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General John K. Singlaub and JFK

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Major Gen. John K. Singlaub was one of the original CIA Cold Warriors. He personally took charge of security for the M-Fund, the secret recovery of Gen. Yamashita’s hidden gold looted from 32 countries by the Japanese during WWII. “[Ferdinand] Marcos’s $12 billion fortune actually came from the treasure” and Singlaub admitted spending millions of John Birch Society dollars trying to make recoveries at several sites in the Philippines. Nevertheless, in his 1991 autobiographical book Hazardous Duty, there is not a single reference to the Golden Lily, or the M-Fund, or the Black Eagle Trust. The M-Fund allowed the Pentagon to build a military industrial complex completely autonomous from civilian oversight. A percent of the finds went straight into the coffers of the Council for World Freedom. Singlaub mentions the Birchers only once in his defense of Gen. Edwin A. Walker, noting that Walker resigned from the Army in protest against “the illegal procedures taken against him by President Kennedy.” In truth, there was nothing illegal in his forced dismissal. Singlaub writes, “Kennedy felt the military had grown to a point of alarming autonomy, that it had to be reined in, subdued, and controlled.” (pg. 263)
David T. Krall writes: “In John Singlaub's supposed un-sanitized autobiography (which quite strangely and blatantly "skips" over the JFK years)...Singlaub makes and shares a most interesting insight...Regarding the city of Harbin, China which became a key (for short time) location for U.S. military and OSS intelligence operations in post WW2 China...Singlaug tells us, "AND THAT IS WHERE I MET MY GOOD FRIEND, E. HOWARD HUNT…”
On July 10, 2021 "American hero" John Singlaub will celebrate his 100th birthday. https://saluteheroes.org/.../major-general-john-k-singlaub/
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[Lee Shepherd posted the above commentary and photo on Facebook today]
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Check out the alleged veterans site link in the first post:


And then see this entry on Singlaub's wiki page:

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes, which was founded by Roger Chapin, named Singlaub to its board of directors in 2008.[13] Singlaub was paid $180,000 by the charity from 2009–2011.[14] The New York Times critiqued the organization as a money-maker for its founders rather than for veterans, described it as an "intolerable fraud" and "among a dozen military-related charities given a grade of F in a study last December by the American Institute of Philanthropy, a nonprofit watchdog group. These and other charities have collected hundreds of millions of dollars from kind-hearted Americans and squandered an unconscionable amount of it on overhead and expenses — 70 percent or 80 percent, or more."[15] The Attorney General of California sued the charity in August 2012 for "more than $4.3 million regarding allegations of fraudulent fundraising, self-dealing and excessive executive compensation."[16] The lawsuit was settled in September 2013.[17] According to the charity's 2013 federal tax return, Singlaub resigned from its board of directors in January 2013.[18] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_K._Singlaub


Singlaub may not have done a thing for veterans or against Communism that didn't benefit Singlaub.  More on his Central America and Iran-Contra adventures here soon.

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