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Phil Nelson on Howard Hunt's presence in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963

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  • 4 weeks later...

I view Hunt's "confession" as a bunch of BS and lies. But I'm posting in this thread because I'm curious if anyone has ever read this:

Document # 180-10131-10342 is an 87 page deposition from E. Howard Hunt taken November 3, 1978. Present were Robert W. Genzman and Mike Ewing, HSCA counsels and Hunt and his counsel Ellis S. Rubin. Hunt was placed under oath by reporter Shirley B. Dempsey.

It is appalling how many lies Hunt tells in this. Dumb, easily disproved lies are everywhere in this deposition. It's a disgrace.

The reason we have so many people in this country distrustful of their government, and believing insane things, is because they know they were lied to about the death of JFK.

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One thing that befuddles me is how those who think any suggestion that people in our own government would want or have anything to do with the killing of JFK and RFK is nut case preposterous seem to pretend the following "reality" isn't true or even if true would not be important or acted upon:

We know the level of hatred for the Kennedy brothers was so deep, even in our own government, that when they were killed, many of these JFK and RFK haters cheered!

Bill Harvey's wife is quoted in her later years repeating her and her husband's shared feelings toward JFK and Bobby and even Jackie Kennedy as "scum."

This is many years after JFK and RFK were killed. No old age reflection remorse or sympathy for widowed young mother Jackie Kennedy even after that many years? Now that's deep hatred.

Where as she and her husband perversely considered Mafiosi Johnny Roselli a "true patriot!" ???

Mafia loyalty before JFK?

Retired and drinking David Morales tells his childhood friend "we got that SOB" referring to RFK.

Frank Sturgis reminded Morita Lorenz of what happens to rats regarding the JFK event.

We all could easily name another 100 highly placed others in our government that hated the Kennedys so deeply, their murders brought no remorse or regret to their mind sets.

Besides the wealthy and powerful corrupt part of our society ( Mafia, segregationists, far right political groups, richest men on Earth Texas Oil, etc. ) so many in our own government ( throw in Hoover and Dulles and even LBJ ) hating the Kennedy's to no remorse over their killing degree, one is forced through rational thought to consider this Kennedy hatred "reality" in some realm of motive contemplation.  If not one person in our own government had anything to do with the JFK and RFK assassinations, it wasn't for lack of deepest level Kennedy hatred. 

If Oswald acted alone or the American people could be convinced of this finding, everyone else who may have been involved is free and clear and out of the suspicion circle. That is the reality we have been left with.




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