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"Doorman" Oswald or Lovelady?

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Robin Unger,

Good suggestion. Max is not a member of this forum. If anyone has contact information, I would appreciate sharing.

My real point of interest is to find "doorman" pre-shooting and Lovelady "post-shooting" in one color film -- your work, Robin, confirms the GIF close-up cropped view of the TSBD pre-shooting is from the Hughes film. This permits us to use the TSBD as a common element to "standardize" colors between the two sequence and adjust all other colors in the frame accordingly -- more scientific form of colorization -- that would give us a color comparison based on spectrographic analysis of whether the color of "doorman's" shirt in the pre-shooting sequence is the same color as Lovelady's in the post-shooting sequence.

As to the open shirt question. Again, having pre-shooting "doorman" and "post-shooting" Lovelady in one film should allow us to get a more precise handle on the time interval between when we see "Doorman" in the Hughes film pre-shooting and when we see Lovelady in the "post-shooting" in front of the TSBD. There are enough pictures of "Doorman" to estimate fairly accurately how open the shirt was. Then there are enough photos of Lovelady post-shooting to get different angles and views on how open the Lovelady shirt was post-shooting. With that information in hand we can ask why Lovelady buttoned his shirt in the "x-minute" interval, especially with the post-excitement on the bottom of the TSBS post-shooting. If the time interval were hours, then there could be many reasons to button the shirt. If the time interval were a few minutes and those few minutes encompassed the post-shooting, why would anyone worry about buttoning a shirt?

Jerome Corsi

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