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I don't know how many people have seen this, but I thought it was good. And not just because I was part of it.

It was a nice cross section between the Big Picture, national security issue--Newman, Hornberger, Swanson--and a micro evidentiary inquiry--Mantik, Chesser, Horne, Aguilar.

All done on Zoom and free of charge.  Wave of the future?

Here is a letter of appreciation from one viewer, David Cooper:

"Hi Jacob,

I want to thank you for presenting an excellent conference on the National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination. The group of brilliant speakers you gathered together last night for Q & A was extraordinary. It felt that we were part of a conversation between the speakers and learned new things as they did. I want to say that your stated goal, of introducing the subject in all its complexity to people who did not know that much about this history—you accomplished this masterfully in your presentation. The other speakers seemed to me to direct their points to people who were well versed in the history, which many of your participants were, and I felt that the two approaches dovetailed well. The only suggestion that I would make about your presentation is that the removal of Sukarno in Indonesia is as good an example as Chile of the National Security State exercising its power. I read that Allen Dulles considered Indonesia his best example of successful regime change, particularly since hardly anyone even realized the CIA and National Security State had done it.


Doug Horne’s second presentation was particularly excellent, taking a view of the whole arc of the Kennedy administration by following the events in detail during each year. He is doing important work. I enjoyed hearing John Newman’s new discoveries and the in-depth examination of the military side of the assassination. I look forward to his next book. Mike Swanson made some interesting points about the Cold War. I knew part of this information because I read both of his books. And Jim Di Eugenio’s examination of Kennedy’s foreign policy is essential, and gives a better understanding of how he challenged the previous administration and the entrenched national security powers. I have read a number of his essays on this subject as well. The only speakers I regret could not join your conference were Doug Valentine and Peter Dale Scott, who both investigate the consequences of the National Security State in important ways that go beyond the assassination discussion.


Finally, I think your point is well taken—that if you accept that the autopsy was manipulated, as I also do, it settles the issue of conspiracy once and for all. I was glad to hear the presentations by David Mantik, Michael Chesser and Doug Horne discussing the shortcomings of the autopsy in detail. Each of them complemented the others well, and clearly listened to the other speaker’s presentations.


Following from your point, I am intrigued by suggestions of Vincent Salandria—that the Warren Report may have been meant to fall apart upon careful examination, catching the investigative community in a web of minutiae. By this, and by putting out false conspiracy books to muddy the waters, they kept us from examining the important implications of the coup d’etat. Your conference took a larger view, avoiding the traps, and I applaud your achievement and your continuing work.


Best regards,"



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Here is a link to the last installment which featured Hornberger, Swanson, Newman, Horne and myself.

We took listener questions and there were scores left when the show ended.  You usually do not get this at a live conference.




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I only heard about this when a link to Doug Horne's first presentation was posted and listened to the ones from that point on (except for the one above).  I need to go back and listen to yours and the other early ones as well.

For anyone else who might want to listen to any of them here's a link to the whole conference.

The National-Security State and the Kennedy Assassination Archives – The Future of Freedom Foundation (fff.org) 

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