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garrison publication is cited in this article

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Speaking of Garrison I just read the article in issue 3 by Lancer videographer David Knight about the throat shot.  He mentions speaking publicly about this several times so he may not believe that I've come to similar conclusions on my own a few years back.  I.E. that the small entrance wound was made by something along the line of a 22 from the front.  I'm pretty sure I've posited this on this site in someone else's thread.  I'm not trying to steal his thunder in any way but support the concept.  

The 22 in some applications is a highly accurate rifle up to roughly 100 yard's plus in the hands of expert shooters.  It's actually a match sport in the nra.  Putting 5 shots in 1/4" at 50 yards.  Common (practiced) hunters have been barking squirrels in the head for many years before JFK was shot at 50 yards plus.  For a expert shooter anywhere to JFK's front in Dealy Plaza it would be no problem.

In the article David show's a Dillard un cropped photo of the overpass as JFK's limo has just passed under it.  On the far left on the overpass is what looks like a man crouching down.  It would be really nice to see a blowup of this part of picture.

Like David I've been to that part of the overpass, contemplating a shot from the middle to the South end.  I thought more so about the actual end as a shooting spot.  You can get down beside the column there and be concealed from the others on the overpass and from most of the rest of the North side of DP as you peek around the corner.  Either way it's over the tracks and down the hill to a parking lot for a small/midsized business in a metal building.  I've found pictures of this on line before and posted them.  One thing I wonder about is if it is a man crouching in the picture, he could be seen from there by others on the overpass.

This being the shot through the windshield perplexes me also.  I don't question there was one.  Too many people saw it.  A cop in the article is quite emphatic he knows what he saw from a few feet away.  Another is specific a pencil sized hole.  From the elevation of the overpass to JFK, already descending into DP it doesn't seem the shot would go through the windshield, though I'm a long way from anything close to a physicist.  Along the same line though would a trained practiced professional sniper shoot through a windshield?  Chances of deflection and reduced velocity?


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Hopefully soon, garrison will have a good subscriber base and be able to influence opinion.

There has never been a better time for Ramparts to return.

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