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U.S.C Debate 1977 - DAP's supposed admission Oswald was never in Mexico City

Toby Kearns

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Hi all, I'm a new member and this is my first post. :sun

I'm wondering whether anyone on here has ever managed to track down the audio recording of a U.S.C debate that occurred in 1977 involving amongst others, Mark Lane and David Atlee Phillips.

The claim from Mark Lane, was that after the debate and during audience questioning, DAP actually stated something along the lines of " you'll probably find Oswald was never in Mexico City".

There is supposedly audio of this exchange between the audience and Phillips and so I'm wondering whether anyone has actually heard it?

There were some links posted on another forum some time ago but the Youtube link posted (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTmC945CZCA) has been pulled by “Isla Negra” films citing copyright infringement and the library link shows it not being available at any library:
That coupled with the fact the broadcaster had His flat broken into and lost a lot of materials leaves me wondering whether certain agencies don’t want anyone hearing this supposed admission of DAP…

I'd love to hear this as would many I suspect.



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Welcome Toby!, Part of that 1977 confrontation is here. The venue is mistakenly called the University of South Carolina in the caption, but is corrected to Southern California at the beginning of the broadcast.


The contributor, Denis Morrisette said in his comments that this is not the tape of Phillips stating that Oswald was probably not in Mexico City. There is some inconsistency in while he says he read that Phillips said that 2 years earlier (1975), at about 20:27 Lane says Oswald's presence in Mexico City is one thing Phillips has said he's sure of.

Maybe you can look up Denis Morrissete and ask him where to find Phillip's admission, if there is one on tape. Let me know if you find something.

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Hi Kirk, thanks for the info. I have heard that link and the second part to it also and yes, the admission isn't there.

I have heard an interview of Lane stating it happened after the actual debate during a bit of a Q and A session with the audience.

Apparently the tape was still rolling and there is audio out there of it.

It was on this thread/forum that I stumbled onto the story as well as actually hearing Mark Lane mention it in an interview.



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Yes, that's a big one to me. He was never down there. It was all just part of setting him up to look like the crazy guy, talking to a Russian assassin, and so on. The proof? Even Hoover was recorded talking to Johnson that the man whose photos and voice they had was not the man in the DPD jail.

And then it goes on from there...

He knew the back yard photos were fake

He said he was a patsy

He said they arrested him because he was over in Russia

He was working all day at JCS when supposedly he walked over a mile to deliver the mail order form

A throw down wallet was found at the Tippit scene

...and so on...

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"Oswald" visited the Cuban and Russian embassies 5 times by CIA admittance. Both embassies were under photo surveillance yet we have no photos of Oswald. DAP got busted in second HSCA session ('78) when it was revealed that he wasn't in Mexico at all when he claimed in '76 testimony that he was signing off on Oswald cables.

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