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CIA disavowed knowledge of Oswald within hours of JFK murder

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Thanks Doug...

I forgot to start off with :   The CIA lies.  The CIA is built on Lies and cover-up and conspiracy... they thrive in it.

Never believe anything until it has been officially denied... 
"CIA started to disavow knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald within hours of killing"

"A March 9, 1964, memo to J. Lee Rankin, the chief counsel to the commission, noted problems with information the CIA gave the commission the previous month."If the file supplied by the CIA is the official dossier on Oswald, then it contains no reports received by headquarters from the Mexican station or any other foreign office and it supplies no information regarding the dissemination of material by CIA to other federal agencies," the memo said"

From Sept 25 until the FBI's 11/4 SAC from DALLAS (Hosty?) - there are no reports.  The last is the assumption that Oswald went to Dallas with Marina...Kaack report from Oct 31st describes the New Orleans arrest but still no whereabouts for Oswald..

A 10/25/63 FBI memo from SAC New Orleans tells us Oswald left the Paine address for forwarding mail.

The link offers:

"While CIA agents had picked up on Oswald while he was in Mexico City in September 1963 trying to return to the Soviet Union, where he had defected in 1959, they did not pay much attention to him, according to a Sept. 18, 1975, CIA report that attempted to explain what the agency knew about him."

Both the photo and voice are not his...  in essence there is simply no direct evidence that Oswald was the person Duran and Azcue describe.

The SOP for the FBI and everyone else was to keep referring to Oswald in MX... it stuck.  Kinda like Oswald in the window with the rifle... another myth that stuck as truth.

"Other documents released Friday showed that the CIA had monitored the Soviet Union and Cuba's embassies in Mexico City and spotted Oswald there in September 1963. Oswald was trying to get visas to travel to Cuba and the Soviet Union."

How do we go about untying this knot?  Guess I need to write a book...   lol



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On ‎11‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 10:16 AM, George Sawtelle said:


I forgot to add to my post above. By setting the record straight you blow up the lone nut theory. Maybe that leads to another investigation.

Thanks for the encouragement and kind words George...  I retire in 5-7 years and hopefully will be prolific...
Step 1 though is to edit the existing work on Mexico and wrap it up with a bow....


Hoover blew that all by himself...  on the 9th of December WCD#1 the FBI report is completed.


11:35 a.m. December 12, 1963



I said I personally believe Oswald was the assassin; that the second aspect as to whether he was the only man gives me great concern; that we have several letters, not in the report because we were not able to prove it, written to him from Cuba referring to the job he was going to do, his good marksmanship, and stating when it was all over he would be brought back to Cuba and presented to the chief; but we do not know if the chief was Castro and cannot make an investigation because we have no intelligence operation in Cuba; that I did not put this into the report because we did not have proof of it and didn't want to put speculation in the report; that this was the reason I urged strongly that we not reach conclusion Oswald was the only man.


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I forgot to start off with :   The CIA lies.  The CIA is built on Lies and cover-up and conspiracy... they thrive in it.

Off-topic: Y'know, the CIA is also built on making money through dummy corporations set up as intelligence fronts, and other business and banking involvements that I haven't got time to detail and parse right now.

How is it that a government intelligence service is allowed to make money this way?  Shouldn't an accounting be deducted from its budget each year?

This leaves aside what its present and "former" agents make from "consulting" and "security" work, under-the-counter arms or materiel deals, privatized endeavors, etc.

Does the Agency play the market through its front companies?  Does it own controlling or sizable shares in public companies?  One would love some history on all this, besides the scattered, situational examples we know (BCCI, Iran-Contra, Wilson-Terpil, aviation companies, etc.).

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