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Zero Hedge: The one paragraph you need to read in the files

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Well said David, I've been responding to the same document on Facebook.  This guy was part of a staple of racist (of the Nazi superior race leanings type), virulent anti-Communists that were part of a national speakers tour (Martino appeared on the program with him in at least one venue) and they were on the look out for any anti-Communist content.  I'm afraid the release that really wasn't is pumping old stuff back into the system - I'm seeing things that were debunked well over a decade ago being resurfaced.

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2 hours ago, David Josephs said:

The report not mentioned you should see about POTITO...  

How would he know what the Surgeon General's report says?  and really, the rest of the article is copy/paste Doug Horne...


Curious, why did you post this link Doug?


David: I have said before in the forum that just because I post something does not mean I support its assertions. Zero Hedge that published the article is extremely influential and widely read. What it publishes  cannot just be ignored.  

Our JFK Assassination topic is read not only by forum members but by members of the general public who are interested in the assassination. Here you and Larry have set the record straight and this will be helpful to all others reading and evaluating the Zero Hedge article. Larry reports that he has been doing this on Facebook. Now our forum is on record about the article.

I believe we must keep feeling the pulse of what is going in the public discussion of the JFK assassination. It is not enough just to post articles here that the choir (forum members) approves of unless we want to live like the boy in the bubble. 

One theory of the law is that silence signals assent. When something significant is wrong or inaccurate about the JFK assassination we must to speak up.

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Hey there Doug...

I'm sorry if the reply came off as an assumption of your endorsement...

I've read your posts and followed the links long enough to know that.

Kenney was surgeon general of the Navy....  did he put out a report we've not seen but know of?

I can't find one...

I typed "Surgeon General report JFK autopsy 1963" into Google and got the link you posted above as the 1st hit...

This terrible report is everywhere....  and completely populates the search results page....




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