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Oswald Hitchhiked

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Not sure if this has been noted on this forum before but I never knew it - Oswald hitchhiked.

Long before the days of Uber, people would hitchhike as a mode of transportation.  I know my dad did in the 50s to travel across Ohio to see my mom.  Hitchhikers were a fairly a common sight in the post-WWII era.

Ruth Paine mentions Oswald hitchhiking in her WC testimony:

Mr. JENNER - Did any conversation ensue as to how he had, by what means he had come from Dallas to Irving? 
Mrs. PAINE - Yes. He then said that he had hitchhiked out, caught a ride with someone who brought him straight to the door, a Negro man. 
Mr. JENNER - To your door? 
Mrs. PAINE - Yes. To whom he said that he had been away from his wife and child and he was just now getting home, and the man kindly brought him directly to the door. 

Might explain how Oswald got around at times when no other explanation is plausible.

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She also mentions somewhere in her testimony that he told her he hitchhiked from New Orleans to Dallas  I mentioned this in the first thread I started on the forum about the seven small hand held metal file cabinets in the Paine's garage confiscated by the Dallas Police.  My point was that if she didn't haul "his" files when she picked up Marina he hitchhiked somehow carrying them along.  Not!

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