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Recruit warning

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Mrs. OSWALD. The FBI visited us in Fort Worth when we lived on Mercedes Street.
Mr. RANKIN. Was that in August 1962?
Mrs. OSWALD. Probably.

Mrs. OSWALD. I don't know to what extent this was true, but Lee said that the FBI had told him that in the event some Russians might visit him and would try to recruit him to work for them, he should notify the FBI agents. 

Along comes a Russian born person;

Mr. JENNER. Where were you born? 
Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. A town called Mozyr. 
Mr. JENNER. What country? 
Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Russia; Czarist Russia

Mr. JENNER. Now, this brings us to the summer of 1962
Mr. JENNER. Now, in due course you met Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Who was with De MOHRENSCHILDT when he first met the Oswalds?

Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Lawrence Orlov--he is an American, but he has a Russian name for some reason--maybe his great- grandfather came from Russia.

Are these guys the "Russians" the FBI warned Oswald about?

In any case, soon after, Oswald scored a cool job at JAGGERS-CHILES-STOVALL

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34 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

I do believe the Russians in this case had become "Americanized".  

One of which spoke to the Oswalds in Russian, the other with an obvious Russian surname.

I wonder if Oswald thought ... "Hey, these might be the guys the FBI warned me about the other day"


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Interview with Edward Jay Epstein;

Q. De Mohrenshildt became a good friend of Oswald's after Oswald returned from Russia. What did he tell you about him?

A. He arranged a good part of Oswald's life after Oswald returned from the Soviet Union in 1962, but said he never would have done so had he not been encouraged by a CIA officer in Dallas named J. Walter Moore.

So was the encouragement prior to meeting Oswald?

George De Mohrenshildt shot himself after the second day of a prearranged four-day interview with Epstein.

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7 hours ago, Tony Krome said:


Who was with De MOHRENSCHILDT when he first met the Oswalds?

Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Lawrence Orlov--he is an American, but he has a Russian name for some reason--maybe his great- grandfather came from Russia.



This is what I have gathered on Orlov so far:

Lawrence Orlov:

From Robert Howard in the Education Forum Posted August 27, 2006


As a reference point, Colonel Orlov was with George DeMohrenschildt when George paid his first visit to Lee and Marina Oswald, a visit which George DeMohrenschildt maintained in his unpublished manuscript found Orlov captivated by Marina, so to speak.

From Robert Howard in the Education Forum 1/27/2007


Well, Orlov apparently has been been at least interviewed, in [Anthony Summers] Not in Your Lifetime it states:

"When Oswald and his Soviet wife came to the United States, in 1962, Russian émigré de Mohrenschildt was in the area and available, an excellent candidate if someone was needed to pump Oswald on his Russian adventure. He and his wife always claimed they encountered Oswald by chance, in Autumn that year, following a casual introduction by friends in the Russian community. Over the years, however, the participants have differed as to precisely how it came about. One early version was that they were taken to see Oswald by a Dallas businessman of Russian descent, Col Lawrence Orlov. Orlov, though, told an interviewer that when that meeting took place it was obvious the Oswald's and the de Mohrenschildt's had met before. De Mohrenschildt told the FBI after the assassination that they had been introduced by the doyen of the affluent Russian colony in Dallas, George Bouhe. Bouhe said it did not happen that way."

A Record from Mary's Database:



Dallas oil man. Friend of George deMohrenschildt. Orlov and deMohrenschildt went to Ft. Worth in 1962 to call on the Oswalds.

From James Richards in the Education Forum 1/28/2007:



Just to add some color, Lawrence Orlov was a competition volleyball player and his team trained and played at the YMCA (this would have been from the mid 1950's through to the early 1960's).

One of Orlov's team mates was a guy by the name of Jim Iles who had connections to the oil industry and was also allegedly associated with Jack Ruby, both men working out there.

From Robert Howard in the Education Forum 4/10/2007:



The FBI interviewed Col Lawrence Orlov; on 3-4-1964 FBI SA Raymond Yelchak filed a record of his interview with the Colonel.

Col Lawrence Orlov, 511 N. Akard Building, furnished the following information:

About a year ago in October, 1962 a friend of his, GEORGE DEMOHRENSCHILDT, asked him if he would like to meet a young Russian girl at Fort Worth, Texas. They both proceeded to Fort Worth on business and later that same day GEORGE took him to meet MARINA OSWALD. They spent a few minutes in conversation with MARINA and were interrupted by LEE HARVEY OSWALD's return from work. OSWALD seemed to be a genial sort of person. The conversation was held in the Russian language however ORLOV however ORLOV does not believe the conversation was of any consequence. He stated GEORGE informed him that MARINA was in great fear of her husband and he [GEORGE] was attempting to help them get settled. ORLOV indicated that a few months later GEORGE casually mentioned that he and some others [he did not mention any names] were talking about arranging to get a divorce for MARINA OSWALD in view of the mistreatment she was receiving from her husband. GEORGE gave no indication that the OSWALDS were aware of this. ORLOV stated he had no other information in regards to the OSWALDS.


From Robert Howard in the Education Forum 7/15/2007:



Paper: Patriot-News, The (Harrisburg, PA)

Deceased: Lawrence Orlov

Date: September 22, 1989

CARLISLE - Lawrence Orlov, 90, formerly of Dallas, died yesterday in Forest Park Nursing Center.

He was a member of the Unitarian Church, a retired oil and gas operator, a veteran of World Wars I and II and a Mason.

WC testimony of George DeMohrenschildt:


Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. My best recollection--I even cannot recall who gave me their address in Fort Worth. I don't recall that. Either George Bouhe or the Clarks, because the Clarks knew them already, Max and Gali Clark, because they were from Fort Worth, you see.
And I think a few days later somebody told me that they live in dire poverty. Somewhere in the slums of Fort Worth.
I had to go on business to Fort Worth with my very close friend, Colonel Orlov.
Mr. JENNER. What is his first name?
Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Lawrence Orlov--he is an American, but he has a Russian name for some reason--maybe his great- grandfather came from Russia.
And to my best recollection, Lawrence and I were on some business in Fort Worth, and I told him let's go and meet those people, and the two of us drove to this slum area in Fort Worth and knocked at the door, and here was Marina and the baby. Oswald was not there.

Mr. JENNER. She answered the door.
Mr. JENNER. You identified yourself?
Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; I said a few words in Russian, I said we are friends of George Bouhe. I think he was already helping them a little bit, giving them something for the baby or Something. I think he had already been in--he helps everybody. He has been helping her especially.



Steve Thomas

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1 hour ago, Steve Thomas said:

Lawrence Orlov:


I'm looking into this guy as we speak, all info unverified, more research req.

Served during WW2 at Kelly Field, San Antonio

Also knew J Walton Moore (CIA)

Buried at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, near Fort Indiantown Gap which was headquarters for Psychological Battalions (unknown if Orlov was directly connected but apparently his son William was possibly stationed there)

Siblings were into dress-making (Zapruder??) aka LeGon



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