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Someone please clarify this second rifle?

Glenn Nall

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I know most everybody has seen this video a thousand times, but i'm just trying to get some clarity on this other long-gun laying there as the DP find the MC - is this simply a DP Officer's 12 Gauge automatic that's seen on the floor, muzzle presumably in the dirt, as they're lifting the MC...?

I mean, it's not the Mauser, obviously - any news video of the point at which they lifted the Mauser for all to read "7.65 Mauser" on the barrel - assuming that occurred (and I do) - would have never seen the light of day... right?


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From what I understand that is a shotgun.

With regards to the "Mauser"  I'd like you to consider an alternative which has been offered up before... 

Since there was no clip found on the 6th floor or near the rifle, those who did know rifles - Weitzman and Boone knew their weapons especially Weitzman - would or should know that only the Mauser is loaded with a stripper clip that is discarded once the ammo is loaded.  No clip SHOULD mean the rifle was a Mauser.. so initially the story comes out that it was a Mauser.

Also, as I show on the inset, if the Mauser had a scope, the mounts for the scope cover the "Mauser" stamp..

Here is the stamp on a 7.65mm Arg Mauser and the Mauser with a scope showing the mounts would cover the stamp.  

It is my conclusion that "Mauser" was used until a clip was either found or brought to the TSBD and jammed back into C2766.
We must also remember that Craig was on the hot seat for mentioning the DPD shooter on the county records building with a scoped rifle.  If he was not privy to the clip's creation he could have been sticking to the Mauser story for other reasons...

Just a different POV for you to consider...






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