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Good Review of JFK Revisited at the Unz Review

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Wow, the Unz site has triple the traffic of both Rockwell and CrossCurrents combined. 

Its 1.7 million a month.

When I wrote that Oliver has reached a potential audience of 10 million, if anything that is lowballing it.

Thanks William. Thanks Ed.

And Oliver should take a bow. 

And this is before the four hour version is released in America.

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Ed actually said he found the other reviews lacking, in the sense that they do not describe what is in the film.

So he said, that is one thing he wanted to do. And which should be done if one is a film critic.

Again, thanks Ed.

On his own, Ed has reached an audience as large as Rogan's: 2.3 million.

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I also had to update how many people Stone and his PR department have reached.

After doing some homework, its not ten million, its 12 million. 

Which is really something considering the MSM has done all it could to blunt its impact.

The case that will not go away.

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