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Cameraman followed police as they searched for sniper

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One round in the chamber and two more in the clip? Unless someone removed the clip, took the two bullets out of the clip and re-inserted (carefully) the clip in the magazine, I don't buy it. Would these two rounds not be in evidence?

The clip can be seen protruding from the magazine as the rifle is carried to the DPD. If there were two rounds still in the clip, the elevator bar would not have allowed the clip to fall out.

"For all they knew, there could've been 20 assassins in that building. They had their guns out, ready for anything."

Sure, Tom, and as soon as they found C2766, they hollered "We found THE rifle!" and the search for the other 19 assassins abruptly ended. Pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells.

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"I knew that any fingerprints would be burned off when the shell was fired," Alyea said. "It didn't hurt anything to pick them up."

Oh really? Even if it's true that fingerprints would be burned off (I have no idea), is it such common knowledge that Alyea knew it when Fritz picked up the shells to show him?

Sometimes this case just makes me sick.






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