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Early Draft of LIONION installation on 9/27/63

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Yes... the camera trained on the Cuban Consulate was put into place and tested on September 27, 1963.


What I find interesting about this early draft is the insistence of removing any parts about the Cuban Consulate's hours (10am-2pm) and then reconciles Oswald coming back and being let in after 4pm "since he was there earlier"...

Or the fact that both the Soviet and Cuban embassies are closed on Saturday September 28th.

Finally, the camera would have been tested for 4 days - per the memo.   Fri, Mon, Tues & Wed. yet since the Oct 1 transcript only describes a "CALL"

The only purpose for this "CALL" it appears, was to establish a connection between the caller OSWALD and the Consul KOSTIKOV...

With LITAMIL-9 helping with the identification for LIONION... this report states that the possibility of catching OSWALD on Day 1 was remote....


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Isn't there an exception about that Saturday closing David?

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On ‎11‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 8:22 PM, James DiEugenio said:

Isn't there an exception about that Saturday closing David?

Not so much an exception as standing procedures...:  While photographic coverage may have been unavailable... LIENVOY was still recording every call in and out of the Soviet Embassy...


CORNWELL - Let's just talk hypothetically for a moment. Is there any chance that he was at the Consulate on more than one day?
TIRADO - No. I read yesterday, an article in the Reader's digest, and they say he was at the Consulate on three occasions. He was in Friday, Saturday, and Monday...That's not true, that's false.
CORNWELL - All right. Let's try a different hypothetical. If the one in the Reader's Digest is definitely wrong, is it possible that he first came on like a Thursday, and then came back on a Friday?

TIRADO - No, because I am positively sure about it. That he came in the same day.

CORNWELL - During this period was your normal work week, did it include Saturdays?
Tirado Yes.
Cornwell Is it possible that, in addition to his visits on Friday, he also came back the following day on Saturday mourning?

CORNWELL - How can you be sure of that?
TIRADO - Because, uh, I told you before, that it was easy to remember, because not all the Americans that came there were married with a Russian woman, they have live(d) in Russian and uh, we didn't used to fight with those people because if you, they came for going to Cuba, so apparently they were friends, no? So we were nice to them with this man we fight, I mean we had a hard discussion so we didn't want to have anything to do with him.

I think this is what you refer to Jim:

CORNWELL - Did Azcue work on Saturdays?
TIRADO - Yes, we used to work in the office but not for the public.
CORNWELL - Was there a guard, was there a guard out here at the corner near number seven on your diagram on Saturdays?
TIRADO - Excuse me?
CORNWELL - Was there a doorman out near the area that you marked as number seven, on the diagram?
TIRADO - Yes, but on Saturday he never let people ...
CORNWELL - Never let people in.
CORNWELL - Not even if they came up to the doorman and didn't speak Spanish? And were very insistent?

TIRADO - No, because they could answer or something. They could ask me for instance, no ? by the inter-phone.

And if indeed OSWALD was at the Soviet Embassy on Saturday... he would have been photographed and reported on contemporaneously..  ie in the Sept LI- Summary Reports.

If an American named OSWALD had spoken on any one of these lines - let alone that he supposedly called the Attache first then the Embassy - you'd think it would be in the contemporaneous reports from that time period.



Now we must remember this is the day PHILLIPS ARRIVED - GOODPASTURE/LADILLINGER sends the Oswald memo to HQ, and this summary report with activities from Oct 1963.

Second sentence under #4 is the single and only mention of an American contacting the Soviet Embassy in MX.  This report is dated Nov 7, 1963.  Here is a cleaner version with the date


One might think the CIA was playing down the Oswald contacts... yet the memos sent on Oct 10th kinda destroys that thought...

Question remains... why are the contemporaneous INTERNAL reports about MX so thin on Oswald details yet the October Cables from Goodpasture, Scott & Mann are so rich in detail.

Looks to me like the evidence was created after the fact... given what the CIA knew about Oswald by Nov 7th, the Oct LIENVOY report should have been chock-full of juicy details much like the paragraph in the Sept Summary report on the CZECH female calling for KUZNETSOV.



Transcripts include the calls on Friday... and again on Saturday.  This is the call Sylvia says never happened....

and the photos of MYSTERY MAN attributed to Oct 1 where first off not Oswald and second, on Oct 2 and 4 and 15.


CORNWELL - Do you have a distinct recollection with respect to telephone calls to the Russian Consulate, was it just one call or was it more than one call?
TIRADO - Only one.
CORNWELL - Just one. The ... I believe I asked you this, but just to be sure, although the application was typed with a carbon to make two copies with one typing, did he have to sign both independently? Or did you allow them to use a carbon to sign the paper?
TIRADO - No, no. It was the original.
CORNWELL - Two original signatures. All right.


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Yes that is what I recalled.  They worked Saturday, but not with the public.

And you are saying the camera coverage would have caught him anyway?

What is the significance of the signature at the bottom?

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Those 2 signatures were done one right after the other according to DURAN.

They're not the same by any stretch.


As to the camera... they claim it was installed and operational on Sept 27... focused on the Cuban Embassy...
If Oswald had returned after 4pm, there should be photos... 

More importantly, I was trying to get across that LIENVOY reports covering Sept 1963 do not mention any of these calls on either Friday or Saturday while specifically stating the phones Oswald would have used were indeed tapped.

The September Summary reports were done on October 8 - the day the proverbial merde hits the fan...



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