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New book - The Other Oswald: A Wilderness of Mirrors

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Not sure why this thread describes Hill's 'The Other Oswald' as a new book?

As the Amazon link shows, the publication date was 25th May 2020.  I recall reviewing this book over a year ago for DPUK's 'Dealey Plaza Echo'.

I think this book was the first that revealed to me that Robert E. Webster's apartment building address in Leningrad was contained in Marina Oswald's address book!  (Has anyone seen a copy of this address book to confirm this?)

As Bill Simpich points out in the Preface:-"there was a sudden steady stream of these American defectors in the late 1950's."   Even at this late stage, a book investigating all these fellow travellers and their possible links to a CIA false defector programme could be beneficial in shedding more light on the Oswald/Webster agendas.

The book does contain interesting gems, such as Hill's identification of QJ/WIN as Jose Marie Andre Mankel from released document SS-157-100005-10158.
There are over a hundred pages of Appendices mainly filled with released official documents to accompany the text as well as a fine Bibliography.

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I feel compelled to remind everyone that the only source fro the QJWIN identification as Mankel is the CIA. It’s not really a gem of a nugget. Larry pointed out that QJWIN was likely not even an individual. There were several QJWIN offices, even one in California. It’s still a mystery, and an important one. Can’t we agree that the uncovering the name Mankel is CIA misdirection?

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