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"Doorman" Oswald or Lovelady?

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Robin Unger

Thanks for your response.

I am a reporter and I'm not taking sides -- please don't assume I accept uncritically the Oswald Innocence project information.

Please understand I am asking a technical question.

The clip you show of the TSBD door as the limo passes in front of it, as seen here:


is not in the Hughes film, or more precisely, it is in no version of the Hughes film I can find posted on the Internet.

The "complete" Hughes film postings stop just as the JFK limo is turning the corner onto Elm, as here:

What you posted above from the Hughes film is similar to what you have as the enhanced Hughes GIF on your blog


That too stops before the JFK limo has turned the corner.

Also, I am well aware of the sequence at the end of the Hughes film that shows Lovelady in the red checkered shirt standing at the bottom of the TSBD stairs after the shooting.

I want to know where this clip came from:


That is my question.

Thank you,

Jerome Corsi

40 minute mark


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Robert Mady

I apologize for the links not working.

The video clip I'm interested in identifying is here


Also seen above as the first of the clips Robin Unger posted at 11:29 AM today.

From what Robin posted, it looks like the clip I want to identify was created by Gerda Dunckel.

I will send her a message and ask if she can identify the source of that clip.


Jerry Corsi

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Robert Mady

I apologize the links did not work.

The clip I want to identify can be seen in the post above that Robin Unger posted at 11:29 am today -- the first of the posts.

It appeared here as well: in the Pat Speer post on 19 March 2013 at 12:12 AM

I do not see that exact clip in the Hughes video online.

Above, Robin Unger says Gerda Dunckel created the clip, but she is not currently listed as a member to this forum and I don't know how to reach her.


Jerry Corsi

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Jerome, Gerda is a member of


Do not know if she frequents that forum or is accessible.

best of luck

may I ask why you are interested in additional footage, it appears that the Hughes film was cut, the section of film most probably no longer exists.

Bob Mady

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I'm puzzled by the Hughes film.

I've read that at least one witness said when Greer drove the limo to the corner of Houston and Elm he fumbled the left turn onto Elm. I've had no reason to doubt this but also no other reason to believe it. The Hughes film depicts a smooth, even turn onto Elm.

Is the extant Hughes film believable as to the turn?

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