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* Sorry if language unclear. (Tired, - foreign, - and too lazy to review for errors) *

** Not about personal or D.V.P.'s view of the case **

*** (Edit; Only 0.3 MB limit ? Not even pr. post ? ) So this just look ridiculous then . Suggestions to solve - appreciated. ***

*** (Edit 2: Temporary "solution". Too tired now. 

First of all , - I want to give my appreciation to David Von Pein for doing such an tremendous job, and unreal effort , - in order to make such an exceptional amount of information available. One can only imagine how many countless hours have been spent, doing so. I even have trouble to imagine, that I myself have enough hours available to ever get through it all. 

Of course subscribed to the Youtube - channel. But 65 websites ? Would die of old age ( I if I am so lucky / unlucky to get old in the first place ) - before finishing getting through that. 


As said a few times now , in a couple of posts /bio , - for many reasons, - my own dedication to this case of the assassination, - went out the window  6, - 8 - 10 , (the most intense period was in 2005 2007) 12 years ago. This is a lifetime when talking about i.e. computer technology. Digital opportunities / remastering etc.etc. etc.  - - audio, video, and photos alone , - have progressed so much.

I have not; so in most ways, - I am in the stoneage. 

Another thing, is that so much more information , has been made "public", - I just have to accept , for one thing,- that reading through all of it on this forum alone, - is of course not possible. 

 Uncountable theories must have emerged /  been debunked , or perhaps even proven to some degree. So it is impossible to know what is available , and what is not. One could wish,- one had time and health to search more actively, - to spare you updated guys, - asking questions that have been answered already. 


So; unnecessary as it may most certaintly be, - I figured I might as well post a few screenshots of the video portion of one of my 10-12 year old harddisks, - just in case anything was of interest, - even though, I guess that is just as likely as me being struck by lightning twice, - when going to work tomorrow morning. 

As also mentioned, - -  back in the stoneage, --- I only uploaded videos/information , - that at that point in time, were/was not available anywhere on Youtube (as far as I could observe). 

Many of the videos have been deleted, - I reckon because of copyright infringement / violation of copyright laws, - or whatever the correct term is. To feel "stupid" - comes very fast, concerning my own (mildy said) limited knowledge of how these laws work. English not being my first language, do not help either. 


Writing this lst portion, mainly because I only hope I do not violate any laws,  ( a small fraction, that I edited from these -- have been posted on the channel (a few, I made myself, as far as I can remember) ) , - and one can only trust that Youtube removes anything that surpasses the boarder of what is prohibited, and what is not. If so,- it will be deleted, - and feedback regarding this -- is appreciated. 


Time has made me forget. So much. Including many details, - of where I obtained the videos. What I do remember is kind people, - sharing with me. From Sweden, from Croatia, - from Canada,- from the United States etc. Also ripped VHS's and DVD's. NARA etc. (The most common documentaries, clips etc,- I didn't bother to make snapshots of). 

















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Trygve V. Jensen said:

Of course subscribed to the Youtube channel. But 65 websites?

A lot of the audio/video materials on my 65 sites (i.e., blogs) are, in effect, duplicates of many of the things I have on my YouTube channel. (Sort of an alternate version of my YouTube collection.) So perhaps it's not quite as daunting a task as it might seem. But I'd like to think the "duplicate" materials on my sites do offer up some "new" things too---such as comments and/or reviews of many of the videos, which make the websites a bit different from my YouTube versions.

Thanks for your positive sentiments. I appreciate it.

P.S. --- I'm not (yet) seeing any screenshots of your A/V collections. Technical problem, I guess. But I'd like to see your collection, in order to compare it with my own. If you've got some items that make me salivate with jealousy, maybe you'd consider sharing them with me. :)

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Temporary solution David. Edited original post. Laughable how stoneagy it is,- but that is the state of my brain right now. Way too tired to even remember my own name. Will try tomorrow to get this in order. 0.3 MB? Oh well,- I guess there are a few posts here in this forum.......

Thanks for answer.

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Also; I understand,- but no matter what you say,- I an  nothing but stricken to the ground,  just thinking of how many hours you have spent. ( On the other hand, - and at the same time, I am literally already on the ground now, in the name of fatigue as well). Positive comments are just in order.

No,- I have to stop typing now soon -- it is frustrating how the brain melts down rapidly here,- making the easiest tasks, - hard. 

I doubt I have anything on my disk. Perhaps new to some people, - if they are as outdated as me. Wish I could locate the other one. Was atleast one. This one has photos, information, etc etc, as well. 

The positive about forgetting,- is that some of it, is again new to me atleast :) . 

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It was just one of the first hits on google, - and a race against time, to get them online somehow. 

Will try to make an a account on a site with some real storage space, - just for the photos on the disk. But not tonight. 

Last : It is not many in total at this one,- and more importantly,- I see now that just the entitling (if that is a word) of some of them -- is not even informative enough,- to know what the clip/video even is.

Btw. , a keyboard may be my enemy at times. If I just sit down to say one word, like "hello" or "thanks" - to someone,- and I end up writing a novel. A poor one. The initial idea, was just to say thanks for the effort,- but of course it ended up with that long  , rambling,  and a poor attempt to share what I found in my own harddisk .


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Added 11 more snapshots. "Photos 1", "Audio 1", "Docs" , "Frames/Gifs", "Edited", "Edforum 1-6"

. But if anything is temporary, it is this. - Sorry for those who try to get something relative information out of this chaos, - if anyone.

I just random snapshot folders in this old hard disk atm.

"The photos 1" folder , contains 1701 photos in itself. 


* Titles on files are shamelessly non-informative at times. 

** Some are not objectively titled (i.e.) " What happened "really" " - suggesting a conspiratorial view. And vice versa, - the opposite view.  Not necessarily my views. 

*** Some of this are work, not done by me,- but by members on this forum + others. So credit to them. 

**** Going to bed is an art I master less successfully,  than the art of incoherently rambling . 

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It didn't last more than 14 hours.

"Unfortunately, our Moderators have had to suspend your account due to a violation of our site Terms, (https://about.500px.com/terms/) - specifically related to Other/general trolling."

Unaware one could post anything there, - so I must have either trolled someone there, while asleep , or at work,  ---- doing nothing at the site whatsoever. Or  broken the specific law of "other".

Any tip of online storage/sharing site, would be appreciated. 


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The Sixth Floor Museum video below features a fantastic November 2017 interview with one of the lesser-known assassination eyewitnesses and TSBD employees, Karen Westbrook, who was an 18-year-old secretary with South-Western Publishing Company on 11/22/63. She was one of the 73 Depository employees interviewed by the FBI in March 1964. Her statement appears on Page 97 of Commission Document No. 706.


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