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Michael Clark

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On 2/26/2017 at 2:12 PM, Michael Clark said:

One thing I would like to verify is if McGeorge Bundy can be fairly blamed for the call to not hit the last three Cuban jets until an airstrip was captured. Is he a fall guy for JFK? Would he or could he have made that call on a critical departure from the plan?



Yes, he can. He even tendered his resignation to JFK following his failure. JFK did not accept it. Also see my "essay in progress": Fiasco

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18 minutes ago, Michael Clark said:

P. 28

Department of Defence Directive. December 5, 1957.

Policies governing the assignment of Military Personnel to the CIA.

Cancels the 1952 Directive 1315.2 which governed the use of military personnel in the CIA.

"Certain military personnel should be assigned to the CIA to provide adequate military participation and support at appropriate levels in the agency..... personnel should be the best qualified and most experienced available, with a well-founded understanding of their own service..."







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