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Even more time spared. Great. And easier to read.

When he, -  as earlier today mentioned,  contradicted (one of several times) himself 25 seconds later, - it must be an easy explanation;

* he misunderstood.

(he even apparently misunderstood Gary M. - when he (Gary) asked him about driving home with him (Lee) Thursday the 21st. (asking Gary M. if he meant the following day (Friday the 22nd !)). I mean, - he didn't drive Lee O. - home, or wherever on the day of the assassination, surely ?

** or; the reason (one of his characteristics)-  (that I don't want to say out loud), - which may have contributed to Gary M. not confronting him with it.

Anyway, Gary didn't, - and you are one of those who would, to some / a high  degree, --- know if anyone else did at a later point in time. Which seemingly no one did.

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I'm not aware of anyone ever asking Buell about the contradictions in his statements.

It would be ideal if Buell would join this forum. Then everybody here could ask him about it. But in his 2014 interview, he said that "surfing the 'Net isn't my thing". So I kinda doubt that "JFK Forums" are his bag either. But, hey, Mary Moorman has an Internet presence now. She's on Facebook, and she even answered some of my questions last April. So maybe the possibility of talking to Buell Frazier online in the future isn't totally a crazy idea either.

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Let's hope so !

It's never too late. Even my 88 year old grandmother has an Ipad.

Mary Moorman on Facebook :) , ---- what's next? Compared to her, Buell is a youngster. Maybe when he stops working so much, - he will get the opportunity. 

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For those who have not yet viewed these.

In my opinion, really worth setting aside a couple of hours to do so.

("The Assassination Of President Kennedy", - that aired Nov. 13th - 2013, - has due to copyright issues, been blocked in one country; The United States. --- So if your IP - address, shows a location from the U.S. - use a proxy server , or similar.)

Perhaps it is viewable without, - using this link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x17a5qz


"The lost JFK tapes: The Assassination"

(Executive producer : Tom Jennings
Producer & Editor : Ron Frank
Historical Consultant : Gary Mack
Stock Footage: The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza (c),
KRLD/KDFW/KTVT/WFAA, Dallas Times Herald Collection
Keith Griffith film, Robert Hughes film, George Jeffries film, Jack Jernigan film, Frank Marotta film, Orville Nix film, George Reid film, Pat Sanders film, and Jackie Tindel film)

"JFK - Fact and Fable"

(Sociopolitical Documentary - hosted by Craig Sechler.
Credit: Published by CuriosityStream in 2016.)


Sidenote: - Returning here so many years later, - still seing people conducting research with such poor multiple-generation-copies of films, - made 15- 20 ++ years ago, ---- makes one certainly wish that the originals, - first generation copies, and so forth - could finally at some point, -- be more available to the general public, - - than what they currently are. Or available at all. (Darnell).

The Sixth Floor Museum, as I understand it has originals, - first generation copies of so many of the films. Only these major news/tv - networks seem to get access/permission to use these, - making their documentaries etc. It just shouldn't be about the money. It is wrong. It is history itself.


An example of the opposite; - just compare the Bronson - film - copies that many still use , - in order to conduct research or similar, - to this version (HD 1080p) - who Robin Unger has on his Youtube - channel. And these days we have 4-6-8K resolutions for that matter.


Gary Mack assisted so many through e-mails etc. , - and was a member at this forum.

Can someone invite Stephen Fagin ?

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( Published May 2nd. - 2018 . )

" The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 mandated that by October 26, 2017, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) must release all withheld government files pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. What will be revealed as these documents are examined? Will the contents provide answers or create more questions?

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza presented an engaging program featuring best-selling authors Dr. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and Philip Shenon, former New York Times reporter, who discussed the ramifications and revelations of this final release of the records with moderator Dave Davies, host of NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

This presentation took place at the Museum on November 18, 2017. To see related films, photos, documents and oral histories from The Sixth Floor Museum's collection, visit our online collections database (http://emuseum.jfk.org). Or make a research appointment to explore the books, DVDs and other materials available in the Museum's Reading Room (http://www.jfk.org/the-collections/re...). "

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The attention is at about 39 minutes in, directed to what  is called a scoop. A chapter in Larry Sabato's book, - (which he promotes). He says they basically disproved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, - the conclusion made by the HSCA, regarding the acoustical evidence.


Dr. Donald B. Thomas comments on this (AARC Library):


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Just in case anyone has not yet seen these by now.

I remember back in 2006 / 2007, - John Dolva talking about the version of the Nix - film , used in this production. It wasn't the easiest footage to obtain back then .

The two versions differ slightly. I.e. the clip in the U.S. release at about 1 hr 23 min. , - seems to be cut short, compared to the original.  

I Due Kennedy ( Directed by Gianni Bisiach , - released in 1969 ) :


The U.S. version (released 1976):


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