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Thank you David VP for posting the Dealey Plaza video.

I have never been there and this video gave me a close up look at it from every angle possible. Very clear. Very steady and calmly presented. No distracting narration.  

If I were to visit the Plaza I would also want to walk all through and around it by myself to be able to peacefully think and reflect on it's historical importance and the solemn spirit, energy and karma it surely has.


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On 4/18/2016 at 2:29 PM, Kathleen Collins said:

Whose face is that in the window of the ambulance? Is it a reflection?

Kathy C

I was wondering that too. I head to scan the rest of the thread to see if there was an answer. The only person looking into the camera isn't there at all. That's pretty freaky.





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I just viewed once again the Dealey Plaza video DVP posted.

I am surprised how thought provoking and emotion stirring it still is for me, no matter how many times I watch it. It's quiet lack of narration allows one to better reflect on these thoughts and feelings without distraction.

The video re-evokes not just a deep and profound sadness for JFK and his family's personal suffering and loss but our entire society's as well. And also a broader general sadness in the awareness of how murderously corrupt and uncivilized human kind can be toward one another ... both here and all over the world and still in modern times to this day.

The whole Dealey Plaza area seems very eerie to me. Like something in a haunting dream. Like a Hitchcock film.

Large swaths of green cemetery like grass surrounded by long dreamy white bright walls resembling large crypts and solemn remembrance head stones. The reflecting pool and that old spooky Gothic "Red Museum" looming over it all just adds to this surreal scene. 

It's like the place was built for the monumentally sad event ahead of time! Strange indeed.

The constant loud roaring sound of busy automobile and truck traffic running right through this memorial site is obscenely incongruous however.

I am also reminded when seeing the Texas School Book Depository building from perhaps 75 to 100 feet away in this video, how much one can see into the 6th floor sniper's window from that distance.  6 floors up in an older building like the TSBD is not that high above the street. Maybe 65 to 75 feet, which is about as high as our Pine trees grow in my part of the country.

This shows me that anyone standing on the street ( Houston Street ) and at the same general distance away from this window could see it closer than I had imagined. It makes Arnold Roland and Carolyn Walther's statements about what they saw in this window minutes before the shooting all the more credible.

Ms. Walther's mis-stating the correct height number floor means little to me in that I never get that exact number right either when I am just glancing at multi-storied bldgs. and sometimes even leaving the ground floor out of the count.

I also considered that JFK's shooting culprit ( or culprits ) took a big risk in blasting JFK's head into a high caliber exploding mass of brain and skull and blood spray so close to Jackie's own head and body.  

What an incredible feat of marksmanship that direct bulls-eye hit was on a moving away and moving down hill and moving 10 inch only wide target ( JFK's head was moving around at the time between the 2nd and 3rd shot ) and to miss Jackie's which was mere inches away from her husbands. That's three separate moving target dynamics to calculate into a shooter's aim and firing!

I sometimes think that whoever was assigned this hit were instructed to make sure they didn't hit Jackie Kennedy just inches away from their bulls eye. And that took remarkable skill with not one but two shots.




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54 minutes ago, Michael Walton said:

David - that last link you posted says you have to load Flash.  That's old tech.  Wouldn't it be better to switch over to new tech for video display?

I'd love to do that....but that particular video comes from the JFK Library website, and that site doesn't allow downloading of any of its videos via any means. (But they'll allow downloading of all its audio files at any time; they even provide a "Download MP3" link for all MP3s. Go figure.)

I've tried to download Library videos via RealPlayer, but that won't work either. So I'm forced to settle for the JFK Library embed on my site.

If you know of any way to download such a video, let me know, because I would very much like to add that 1958 JFK video to my own archive of saved videos. It's a public domain video (per the JFK Library), so there's no problem with any copyright issue.

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