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The extra frame in the 'French copy' of the Z film. Maybe real, maybe hoaxed

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It's always better to deal with material that doesn't contain interlaced or pull-down frames.

Advance or retard one keyboard arrow at a time and the frames should move accordingly. A 1/1 ratio.

As an example:


Added on edit: I believe this is running at somewhere near 17fps.

Edited by Chris Davidson
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Chris, ya. I think the 'french' version was not fully interlaced because over 15 frames or so I only found one frame inconsistent with the official Zapruder frames. I would guess they used the interlacing program to make a single frame at 312 to create the effect of the limo stopping. Since the interlaced frame did not split the action evenly between 312 and 313(The interlaced frame advances the limo only 3 to 4 inches) it made the limo appear to almost halt for that frame. Plus adding a frame there makes the limo take two frames to advance from the 312 position to the 313 position and effectively cut the limo speed in half.

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Just a note regarding GIFS

It would be easy to create a GIF where just "one frame", or "a small sequence of frames" in the GIF, runs at a slower speed

than the rest of the GIF.

my software allows me to set "each individual frame" any speed i want.

I was going to post a sample showing a slow down at the head shot, starting Z-312

but then some one is just as likely to grab it, and post it on another forum as proof of ALTERATION so i won't.


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Would a slower frame rate be needed in this case? It seems the extra frame and the fact there is only 3 inches of movement in it would explain the slowing of the limo without a change in frame rate.

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Chris Bristow,

The answer is no. When each frame was exposed, it basically took a photograph of what the lens was seeing. The gate shut, the frame advanced, the next frame moved into place, and then the shutter opened taking the next photo. It did this 18 times every second. From one frame to the next, live action did not stop. The car kept moving, so when the next frame was exposed, there's going to be some lag between frames in what the film captured.

If the camera had been filming with higher frames per second, we would have seen much more detail. The best example is the TV show Time Warp:

Even at the 18 fps rate that the Z film recorded at you can still see the car slowing down right before the head shots. If the film had been filmed with many more FPS like the above example, it's possible that the car slowing down may not have even been noticeable. But if you watch the Z film at the rate it was filmed in (18) it's obvious the car was gliding along from the top of Elm Street until Greer's attention was averted in the back by the first shots, he turned to look back, and put on the brakes, slowing down.

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