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Mark Lane's Last Word

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Wow---While I was much aware that I was IN Mark Lane's last JFK assassination book, I had no idea I made the back cover of the paperback, as well (I knew about the front cover via a photo someone sent me a while ago; I have the hardcover)

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Been a while since I read this excellent book.

Worth recounting (if someone has a copy) is the way the establishment media handled a libel case against Mark Lane, as brought by E.  Howard Hunt. 

As I recall, a member of the jury (the forewoman, second trial) basically said they believed Hunt was in Dallas or could not prove his whereabouts on Nov .22, which was the core of the dispute, but the media reported some other mish-mash. 

Worth rehashing, for a refresher on how the JFKA community was treated (and maybe still is). 

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