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Posner, Connick and the NY Times

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The following article was written by the accomplished Bill Davy, who does not write anywhere near enough if you ask me.

Back at the time frame, New Orleans DA Harry Connick had been caught incinerating Garrison's files. (Destiny Betrayed, Second Edition, p. 320) And this was getting some media attention. So the NY Times--always anti-Garrison, and pro WR--called in Posner to do an article that would:

1.) Machete Garrison and his files

2.) Pump up Connick

3.) Knock Oliver Stone

Except, as is usually the case, Posner's article was only genuine with the editors of the Times. Not in the real world. For instance, contrary to Posner, Connick never offered these lost Garrison files to Oliver Stone for the making of his film, as Stone notably wrote in later. And whatever Posner did to bolster Connick, he ended up being the worst DA in recent New Orleans history, so bad he was actually criticized by the US Supreme Court.

The rest is dealt with by Bill below:


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