understand that the Vice President is arriving in Texas with a rescue squad - Nelson Rockefeller, the President of the United States, Henry Cabot Lodge - and now they are adding three new members to the rescue squad, who are advising him on how to win this election - Landon, Hoover, and Dewey. We can't lose. [Response.]

[Aircraft noise.] They can't stop the truth, anyway. I don't care how much that engine warms up. [Laughter.]

* * *

[Plane noise.] This is the busiest airport I have ever been in. [Laughter.]


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