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Martin Schotz on The Nation and JFK

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Below is a very nice analysis of how the liberal magazine The Nation changed its coverage about the Kennedy assassination once the WR came out.

And what is worse, once it came out, that verdict became more or less that magazine's view of the case forever under McWilliams, Navasky and Vanden Heuvel.  See for example, Cockburn during the Oliver Stone ruckus, and then Max Holland as their correspondent on the ARRB.  This is how it started:



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See my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE for an account of my two Bush

articles I managed to get published in The Nation during the summer of 1988, and some of their

questionable behavior during that period (including their connections with U.S. intelligence), and how they

killed the third article I wrote in time to be published before

the 1988 presidential election, a well-documented piece about Bush and James Parrott and his rightwing cronies,

after they commissioned me to do two months of additional research in D.C. and Texas.

Edited by Joseph McBride
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