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Was George de Mohrenschildt a Long-Term KGB "Illegal"?

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On 1/14/2018 at 9:47 PM, Thomas Graves said:

According Richard Russell, CI/SIG officer Clare Petty told him there were some Venona intercepts that indicated to Petty that GdM could have been a Ruskie spy.

"Clare Petty, a former official on Angleton's staff, told me that shortly before his CIA retirement in 1974, he was examining a potential de Mohrenschildt link to some Soviet cipher traffic first intercepted by American intelligence in World War II. Known as the VENONA material, 'it Was only partially broken,' according to Petty, including lots of agent cryptonyms that we never found out to whom they applied. I had started to consider the possibility of whether a certain Soviet illegal might have been de Mohrenschildt. It was clear that whoever was being described in the codes had been in the United States, went to Mexico during he war, and was a real wheeler-dealer. He also had another nationality; my recollection is that it was Polish.'"

--The Man Who Knew Too Much,  Dick Russell pp. 273

Let's see, the KGB agent ...

1 )  Was from Poland, or some other northern Slavic country
2 )  Was in the U.S. before WW II
3 )  Went to Mexico during WW II
4 )  Was a real wheeler-dealer
Hmm ...

1 ) George "von" Mohrenschildt was born in Mazyr, Belarus, about 300 miles east of the Polish border
2 )  He migrated to the U.S. in May, 1938.
3 )  He and his girlfriend, Lilia Larin, lived in Mexico for several months in 1942.
4 )  He was a wheeler-dealer. (Insurance Salesman, Hawking His Own Art Work, Sugar Speculator, Oil Speculator, Film Producer ...)  

--  Tommy  :sun

P.S. Does anyone know how to access the decoded intercepts, themselves?  Have they been released? 

Has it been 24 hours yet?

--  Tommy  :sun

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