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17 hours ago, Joseph Backes said:

Okay in this item mentioned by Dennis Morissete above it says Stuart served for 30 years with the Secretary of the Army's office of personal management.  So, this still isn't military intelligence.  It's intriguing.  Worthy of further research. 



If Reed was involved in "personnel management", you might keep your eyes out for any mention of him in connection with the 49th Armored Division, and in particular, its commander, Harley B. West.


West was heavily involved in the Army's training. Here's one example:

The Michigan Daily. Ann Arbor, MI November 28, 1942 page 1.



Here's another:

This is a writeup of the northern Luzon campaign in WWII.


Roster of Officers:

p. 177 of document, p. 105 of pdf file.

Training and Liaison Colonel Harley B. West, O-268317


Steve Thomas

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I think Col. West was talking about the ROTC program.  That's the Reserve Officers Training Corps.  I went to a high school that had a junior version of this.  If I went to a college that had a ROTC program and took those courses I could have entered the U. S. Army as an officer.  My high school had a junior high, which is the 6th and 7th grade level. So, I had 6 years of JROTC.  That was enough of that nonsense for me.  

I've read where the ROTC really started much earlier than people think.  Wikipedia has an entry on it. However, it wasn't really what we think of it today, I would argue, until WWII.  My maternal grandfather was drafted to go into WWI and trained in Pennsylvania.  That program was called the Student Reserve Corps of the Army.  Fortunately, this was in October of 1918 and the war ended on Nov 11th, 1918.  So, he never left Pennsylvania.  

I don't think there was much of a focus on anything like a ROTC program after WWI and before WWII.  


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1 hour ago, Joseph Backes said:

I think Col. West was talking about the ROTC program.




U.S. Army Training Center Yearbook (Fort Polk, LA) Class of 1962

General Staff


Page 13. “Harley B. West Major General, USA Commanding General M4” Major General West's military career began in 1928 when he enlisted in the Missouri National Guard. He was commissioned in the 138th Infantry in 1929. Later, as a company commander, he was promoted to Captain. In 1940, he transferred to the 90th Infantry Brigade staff, an Oklahoma Army National Guard unit and served with the 90th when mobilized that year. While with the War Department General Staff in Washington, he was promoted to Colonel. In 1944, he served in the Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations on the staff of General Walter Krueger, Sixth U.S. Army Commander. He was Assistant G3 and G3 of the Sixth Army in New Guinea, the Philippines, and Japan. After WWII, he returned to civilian life in Dallas, Texas, where he joined the newly activated 49th Armored Division. He was assigned as G3 and later as Chief of Staff. In October, 1955 he was named Assistant Division Commander and promoted to Brigadier General. On 1 July 1961 he assumed command of the 49th.



Commanders of the 49th:


Start date End date

1961-07-01 1964-03-31 MG Harley B. West

He would go on to serve as the commanding officer of the Texas State Guard from 1966-1969.

I just thought that with his background in training and Reed being in "personnel management", its conceivable that their paths might have crossed.


Steve Thomas

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