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z313 was shot #2 - not #3

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Thanks George...

At this point we use what we have and make our best guesses...  

The thread though is related to z313 and whether or not another shot was indeed fired where they said it was in WCD298.

Does the acoustic analysis end with the two shots .7 seconds apart at z313? - of course it does since the station 4+96 shot was 40-50 frames down Elm and removed by the time the WCR was finished.

Shouldn't we also be hearing Chaney's motorcycle on the recording after he guns forward to tell the lead car what happened?  

Why isn't that noise or that visual recorded anywhere but in the testimonies of those who saw it happen: Chaney, Hargis, Curry, Sorrels, Decker...
or is it?

The acoustics also can only account for LOUD noises of shots...  This WWII rifle is virtually silent while being just as deadly... add now Mitch Werbel's involvement and the use of silenced weapons is truly not that far-fetched.


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It wasn´t the fourth shot after Z-313 it was the sixth shot.

The TSBD sniper had to fire three shots. That was the plan. His first shot hit Connally in the back, the second caused the knick to Tague´s cheek and the third came after the head shot at Z-313. All three shots are more than 2.5 seconds apart.

The Warren Commission said all other loud noises apart from the three shots were echos. But acoustics experts BBN proved them wrong. Hartmann, Scott and Alvarez who did the jiggle analysis also proved them wrong.

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George wrote: “The sniper who shot Kennedy in the throat [at Z-193] fired from behind the fence through an opening in the pergola. He had to fire at that time because the limo was coming up on the sign.”


George, could you put together a birds-eye-view of Dealey Plaza and the trajectory for the Z-193 throat shot?



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I'd also like to know how your conclusions can be presented with so much certainty.

"That was the plan" suggests you were privy to the planning of the assassination, otherwise how would you know the "plan" ??

I agree, the WC did everything they could to keep it at 3 shots...  yet that still does not put a shooter in the TSBD...

In fact, based on acoustics, explain how our three men on the 5th floor are not deaf with ringing ears after 3 such explosions only 10-15 feet from their heads...
Norman could hear the bolt and the shells? Please.

There is no compelling evidence beyond Euins that any shots were fired from the SE window.  SW, maybe.

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The plan is obvious. Three shells meant to be found. The early story that one bullet hit Kennedy in the back. One hlt Connally in the back and one hit Kennedy in the back of the head. Alter the Zapruder film to support three shots. 

Not only the three men below but the shooter should be deaf also, right?

I think the Oswald look-alike was up there. Lee Harvey was downstairs. The acoustics investigation proves a strong correlation between the sw corner of the sixth floor and three shots.

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