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Who Murdered The CIA Chief?

Douglas Caddy

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Six easy ways to tell if that viral story is a hoax
September 18, 2015


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William Colby led an interesting life surrounded by many interesting people. At the end of WWII he was in Norway as part of the NORSO Group designed to sabotage and destroy railway lines, in an effort to tie down German forces in Norway from reinforcing the final defense of Germany. When Colby came "in from the cold" of Norway he may well have reported to the new allied commander, Edwin Walker, who would take the surrender of the Germans in Norway.

Jim Root

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Hey Doug, Just an FYI -That link is from archive.org, the "wayback machine" was an attempt to archive the entire internet back "in the day". Some linked graphics and pages might not work well and other elements might be missing.

Zalin's site is still up so I suggest using this link:



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Don't get me wrong...

I think the wayback machine is a great tool for finding information about internet sites that no longer exist and/or have gone through many changes. It can be especially useful because sites were built with less sophistication 10-15 years ago.

archive.org is also a great source of public domain media.

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Amazing that almost 20 years after he gave up the CIA family jewels - and was sacked by Ford/Rockefeller - he is taken out. Either he was up to something (unspecified) more currently threatening to the operators, or they carried a longstanding grudge. More amazing is that CIA officials didn't apparently give a hoot about the death of a former Director and executive sponsor of Phoenix atrocities. I've always felt that Colby's death was more than suspicious.

Sadly, no one seemed to care in 1996 ... and you'd think that his wife (a considerable presence in her own right) would make some waves. The article is a good piece of investigative journalism, and an example of persistence where the tides run against the truth. I wonder what connecting all of the dots (associated with his role at CIA and later murder) really means?

Colby's death reminds one of the murder of CIA "analyst" John Paisley who went missing from his boat on the 23rd of September 1978. His badly decomposed body was found in an inlet on Chesapeake Bay. The Chief Medical Examiner in Maryland, Dr. Russell Fisher, asserted that Paisley had shot himself in the back of the head on his left side... even though Paisley was right handed. No gun was found on the boat but there were strangulation marks around Paisley’s neck, weighed down with two diving belts.

According to Samuel V. Wilson, William Colby's Deputy Director, Paisley became very close to the new head of the CIA. It is therefore surprising that Paisley officially retired from the CIA in 1974. In reality Paisley continued to work for the CIA. He allegedly carried out several highly secret assignments where he reported directly to Colby. In January 1976, Gerald Ford sacked Colby and replaced him with George Bush. Soon afterwards Bush agreed to the setting up an analysis team that would now have access to all of America's classified knowledge about the Soviet Military.

Later, Paisley and Henry Kissinger were accused of working as Soviet agents, and that Paisley was purportedly one of several moles in the CIA. However, when Jimmy Carter took office, he in turn sacked George Bush and replaced him with Admiral Stansfield Turner. Paisley continued to do work for the CIA before his death in 1978. In a close analogy to Colby's death (in a similar location), no evidence was found aboard his boat, which "suggested that the victim had been killed in the water or perhaps murdered elsewhere and his body dumped at sea".

The informed speculation about Paisley's murder is a story related by Dick Russell, where he describes a CIA memo that stated Coast Guard personnel found "some papers dealing with the Cuban crisis”... cryptic language that Paisley was writing a report about the assassination of John Kennedy. Paisley apparently knew a great deal about the assassination of John Kennedy and was murdered during the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation because he was "about to blow the whistle".

So, what was contemporaneous in 1996 associated with JFK investigations that Colby may have been contributing towards ... AARB?

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